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didu 02:12 Hello :)
I try to make the test code of firebreath working on internet explorer 8
The test code you have when you create a project
but I have an error of share_ptr when I accept the active X
I have found that happen on the function addEvent of the javascript and specialy when he call obj.attachEvent("on" + name, func);
Someone know why that happen :( ? I didn't touch the test code at all
johannes 03:12 what error?
didu 03:12 I have a popup with: assertion failed ! Program:.. FireBreath\....\shared_ptr.hpp Line 424 Expression: px != 0
and after internet explorer crash
it is when he try to obj.attachEvent("ontest", func);
didu 05:12 Ok I find the problem :P isWindowless was = false
What does that mean isWindowless really ?
didu 08:12 Hi jshanab_
taxilian 09:12 good morning
RenJuan 09:12 yello
I was wondering why you chose WiX?
taxilian 09:12 didu: if isWindowless returns true it will instantiate your plugin as a windowless plugin; otherwise as a windowed plugin
RenJuan because it seemed like the easiest free way to do an MSI
RenJuan 09:12 the mac is a dmg installer?
taxilian 09:12 there is no official recommendation for how to do an installer on Mac; the one in the codebase was contributed recently and it is a dmg installer
that is one option
Mac plugin installs are a lot simpler than windows, though
so there are lots of options
RenJuan 09:12 curious what if anything there is on x11
taxilian 09:12 nothing in the codebase
RenJuan 09:12 well it is well documented
(i.e. WiX)
taxilian 09:12 yeah. it seems like a good system; Microsoft even uses it for most of their installers, from what I've read
didu 09:12 Hello taxilian, thanks you for your answres :)
taxilian 09:12 yw
didu 09:12 I have an other question :) I try to make a plugin who are loaded at the beginning of the browsers. People tell my I have to call the plugin from a extension who call the plugin on a web page in the background
I try with firefox and page-worker (
taxilian 09:12 didu: I don't do extensions
I have no idea
didu 09:12 Oh :( ok
taxilian 09:12 but I can tell you they are correct; you can't load a plugin automatically except possibly with an extension
RenJuan 09:12 why are there two installer projects ?
taxilian 09:12 RenJuan: one of them is an EXE wrapper for the .msi; I'm not sure why someone did it that way, that's on my list of things to go and revisit
because it caused me some issues the other day
I didn't review a pull request well enough and missed that they'd added that =]
RenJuan 12:12 so before netsplit asked why 2 wix projects, is one the installer payload, the other the installer itself?
and is wix.cmake new for FB or from WiX?
taxilian 12:12 hang on, I'm on the phone
RenJuan: one of them is an EXE wrapper for the .msi; I'm not sure why someone did it that way, that's on my list of things to go and revisit
because it caused me some issues the other day
I didn't review a pull request well enough and missed that they'd added that =]
RenJuan 12:12 got it. I like WiX but looks like best to just use outside FB for now.
jshanab 13:12 On my mac, i am having trouble withthe boost submodule. When I prep, i get "downloading latest firebreath-oost from GitHub (" But I did not see it download and there are a lot of cmake errors because of that
taxilian 13:12 "git" must not be in your path
do a git submodule update --init --recursive
that'll download boost
jshanab 13:12 I do that at my top level directory and it does not do anthing. says "skipping unmerged submodule src/3rdPAarty/boost"
RenJuan 13:12 what is 9:40 about?
jshanab 13:12 the prep use to grab it (well on win/lin)
RenJuan 13:12 was that supposed to go in the phone?
taxilian 13:12 RenJuan: I just copied and pasted from my earlier response; 9:40 is the time (local to me) when I sent those messages originally
RenJuan 13:12 ah
musta been a line ending your client filters/added
taxilian 13:12 yeah, it copies with timestamp
jshanab 13:12 taxilian. I somhow messed up my firebreath submodule. On all win machines and in my repo it points to commit 3636a14~ I cd to the firebreath on the mac and pull and it says it is up to date. I try to do th esubmodule update --init --recursive and it still says reference is not a tree: 5b415718... If I type git submoduel it says I am at 774c948
taxilian 13:12 git submodule sync ?
jshanab 13:12 sync? never heard of it!
Doesn't help :-(
jshanab 14:12 Anyone build Recent FB with boost on mac? I am getting errors in has_binary_operator and has_prefix_operator.
taxilian 14:12 did you submodule update?
sounds like you're using the old boost
sounds like you're using the new boost with the 10.5 sdk
jshanab 14:12 boost is 1_50 I just pulled
I will check sdk
hang on, it has a warning of not found, maybe falling back
same prob with 10.7 and 10.8. When i switch sdk do I need to re-prep? or at least clean?
taxilian 15:12 definitely clean
I'd reprep too
jshanab 15:12 re-preping re-selects the SDK. I seem to remember there is a way to set the sdk in the cmake right?
taxilian 15:12 correct
jshanab 15:12 10.7 is preffered ?
taxilian 15:12 depends on what you're doing
I don't know that I've tried 10.8
jshanab 15:12 I seem to be quite stuck on this boost error. Running out of ideas
jshanab 16:12 OK this is definitly broken. Is there a work around?
taxilian 16:12 I'm really not sure what issue you're seeing
try FBTestPlugin
I've definitely built with the 10.7 SDK successfully
jshanab 16:12 With add_boost ?
I use a lot of bosot so it is when i include enough boost to pull in the has_binary_operator with the conflicting check, just like you had with boost 1_48 in the past.
taxilian 16:12 I just know I've built our plugin
which libs are you using?
jshanab 16:12 boost libs? a lot shared-ptr,algorithm,thread,mutex etc
i saw all that stuff about Cocoa.h check macro confilcting and the define to avoid conflict is in there.