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FireBreathBot 00:08 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "could you zip up and attach the projects\Zub directory as well?"
_vizZ 03:08 tax? ;p
well, maby i should leave a message on the forums
Stephen_ 08:08 Anyone home? :)
someone-noone 08:08 yeah
VictorAbrash 10:08 I tried to reply to the mailing list, not sure if that got through. In answer to the guy having trouble registering the plugin on Windows 7, it has to be registered as an administrator, or run regsvr32 from a command window that was run as an administrator. Can someone please forward that answer to the mailing list, I"m on vacation and not dedicated enough to figure out how to mail properly right now.
taxilian 10:08 I wish he'd stuck around; it *shouldn't* need to be run as an admin, so I'd like ot know for sure fi it does
dodo__ 11:08 hi, how do i use the getFilesystemPath defined in my plugin class inside my pluginAPI class?
taxilian 11:08 look at your pluginAPI class
there is a getPlugin function
dodo__ 11:08 i know but how do i use it? sorry if it is simple question
taxilian 11:08 you call it and it returns a ptr to the plugin class
taxilian 11:08 a shared_ptr
dodo__ 11:08 so from my pluginAPI class i do plg = getPlugin(); and than plg.getFilesystemPath(); ?
taxilian 11:08 it's a pointer
so you'd use ->
but I would probably just do getPlugin->getFileSystemPath()
dodo__ 11:08 i am getting this error: in my plugin API class: error C2039: 'getFileSystemPath' : is not a member of 'plugin_name'
the function is defined as public in the plugin class cpp and declared in H file
taxilian 11:08 plugin_name is the name of your plugin class?
dodo__ 11:08 no, i just put it there as place holder
but in the real error it shows my plugin name
taxilian 11:08 then you probably spelled something wrong
dodo__ 11:08 you were right it is spelling mistake
sabotaged|wk 12:08 this is weird.. so on my main thread i receive a distributed notification, which shortly after fires an event to javascript, but FireEvent never returns
but the browser is processing messages in a run loop
taxilian 12:08 FireEvent never returns?
sabotaged|wk 12:08 yes
well, in NpapiBrowserHost::Invoke
never returns
maybe beacuse this is actually a re-entrant case of FireEvent
taxilian 12:08 that's… weird
sabotaged|wk 12:08 yeah, looks like its happening if, during the initial FireEvent, the browser pumps some more messages and i do another FireEvent within the first FireEvent
sabotaged|wk 13:08 scratch that.. it's happening even if i eliminate the re-entrancy
taxilian 13:08 tell me about this "distributed notification"
sabotaged|wk 13:08 cocoa distributed notifications
"The notification gets sent to a systemwide server that then distributes it to all the processes that have objects registered for distributed notifications"
FireBreathBot 13:08 JIRA issue issue updated by oaf "<whatever>\firebreath-FireBreath-5bfcf3e\projects\Zub directory attached as requested."
sabotaged|wk 13:08 k i think it was being caused by an alert box being shown around the same time as firing the event
remove the alert box and the problem goes away
taxilian 13:08 hmm. I have seen similar issues with alert boxes, it seems
someone-noone 14:08 taxilian: finally, i launched plugin. CA and ICA work. So, there is smth with BasicMediaPlayer
taxilian 14:08 hmm. well, that stinks
good to know, though
not sure how soon I'll be able to look at it to try to fix it :-/
someone-noone 14:08 and another news, may be useful for you and others. Xcode4 is working very fast after indexing
taxilian 14:08 I've used xcode 4.2 a bit for firebreath dev and haven't had too much trouble with it
except that I can't get it to debug
someone-noone 14:08 debugging also works
how much RAM do you have?
taxilian 14:08 I have 10G
I was specifically trying Safari, though, so that may be the issue
someone-noone 14:08 i'd looked on you if you had 4gb like me :)
taxilian 14:08 ram is one thing I'm generally not short of these days
I have 2 VM servers, 4 laptops, and an iMac; 3 of the 4 laptops have 8 gig, one has 4, one vm server has 8 and one has 16, and my iMac has 10
someone-noone 14:08 thinking about upgrade :)
gphysics2014 14:08 I have created some javascript methods that perform calculations that can take a couple of minutes to complete. If the plugin takes to long to complete the calculations chrome prompts the user to kill the plugin saying it is unresponsive. Is there a way to keep this from happening?
