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_vizZ 02:07 knock, knock? ;p
Feeling 02:07 hi
_vizZ 02:07 hello :)
may i ask a question? ;p
Feeling 02:07 i don't know very well, anyways what?
_vizZ 02:07 the thing is
i need to generate msvs2008 project but with MutiByte Character Set
so what i did was
tcmd -> find -> UNICODE in firebreath-dev folder -> then switch to MBCS
but it changed just the "ALL-BUILD" project's config
all other subprojects are set to Unicode
*are still
is there any convenient way to alter the default configuration?
so that i wouldn't have to to it each time when updateing or downloading fresh firebreath-dev?
*to do
holly sh*t, i changed files in the wrong dir ( got multiple firebreaths ;p ), gonna check the conf now ;p
but still
is there any way to "include" external configuration into the firebreath so that no updates would cause conflicts in fb structure etc?
needHelp 02:07 Q. - suppose i create a NPAPI compatible DLL using FB and i want to use that plugin in chrome. Do i have to explicitly register the DLL using regsvr32 etc. or will chrome do the registration for users as it installs the plugin?
neone knows? am not able to find much documentation on this
_vizZ 02:07 you don't need to regsvr32 it :)
for Chrome it's not an ActiveX plugin ;)
it's NPAPI for Chrome
Feeling 02:07 probably, you can't change default configuration.
_vizZ 02:07 you need to do one of two things
1. put the *.dll in mozilla's Plugins dir ( as i remember )
needHelp 02:07 _vizZ: thanks... that is good, if I create a NPAPI dll, and add it under manifest.json, that shd be sufficient rt?
_vizZ 02:07 2. create *.crx extension for Chrome
I'd choose the 2 way ;)
needHelp 02:07 _vizZ: see i cannt tell users to copy dlls newhere etc. i can just create a .crx file and expect the dll there shd work
_vizZ 02:07 that will be ok ;)
needHelp 02:07 _vizZ: thanks, that is good news
_vizZ 02:07 i works like charm for me ;)
needHelp 02:07 vizZ: sadly did not work for just now, so i was wondering
wonder wat could be going wrong
_vizZ 02:07 just remember to alter you *.html's <object> tag ;)
paste somewhere you <object part
and put the linnk here
needHelp 02:07 may be plugin dependency problem - so i will check that
ok 1 min
_vizZ 02:07 btw, have you tried making *.crx with the default fb plugin?
i mean, generated plugin with no custom changes?
that will tell you if you have some broken dependencies
or you can try "dependency walker"
needHelp 02:07 _vizZ:
_vizZ 02:07
needHelp 02:07 i tried dependency walker, it shows some DLLs as missing
see, the catch is, it works on one machine, doesnt on other
_vizZ 02:07 ok
i don't know for Chrome
but i'm pretty sure
needHelp 02:07 on both machine, dependency walker output is same
_vizZ 02:07 that you need
to define width and height
for the object in Opera 11
to work
Feeling 02:07 vizZ : why you need to MultiBytes?
_vizZ 02:07 coz of old libraries :/
try setting 0 height and width
needHelp 02:07 ok will try
_vizZ 02:07 and no "hidden" attribute
needHelp 02:07 ok vizZ, can u tell me if chrome is going to do regsvr32, or regsvr32 is not required at all
_vizZ 02:07 it is not required at all
needHelp 02:07 ok
_vizZ 02:07 it's just for ActiveX -> IE
as far as i know ofc ;p
needHelp 02:07 see, for firefox there is some em:install thing rt, which i thought does regsvr32... no?
_vizZ 02:07 but i worked with some really old ActiveX and NPAPI projects
so there was no unified interace ;)
i never did enything like regsvr32 for any browser except IE
needHelp 02:07 ;-)
_vizZ 02:07 ;p
and i did it only for the debug purposes
Feeling 02:07 hm...
needHelp 02:07 u've worked on new chrome n all rt? :-)
_vizZ 02:07 well, a shortcut that was ;p
Feeling 02:07 you can use regsvr32 for chrome
needHelp 02:07 see, i cannt tell users to do regsvr32 rt
they might panick! :-D
_vizZ 02:07 give me 5 min, i'll check something for you
needHelp 02:07 vizZ: thanks, i am right here
_vizZ 02:07 ok, the sample is compiling ;p
i'll check it in chrome
one "small" thing is missing for fb to be a complete solution ;p
if it could pack the plugins into browsers' extensions
*.cab for IE, *.xpi for Firefox, *.exe installer for Opera ( you can not budle *.dll into Opera's extension ;[ ), and *.crx for Chrome ;p
and sign them ofc ;p
needHelp 02:07 yes, that'd be awesome
_vizZ 02:07 and 1 more thing
modal windows in all the browsers and on all platfroms ;p
needHelp 02:07 :-D
_vizZ 02:07 i miss that much coz i have to make the Qt Dialogs modal ;p
ok, finished compiling ;p
2 min ;p
needHelp 02:07 hmn...
