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taxilian 00:08 ahh, but the good folks at chromium have solved that problem for me
kalev 00:08 oh, that's nice of them
that should be from latest master
taxilian 00:08 is the second hex # the size?
kalev 00:08 yeah
and it's in ascending order
taxilian 00:08 cool. I may have to write a python script to interpret this
i.e. aggregate the template instances, etc
convert it to a human readable format
however, this is useable
which is great
kalev 00:08 no problem
taxilian 00:08 this is actually kinda exciting; I may be able to build a reasonable toolset out of this for each platform
we'll see if Facebook really cares enough to pay me to do it, though
I have one for Linux, Mac, and windows now
kalev 00:08 just have to sell the idea well enough. I certainly wouldn't mind having a tool for analyzing that output.
dougma 00:08 is there a generic treemap viewer you can chuck it at?
taxilian 00:08 I'll be honest; if I do build something like that, I may very possible make it "contributor only"
I was thinking I'd just output HTML
I'd just need to parse through to detect the templates correctly
so that I can accurately map the types
dougma 00:08 hmmm
taxilian 00:08 I don't have any idea what this is… =]
dougma 00:08 yeah that's a bit poor... but in normal treemaps you click on boxes to zoom in on the detail
taxilian 00:08 ahh
dougma 00:08 but that wouldn't really apply to functions unless you could order them hierarchically
taxilian 00:08 well, I should be able to at least to an extent
we'll see
dougma 00:08 i'm going back to work now. :)
taxilian 00:08 I'll start with just grouping by namespace
well, I'll start by grouping by root template, actually :-P
and I'm going to bed
you two have a good day =]
dougma 00:08 laters!
taxilian 00:08 and thanks for the help
kalev 00:08 sleep well
taxilian 00:08 I can't tell you how nice it is to have people around now and again that I can ask questions to… everyone seems to think I know all the answers around here :-P
dougma 00:08 np!
yes, can confirm ff5 on windows: if object is created partially scrolled-off screen then NPP_SetWindow is not called
dougma 00:08 (windowless plugin)
dodo_ 05:08 on the Wix .wxs installer file where are all the ${FB_something} constants defined?
FireBreathBot 06:08 Commit 58982a9 on master by doug mansell: "fix the signature of bad_variant_cast::what()"
dougma 06:08 oops, forgot i had r/w access!
beamfile 06:08 Hi everybody
dougma 06:08 hi!
beamfile 06:08 I developed a simple npapi plugin using firebreath which exports one function
when embeding the object / embed tag into an HTML i get the yellow security bar if the plugin is not installed
can i somehow check if the plugin is installed and add the object only if it s installed?
dougma 06:08 hmm...
you can get a list of installed plugins.
beamfile 06:08 how?
dougma 06:08 i'd have to google that
yeah, navigator.plugins array
beam as in erlang?
beamfile 08:08 thanks :)
sorry i was a way on a meeting
got it to work adding the object only when the plugin is available
DrHeiter25 09:08 Once your plugin is loaded, does it have full access to the system? Can I watch/block network traffic?
taxilian 09:08 DrHeiter25 you're only limited to the permissions of the application it's running in
in the case of firefox/chrome/safari that's the same as any other application that is likely not running as an administrator
in the case of IE you're in low integrity mode, which may have more restrictions
DrHeiter25 09:08 hmm ok
Maybe you have an idea for a solution then.. I have an extension for webkit browsers that relies on the 'beforeload' event to filter outgoing requests the browser makes. The issue is in webkit preventing the beforeload event only guarantees the resource isn't loaded into the DOM, it doesn't guarantee the request for the resource isn't made. I can't let the request happen. I tried looking into plugin's that would let me stop t
Doesn't seem like NPAPI is really for this, mostly for rendering as from what I can tell
I was thinking maybe I could create a plugin where my extension could tell it requests to block and have it watching the network traffic. This doesn't seem likely either though
kylehuff 09:08 even if you could sniff the traffic out, you wouldn't really be able to stop it from being transmitted on the wire. you would probably need to set yourself up as a proxy for the request first, then you could do as you please with it.
DrHeiter25 09:08 Yeah, we've discussed forwarding all traffic through a proxy app we created and do the filtering there. Was hoping there was a simpler approach where we could intercept it at the browser level. Doesn't seem like we're going to find one.
taxilian 09:08 not that I know of. you could potentially use an extension in conjunction wtih a plugin to get more functionality, but even that probably wouldn't help you
taxilian 11:08 dougma: looks like Firefox5 has all sorts of things that it doesn't quite do right with windowless plugins
FireBreathBot 11:08 JIRA issue issue created by richard
JIRA issue issue updated by richard
FireBreathBot 11:08 Commit 5bfcf3e on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-115: Fixed premature DetachedEvent with windowles..."
someone-noone 16:08 hello
taxilian 16:08 hello
someone-noone 16:08 okay. So i've erased my system and clean-installed OS X Lion. Got XCode4, downloaded fb1.6rc. With that tools i've built BasicMediaPlayer. Trying to open Mac/test.html and see that only Core Graphics is working.
CA and ICA still doesn't work even on clean system
taxilian 16:08 on what browser?
someone-noone 16:08 tested on FB and Safari. Now will try with Chrome
taxilian 16:08 interesting; sounds like something is broken
I dont' know what
I've been too swamped with other things to try to look into it :-/
someone-noone 16:08 same thing on Chrome
strange... this was working.
will try fb1.5
taxilian 16:08 :-/ let me know what you find
someone-noone 16:08 fb1.5 build failed in PluginWindowQD.cpp
taxilian 16:08 change to use the 10.6 sdk
10.7 doesno't have QD
someone-noone 16:08 hm, may be better to disable qd?
and i don't know how to switch :)
taxilian 16:08 it's in PluginConfig.cmake, but I don't think disabling it is enough
FireBreathBot 16:08 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard
someone-noone 17:08 crap
same thing on fb1.5
if it's problem on my side, then i don't know what can it be...
taxilian 17:08 are you using the 10.6 sdk?
someone-noone 17:08 no, 10.7
taxilian 17:08 try 10.6
someone-noone 17:08 same thing with 10.6
taxilian 17:08 huh
I don't know
someone-noone 17:08 *how i love this*
okay will go cg...
linearray 18:08 chrome's release frequency is frightening
taxilian 18:08 hehe
FireBreathBot 20:08 JIRA issue issue created by oaf
taxilian 23:08 any of you guys using VS express?
Imran 23:08 Hi' i have written some classes and wants to copy paste in plugin i have copied these to project but on build it gives me error so where i have to copy my .h and cpp files
taxilian 23:08 generally you put your .h and .cpp files in your plugin project directory
and then rerun the prep script
Imran 23:08 pk
thanks i m enjoying working with firebreath its start for me....grt work taxilian