taxilian 14:08 yeah; never, ever, *ever* block the main thread
when you have work that has to be done that is time consuming, put it on a new thread
look at the tips and tricks page on the wiki; there is an article to insructions on how to do this
someone-noone 14:08 gphysics2014: you may start calulation in new thread and return it by another callback
taxilian: are you macbook user?
oh, i see iMac..
taxilian 14:08 someone-noone: I use everything; I have two pc laptops and two macbooks
I do prefer the macbooks, though
gphysics2014 14:08 Thanks, this is exactly what I need.
taxilian 14:08 good luck!
someone-noone 14:08 is it unibody? i'm thinking about buying more ram, because it's impossible to work… but don't know how this procedure looks like on macbook. Can i install RAM by myself?
taxilian 14:08 what type do you have?
someone-noone 14:08 yes
taxilian 14:08 I have had both
it's easy
just carefully remove all the screws on the bottom then pop the bottom shell off; it'll be right there
hard drive replacement on the unibody is pretty easy too
it takes 2 sticks
linearray 14:08 someone-noone: shows you how to replace almost anything in a mac
with pretty pictures
someone-noone 14:08 thanks!
is there any restriction on manufacturers? can i buy anything i want?
linearray 14:08 the clock rate and timings should match
check the manual
someone-noone 14:08 thanks
FireBreathBot 15:08 Commit a6c5974 on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Improved optimizations, added support for FB_OPTIMIZE (size ..."
FireBreathBot 16:08 Commit a6c5974 on master by Richard Bateman: "Improved optimizations, added support for FB_OPTIMIZE (size ..."
Commit 81f4721 on master by Richard Bateman: "Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into firebreath-1.6"
Commit 81f4721 on firebreath-1.6 by Richard Bateman: "Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into firebreath-1.6"
taxilian 16:08 Every time I read through stack overflow stuff I wonder if they would stop someone from just going through and doing a +1 to every post from a certain person or similar
but I can't bring myself to ask anyone to do it to find out :_P
kylehuff 16:08 need some +1's?
taxilian 16:08 lol. not really; I'm almost to 2000, but it just seems so strange and potentially artificial the way some people have 35K reputations, etc
I think there is a limit of 200 rep per day or some such, though
at this point the only real advantage to reputation increase is more privileges
kylehuff 16:08 ah, gotcha. I don't know how that works
taxilian 16:08
2000 rep (which I'll be at the next time someone upvotes me at all) gives me privileges to edit questions and answers; 2500 will let me create tag synonymns
5000 rep so I can edit the wikis of various tags and put links to FireBreath in would be nice, but I can do that anyway — just have to wait for someone to approve it
so ti's not that big of a deal, but it is interesting
kylehuff: aren't you going into basic training or something soonish?
kylehuff 16:08 yes
taxilian 16:08 when?
kylehuff 16:08 at this point, november. but I have a contract re-negotiation approved for the next fiscal year (October) that might change my ship-date
taxilian 16:08 ahh. which branch? (I'm sure you've told me before, but my memory....)
kylehuff 16:08 um, I'm not sure if I have said before.. Army
taxilian 16:08 enlisted, I assume?
kylehuff 16:08 yeah
taxilian 16:08 my cousin is working towards the officer side of things; I can't remember if he's actually still in ROTC or past there
but he did airforce ROTC for a long time and switched recentlyish
kylehuff 16:08 yeah, I'm not sure if I will go for the "green to gold" program and become an officer after the fact - but it is an option
would you believe that they had ZERO enlisted infantry jobs when I went down to get a contract? I had to take an artillery job with a renegotiation option.
taxilian 16:08 lol. wow. but you wanted specifically infantry, huh?
kylehuff 16:08 yes - Airborn Infantry
taxilian 16:08 why that specifically?
kylehuff 16:08 mental disorder?
