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sabotaged|wk 00:08 so i had to go into every CMakeLists.txt and add set_target_properties(${PROJECT_NAME} PROPERTIES STATIC_LIBRARY_FLAGS "/LTCG") in a win32 section
not sure if that's the best way, but it works
ugh still a few lingering messages during final link stage
taxilian 00:08 hmm. I'll look into it sometime soon; could you add a jira ticket?
ti's not a huge deal, btw; fixing that warning just speeds compilation slightly is all
sabotaged|wk 00:08 yeah i know, it just still takes a while on my box
i guess i'll be getting a new box soon anyways
someone-noone 05:08 what is the best way to design cross-platform project?
Each plugin class files for each platform. It's ok
But what about JSAPI?
in JSAPI i need to call methods. Is it good to make a virtual "main" class and use it from JSAPI? And implement methods in platform-specific subclasses?
linearray 06:08 that is one way to do it
someone-noone 06:08 ?
how should i deal with factory.cpp and api.cpp if i had subclasses for each platform?
use #ifdef ?
i've read that you don't recommmend to do it
or create subclasses of factory and api too?
linearray 06:08 well, either you do the #ifdef
or you use cmake
put platform-dependent classes in Win/ Mac/ etc.
someone-noone 06:08 okay. i've put them. but know how should i deal with factory and api files?
create subclasees of it and also put there?
or what?
linearray 06:08 sure you can do that, I don't know whether it's recommended though
does your API need to be platform-dependent?
someone-noone 06:08 yes
for example, setFullScreen
linearray 06:08 I try to put all of that in other, plat-form dependent classes
linearray 07:08 hehe, i just noticed something funny
when you install browser plugins you make yourself perfectly trackable:
someone-noone 07:08 it shows your installed plugins...
so what?
or i don't understand smth?
linearray 07:08 if you have a very rare plugin installed, websites can track you
someone-noone 07:08 a, you mean, your plugins are may be unique?
linearray 07:08 yes
incidentally, my fonts are unique as well, because I installed some.
taxilian 09:08 someone-noone: I prefer to make my api class platform agnostic and do anything platform specific in a seperate class that is specialized by platform
someone-noone 09:08 can you show a good example? I've tried to do like you, but got problems with FB_FORWARD_PTR.
also what about factory?
is it good to have own factory for each platform or use ifdefs?
taxilian 09:08 I usually use an abstract base class and a factory method
!findfile WebView
FireBreathBot 09:08 Found 9 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 5 are:
taxilian 09:08 go look at WebView.h
that's an abstract base class
it's platform agnostic
notice that there is a static create method
if you look at you'll see that WebView::create is implemented in that file
!findfile WebViewWin.cpp
FireBreathBot 09:08 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 09:08 and it's implemented in WebViewWin.cpp as well
someone-noone 09:08 thanks!
taxilian 09:08 !findfile proxy.*cpp
FireBreathBot 09:08 Found 4 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 4 are:
taxilian 09:08 there is another example; SystemProxyDetector
!findfile SystemProxyDetector
FireBreathBot 09:08 Found 7 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 5 are:
taxilian 09:08 that's actually probably a cleaner example, though it's a singleton pattern as well and you'd need to be careful with doing singletons
someone-noone 09:08 yeah.. if you remember my first "entrance" several monthes ago, i told you that i have singleton code
and you told me to do smth with him, because plugins will not work good with singleton
taxilian 09:08 that's the general rule
if you know what you're doing you can break it =]
as I did
someone-noone 09:08 yeah, but now i prefer not to use singleton at all
except for real static code
taxilian 09:08 right
someone-noone 09:08 even my memory manager could have several instance at 1 time :)
so in theory each instance of my future plugin can crash, but others will live
even if there some memory leaks or other memory erorrs
language question: "and you told me to do smth with him, because plugins will not work good with singleton"
should be "with it", right/
taxilian 09:08 well, if we're talking language, it should be "will not work well", not "good", since well is the adverb;but yes, should be with it, not with him
in english we generally don't use "him/her" to refer to inanimate objects
though there are exceptions, they are more colloquial than official
someone-noone 09:08 thanks for explanation
taxilian 09:08 yw
someone-noone 09:08 will go for rest for several hours
taxilian 09:08 ok
Guest67128 11:08 anyone here have any experience with the xulrunner-sdk?
linearray 11:08 taxilian: from what I learned from literature I believe battleships are female and for some reason a few countries seem to be as well
never found out what the reason for that is
taxilian 11:08 linearray: yeah; ships are usually referred to as female and there are some other things
mainly, though, it's just colloquial; because sailors prefer to think of a ship as a "her", etc
sabotaged|wk 16:08 anyone seen this linker error about absolute addressing in Factory.o not allowed in slidable image? on 10.7 and xcode 3
sabotaged|wk 17:08 nevermind, rebuild fixed it
CosmickGold 19:08 It will be really cool if anyone is here.
Am I alone? Or have companly?
CosmickGold 20:08 Anyone really here?
taxilian 22:08 FireBreathBot: tell cosmickgold you just didn't wait around long enough; I came back about an hour after you left