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nomuna 03:07 Hi folks. I am trying to import and use a class written in Objective C in my C++ template plugin class (NameOfThePLuginAPI.cpp) on MacOSX. I can't get it to compile. Can anyone tell me how to tweek the cmake file to make it work?
nomuna 03:07 I guess no one had the problem... :/ Bye. Thanks a lot.
mt 07:07 Hi. I'm building a plugin that uses the rtAudio library to play audio through the sound card. I'm finding my plugin isn't able to open the sound card. This works on a standalone application. Is there anything special required to do this from a plugin?
someone-noone 07:07 what OS?
mt 07:07 Running on Ubuntu
someone-noone 07:07 hm, i'm using SDL_Mixer on mac\windows - no problems
afaik, there is nothing special for doing this
i had the same issue (audio works in standalone app, but not in a plugin) and it was my inattention
do you have error while calling *init audio* function or what?
mt 08:07 Yes, I get RtApiAlsa::getDeviceInfo: snd_pcm_open error for device(hw:0,0), Device or Resource busy
someone-noone 08:07 where are you calling this function?
you should call it once per plugin process
mt 08:07 I'm calling it (once) from a function i'm exposing to javascript
someone-noone 08:07 hm, then can't help you. I don't know a lot about alsa, but there are no restrictions on audio subsystem from plugin in mac\win and i think the same should be on linux. So try to find an error in code.
Try to put your function into StaticInitialize() , may be smth will change...
mt 08:07 I'll give that a go. Thanks for your help
someone-noone 08:07 yw
coddi 08:07 any one can tell me how can i include the path for libs of 32 and 64 bits in the projectDef ¿?
someone-noone 08:07 on windows?
coddi 08:07 no on mac
someone-noone 08:07 you should make uinversal binary
from your libs
coddi 08:07 how :S? i never done it before i have some troubles with ogg libs for 32 and 64 bits
someone-noone 08:07 lipo <path to i386 lib> <path to x86_64 lib> -create -o <path to new universal lib>
coddi 08:07 im trying ^^
taxilian 09:07 g'morning all
kylehuff 09:07 morning
how goes the war?
jshanab_wcw 09:07 morning
taxilian 09:07 heh. the war is good today
someone-noone 09:07 hello
taxilian 09:07 howdy
someone-noone 09:07 is drawing on mac is doing into NSView ?
trying to do full-screen
taxilian 09:07 I don't understand the questino
someone-noone 09:07 well, plugins are window-less
taxilian 09:07 yes...
someone-noone 09:07 so, i considered that there is main NSWindow (browser\tab window) and NSViews for each plugin
taxilian 09:07 I have no idea, but you can't get a NSView for the plugin
all you get is the CGContextRef
someone-noone 09:07 trying to make my stuff working
unfortunately i'm too newby for cocoa and obj-c
and macdev channel doesn't seem to be friendly :
taxilian 09:07 there are some hacks you can do to set up an offscreen NSWindow/NSView and then render into an arbitrary CGContextRef, but it is non-trivial
and you have to forward all the vents
there is an example in the WebView library in the latest trunk
latest master, I should say
someone-noone 09:07 have a bad day today. will go have some rest... when i have clear mind, i will return to it
taxilian 09:07 good luck
someone-noone 09:07 c ya!
sabotaged|wk 16:07 anyone know how to disable firefox 4/5's plugin is hanging so kill it feature?
it's annoying for debugging
nm found it
taxilian 16:07 cool; mind adding that to the debugging page on the wiki?
sabotaged|wk 16:07 sure thin
taxilian 16:07 I need to find someone with Java experience that would be willing to write a plugin for confluence to notify FireBreathBot whenever a change is made
too bad Chrome doesn't have a setting like that
sabotaged|wk 16:07 does chrome timeout too?
someone-noone 16:07 tesst
taxilian 17:07 yes it does
sabotaged|wk 17:07 really? never noticed on mac
maybe its disabled when you do that argument that waits for the debugger