=c )
taxilian 16:08 lol
kylehuff 16:08 barring a contract option, it is the only way I can go Army Ranger
taxilian 16:08 well, that's given… I mean, isn't that one of the entrance requirements for the Army? ;-)
kylehuff 16:08 if I am going to do this, I'm going to really do it - and going Ranger is about as over-the-top as I think to get.
taxilian 16:08 makes sense
I considered military at one point, but I would probably have gone into a technical unit of some sort; don't get me wrong, I have no problem with firearms (I own several) and I'm a decent shot for someone who never practices, but I think I would be more valuable behind a computer than on the front lines
kylehuff 17:08 yeah, I was going to go for a technical job but nothing "felt right"...
taxilian 17:08 fair enough
someone-noone 17:08 war is evil
taxilian 17:08 very true
someone-noone 17:08 -> army is evil too
taxilian 17:08 but sometimes neccesary
someone-noone 17:08 don't beleive that
taxilian 17:08 hehe. I don't expect everyone to agree with me
someone-noone 17:08 i don't understand any reason to kill another people
taxilian 17:08 to save the life of your child, would you kill someone?
someone-noone 17:08 only to keep in safe
but, will try to avoid this
taxilian 17:08 well of course! why on earth would you seek it out?
someone-noone 17:08 didn't understand last question
taxilian 17:08 it was rhetorical
meaning that of course you would try to avoid killing
kylehuff 17:08 I actually spent about 3 years trying to find a technical job that satisfied "the call"
taxilian 17:08 I would hope that anyone would — whether in the Army or not
someone-noone 17:08 okay
you told you wanted to go into army to keep in safe your family? yes?
taxilian 17:08 kylehuff: well, trust your instincts; as a religious person I tend to put a lot of stock in them, but any way you look at it you have to be able to live with yourself and your life
someone-noone: actually, I did not; but if it were neccesary then I would do so
someone-noone 17:08 so what reason can it be? for example
taxilian 17:08 however you're now about to enter the realm where argument and discussion are close enough that conversation can quickly become pointless =]
kylehuff 17:08 taxilian: thanks for the encouragement -- and I tend to agree with you. I don't understand the reasons, but I feel "led" to do something I would otherwise never want to do.
taxilian 17:08 I am familiar iwth the feeling
and it has never led me wrong =]
someone-noone 17:08 no, i want just to discuss, not arguing
i don't want you to think like me or so, i just want to understand your opinion
taxilian 17:08 someone-noone: I would fight to protect my family; I would also fight to protect my way of life. Then there come times when you have to fight to protect someone else's life as well
someone-noone 17:08 may i continue my logical chain ?:)
taxilian 17:08 the core reason comes down to this, though: whether or not I always agree with the way my country uses it's army, and whether or not I feel that the actions are always justified, it is an absolute neccesity to have it, because without it others would be able to come and take what we have. Having an army (or other armed forces) enforces that that will not happen
so saying that the armed forces are "evil" doesn't work — there are times when it is needed, and if you wait for those times you will have nobody trained and able to protect you
and so the question becomes more whether or not they are used well
feel free =]
kylehuff 17:08 for me, it doesn't matter how I feel about war; like love or hate war, it happens, and I will be there defend my interests and the interests of our allies.
someone-noone 17:08 how going to army will keep in safe your family?
taxilian 17:08 someone-noone: in 2001 the united states was attacked by terrorists with two locations including an entirely civilian target (the World Trade Center) hit; I'm sure you're familiar with that, no?
someone-noone 17:08 sure
taxilian 17:08 okay, so setting aside the question of why they wanted to attack America and whether or not their point of view has any merit, why did they "attack" in such a backwards way? they had lots of weapons and resources, why not just show up and start shooting everyone?
it would have been much easier and taken a whole lot less planning
someone-noone 17:08 because they wanted to do a show
that you beleive that someone want to hurt you or your family
but it's a couple of people
50-100 or even 1000
another millions are peaceful
and don't want to fight
taxilian 17:08 does it matter? if there is one person who wants to hurt my family, but has the resources to do it, then it is against that one that I must defend my family
wouldn't you say?
they wanted to show us that some hate us and want to hurt usi
but why that way?
why not just attack?
why not just send planes over and people with guns and start shooting everyone up?
someone-noone 17:08 do you understand that USA army is the most powerful in the world? Do you understand that USA controls NATO?
taxilian 17:08 why spend years planning and practicing and figureing out how to fly planes and tracking airline schedules so that some people could take over a plane and fly it into a building?
someone-noone 17:08 just attack is stupid
taxilian 17:08 exactly my point
why is it stupid? because the armed forces would stop them
if there weren't any, then they would have because it would have been easier
but because they can't — because of the army — they find another way
someone-noone 17:08 so that was a couple of people
taxilian 17:08 again setting aside the question of whether or not it is justified, there are other countries — and other small groups of people — that hate the USA
as long as that is the case, and as long as there are some who do, we have to have an army
someone-noone 17:08 but you were fighting against peaceful people and killing them
not that couple
taxilian 17:08 lol. but you've now completely left your original point
kylehuff 17:08 it was also our "evil army" that played a large role in stopping the Nazi war machine.
IMO, an example of necessary engagement.
taxilian 17:08 you didn't say that the way we use the army is evil, you said that having one and being in one is evil
someone-noone 17:08 yes
taxilian 17:08 but your real point is that you feel that the conflicts that the United States have been involved in that the USA should not have done
someone-noone 17:08 no
taxilian 17:08 which is a very different question from whether or not you need an Army
someone-noone 17:08 again: why you think you can keep in safe your family by going into army?
taxilian 17:08 because without an army they would not be safe
someone-noone 17:08 i will show you an example, why you're not right
taxilian 17:08 I thought you were trying to understand? are you trying to understand or to prove me wrong?
I welcome an example of your point of view
but if your purpose is to prove me wrong I'm not particularly interested in continuing the conversation
someone-noone 17:08 Ukraine has the worst army in the world, it could be compared to some poor African country. It's real. We have an aggressor - Russia, which wants to join us as a part of Russia. Why shouldn't they use just war against us?
1 moment
i will continue my point of view, because you may think i'm talking US army again, not about our topic
noone in Ukraine wants to go into army
year by year army is getting lesser
we're without army and we're more safer than you
so again: how army will save your family?
taxilian 17:08 so you're telling me that you think that if you had no army at all, the Ukraine would be safer than it is now?
someone-noone 17:08 yes
do you think you can be conquered by someone in the world in era of democracy?
taxilian 17:08 lol. absolutely I think that could happen
have you ever studied history?
someone-noone 17:08 sure
i like history :)
taxilian 17:08 well, that's not really a helpful question — everyone reads and teaches a different history
my history and your history have very little in common
someone-noone 17:08 you're right. History are written by the winners
taxilian 17:08 since mine is obviously right and yours obviously wrong, right? ;-)
someone-noone 17:08 no
taxilian 17:08 I was being fascicious
that's the atuomatic perception, though
someone-noone 17:08 i want you to understand. and i want you to understand me
kylehuff 17:08 it is not fair to compare the Ukraine vs. USA in terms of "safety", as the Ukraine doesn't do much outside of the Ukraine in comparison to the U.S.. The U.S. is a world super-power, and we make friends one day, and enemies another.
someone-noone 17:08 no "we", but "politicans"
taxilian 17:08 and that's kinda the point; if the united states had no army, do you really think that the 2001 attack would have been with airplaines?
you said yourself that they would have been stupid to attack because the USA is a world power; if the USA had no armed forces, they would have just come in and taken over
someone-noone 17:08 sure, muslim invaders on boat ?:)
just sarcasm. now seriously
taxilian 17:08 there are countries around the world that would love to attack for various reasons — revenge, jealousy, religion, etc
during WW1 and WW2, what would have happened if Russia had had no army?
USSR, I should say
someone-noone 17:08 countries you mean people living there?
taxilian 17:08 oh, I'm certain that *most* of the poeple dont' really care
someone-noone 17:08 so revenge want only couple of people, not?
taxilian 17:08 though during what we refer to as the cold war I know for a fact that many in the USSR hated America and would have been excited about the opportunity to attack (I know that because there are people who there who still hate america)
it doesnt' matter how many people there are, it matters how many of them have the ability to attack =]
and for that it makes more sense to think in terms of a country than its people
someone-noone 17:08 but can you agree with that most of people ~90% don't want a war
for any reason
they want to get up, have sex with wife, go to work and sleep
taxilian 17:08 sure I can agree with that
I like to eat too, though
someone-noone 17:08 (:
taxilian 17:08 "Love comes and goes, but you will always want to eat". isn't that what you say? ;-)
someone-noone 17:08 so, why you should to go to army. When only couple of people want to use you to defend their interests?
not your family, but their interests
taxilian 17:08 we've come an entire circle =]
just because not everything that the army does I agree with (and I actually agree with most of it) doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist
as long as there are enemies of the USA then we need an Army
keeping that army in line is a different question
but that's like saying that I think Pornography is evil and destroys lives so therefore the internet should be banned entirely
or that people use IRC for pirating software and so IRC should be shut down
linearray 17:08 can you be laid off the army?
taxilian 17:08 do the people who command the Army make mistakes? Yep. Does it cost lives sometimes? Yes. Are there times that innocents die because of it? Unfortunately so. I think that most of the time the decisions made are made for the right reasons — though sometimes we find out that we were wrong. that doesn't mean that the whole institution is bad, just that there were problems with it
yes and no; you can be court marshalled and dishonerably discharged
linearray 17:08 so no, if you behave
taxilian 17:08 hmm. as far as I know, correct, at least in the USA
linearray 17:08 then it sounds like an excellent place to be right now
someone-noone 17:08 okay, so you think by killing another people you will save your family and it will make the whole situation better. yes?
taxilian 17:08 lol
yes, that would be another reason. =] hard to beat a steady paycheck
I've never heard of the military having so many people that they had to let anyone go
kylehuff 17:08 well, actually, not with the defense budget cuts that will inevitably need to happen to balance our budget.
linearray 17:08 considering that there's hardly any money to start a new war, it appears to be reasonably safe too
someone-noone 17:08 war = money
WW2 is best ecomical war by USA
taxilian 17:08 lol.
linearray 17:08 ah ok, so the contracts are temporary
taxilian 17:08 hmm. sometimes, at least; not sure if always
kylehuff 17:08 contract lengths are usually 3, 4, 6 and 8 years long - depending on the job
4 years is a pretty common enlistment contract
linearray 17:08 but you can quit before that, right?
someone-noone 17:08 taxillian: offtopic: drawing in CA are dead after you try to add sublayer to the second plugin's layer
taxilian 17:08 lol. offtopic? that's the most on topic we've been for an hour :-P
someone-noone 17:08 :)
taxilian 17:08 you can certainly add sublayers
but there might be something you need to do to get it to work right
kylehuff 17:08 if you quit before your contract is up, you have to pay back any signing bonus you got, and you loose any benefits like the G.I. bill, etc.
linearray 17:08 I see
someone-noone 17:08 i've asked all internet for this problem. noone on the earth doesn't know what is wrong with CA
i've read CA guide on apple several times, i've read webkit guide on apple
i've asked on stackoverflow, #macdev, #webkit
taxilian 17:08 I'll ask the guy who wrote the BasicMediaPlayer example
what exactly happens when it "basically dies"?
someone-noone 17:08 drawinCGLContext is not calling for the first layer(or better to say to all except last), but for second (or better to say to last) it's going fine
taxilian 17:08 have you set the layers to be asynchronous?
someone-noone 17:08 yes
taxilian 17:08 hmm. well, I'll ask Eric; I'll let you know if he has any ideas
I do know that he's using a CAOpenGLLayer inside the plugin's CALayer and they are able to have multiple instances running
someone-noone 17:08 cool. Thanks
taxilian 17:08 well, I need to get some errands done; I'll probably be back later on
someone-noone 17:08 don't go into war:)
guy 19:08 hi
taxilian 19:08 hi
Guest27835: do you have a quick quesiton? I'm about to go AFK again
Guest27835 19:08 yes, is there any way to minimize the size of the DLL created by the example?
the min project is 800kb+
taxilian 19:08 compile it in debug mode, then zip it
installers generally compress; you're still going to be around 500K for a skeleton project
Guest27835 19:08 debug mode has compiler conflicts, so I did release
taxilian 19:08 sorry, I meant release
the latest 1.6 from git may be *slightly* faster if you pass in FB_OPTIMIZE=size as a prep script param
Guest27835 19:08 and the minirelease I'm assuming is the minimum size, but its like 800kb
taxilian 19:08 -DFB_OPTIMIZE=size
remember that installers generally compress the dll
and yes, that sounds about right
Guest27835 19:08 also dllmain.cpp and the other win cpp isnt in the the win folder, I had to copy them over, is that normal?
taxilian 19:08 you don't need them
it links them in from firebreath projects
Guest27835 19:08 in case I need to modify them, is it ok to copy them over?
taxilian 19:08 here is a breakdown of what takes up what space on the FBTestPluigin
that is the correct way to make changes, yes, but don't come crying to me if you break things doing that =]
I gotta run; I'll be back in 30 min or so
Guest27835 19:08 alright, thanks for the help
taxilian 19:08 ask your questions if you have them, I or someone else will try to answer when we can
Guest27835 19:08 ok thanks
Guest27835 20:08 if anyone is here, can firebreath be used as an extension for ff/chrome?
taxilian 20:08 it can be used as part of an extensions
but it is not by itself an extension
Guest27835 20:08 hmm
part of an extension meaning what? am I able to load it in it's current state, for example: "binary-component components/dllname.dll" or do you mean register the plugin and have the extension communicate with it?
taxilian 20:08 you can register the plugin and have the extension use it
you can even package it inside the extension
Chrome extensions you can install a npapi plugin and have it only useable by the extension, firefox if you put a plugin in there it'll be useable by anything
Guest27835 20:08 but, by itself can't be loaded, it has to be registered as a plugin right?
I found a plugin that did that, "binary-component" bit, and spent most of my day trying to figure out what it was using to do it
it worked on multiple versions of FF
something XPCom is hard to do with
taxilian 20:08 it has to be loaded as a plugin
Guest27835 20:08 so working with XPCom is out of the picture, but if I have to write a C++ component to communicate with the plugin
taxilian 20:08 you can communicate with the plugin from javascript in your extension
Guest27835 20:08 I don't have to have the <object> referenced in the web page to utilize the plugin
taxilian 20:08 you can have it in the XUL, if I understand right
I've never actually written an extension, so I'm not clear on how it works
but you can put a <object> tax in the DOM, aparently
in the extension DOM
Guest27835 20:08 hmm
Guest27835 21:08 is it possible for a plugin to even read a page without outside help from an extension?
or perhaps hook an onload/dom event
that sort of thing
w/o an <object> tag ofcourse
dougma 21:08 plugin doesn't exist without an <object>
but once the plugin *is* created, it can access the page
taxilian 21:08 Guest27835: if you didn't when I referenced it the first time, read
Guest27835 21:08 yes, ive read that, just asking if it was possible
taxilian 21:08 that would require modifying browser behavior
plugins only affect a single page
therefore they can't inject themsevles
Guest27835 21:08 so if I write an extension for every browser I support, they will handle the onload, and checks that need to be done, but if I include the object code on every page wouldn't that be ineffecent, like multiple instances for each, using up CPU cycles?
taxilian 21:08 depends on what they are doing
they only use cycles if they are doing anything
though they'd use memory
however, you'd probably be better off if you can somehow do it in the extension so that the plugin doesn't have to be instantiated for every web page opened
I don't know how that would work
or if it can
because I don't do extensions
you're outside of the area of my expertise
Guest27835 21:08 well if I wrote extensions for every major revision of firefox, chrome, safari, opera and IE it would be extremely time consuming. the plugin is only going to act as a library, call functions that I can only do in C/C++, it isn't going to render anything or anything of that sort
i dont have a strong understanding of plugins, thats why I'm asking about them, complet 180* of you
taxilian 21:08 particularly since in IE there are no "extensions" in the sense that there are for the others
plugins are simple, though; one object tag == one instance of the plugin
add another object tag, add another instance
Guest27835 21:08 I think IE has plugins and "helper objects"
which are DLL's too
hmm this might work. also, on the subject of memory, you said that each instance of an object/plugin will use memory, if I remove the object tag, will it uninitialize and free memory?
taxilian 21:08 IE has BHOs
which are activex objects
if you remove the object, it will destroy the plugin instance
whether or not it correctly frees all memory depends on the plugin author
dougma 22:08 no point using a plugin as a library though.
just use a library
taxilian 22:08 dougma: his point is that he's using it from an extension as a library
the extension is javascript in most cases
dougma 22:08 oh i see.
sounds painful. :)
dougma 23:08 i love the way xcode consumes all available *virtual* ram
come back from lunch: VM size: 170 GB!
taxilian 23:08 lol
what version of Xcode?
dougma 23:08 4.1
the one that came with lion
(i think...)
taxilian 23:08 hmm. I haven't had that problem with the 4.2 beta, but I also have 10 gig of ram, so it could be that
dougma 23:08 i have 8 and an ssd, so it's not until i'm well into swap that i notice! and then i'm like whoa!
taxilian 23:08 huh. I'd think 8 would be sufficient
dougma 23:08 of course it should be!
something in my project sends it off the deep end
taxilian 23:08 you are unfortunately not alone in this problem
many have reported it
oh, the optimizations you can enable, if only you try...