_vizZ 03:07 ok, so i was right :)
needHelp 03:07 rt
wat exactly did u try
_vizZ 03:07 i copied the *.dll to $APP_DATA/Mozilla/Plugins
and fired the FBControl.htm page
needHelp 03:07 tried on chrome rt
_vizZ 03:07 "rt"?
needHelp 03:07 rt -> right?
_vizZ 03:07 yep
needHelp 03:07 ok that is cool
_vizZ 03:07 Chrome 14.*
needHelp 03:07 i had started with npsimple plugin if u have heard of it
_vizZ 03:07 so all you need to do is to bundle the *.dll with manifest.json into Chrome's native *.crx plugins
needHelp 03:07 got that working, i.e. got a dll
havent actually tried FB yet
FB doesnt do ne magic right?
this should hold good for all NPAPI dlls right
_vizZ 03:07 i'll paste you a simple manifest
needHelp 03:07 i better switch to FB then if it is gonna work on all browsers automatically
_vizZ 03:07 so you mkdir PLUGIN_NAME
put manifest.json and *.dll inside
needHelp 03:07 opening
this is exactly wat i have put in the manifest
_vizZ 03:07 then go Chrome -> Tools -> Extensions -> Developer's Mode -> Put into bundle ( or similar, i don't have english chrome ;p )
needHelp 03:07 n btw it even works on one machine
which lang chrome do u have then
_vizZ 03:07 then point to directory leave the key empty or fill with your previous key
polish ;D
nativ ofc ;p
needHelp 03:07 see the problem is that it works on one machine n doesnt work on other
polish? nice
_vizZ 03:07 nah, it's what you have to edit
it's just a sample ;p
put proper names ;p
to your plugin and your file name ;)
needHelp 03:07 so i think it shd mostly be dependency problem
_vizZ 03:07 and version ofc ;p
needHelp 03:07 since same code works on one machine and doesnt work on another
_vizZ 03:07
all about it ;)
needHelp 03:07 ;-)
_vizZ 03:07 well, good luck ;)
needHelp 03:07 btw one last thing
_vizZ 03:07 gonna check my own mess now ;p
needHelp 03:07 can u tell me linker options in ur project
_vizZ 03:07 as for the basic plugin -> the defaults
needHelp 03:07 how to make dynamic depencies go away
_vizZ 03:07 static build?
needHelp 03:07 ye
_vizZ 03:07 static libraries?
needHelp 03:07 something like that
i dont mind if my dll becomes fat
_vizZ 03:07 build your additional libraries static
i'm not sure, but the default fb option is a static build
needHelp 03:07 sorry, but wat additional libraries
_vizZ 03:07 do you use any additional libraries?
for example
if you are gonna use openssl or qt
you need to build them to be static
then link you project against them
needHelp 03:07 no actually, depends.exe is saying that MSVCR8.dll is not available etc.
that is visual studio dll right?
_vizZ 03:07 msvs2008?
needHelp 03:07 2005!
_vizZ 03:07 Visual Studio 2008?
needHelp 03:07 visual studio 2005
_vizZ 03:07 Windows?
needHelp 03:07 win 7
build machine is win 7 containing vs 2005 where it works
does not work on XP machine which does not have visual studio
_vizZ 03:07 ok
you need redistributable for visual 2005
i guess
needHelp 03:07 the problem rt, cannt tell users all this
they will panic
_vizZ 03:07 Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package
needHelp 03:07 where shd i install it, on target (xp) machine?
_vizZ 03:07 on target machine
needHelp 03:07 i can not expect plugin users to have it
_vizZ 03:07 clients have Windows 7 or Windows XP?
needHelp 03:07 clients may have both
i want it work everywhere right, ideally! ;-)
_vizZ 03:07 well, my initial thought is "then you are fucked" ;p
needHelp 03:07 sad
_vizZ 03:07 so you need to do an downloader and installer in you plugin
needHelp 03:07 alright then, let me see what i can do
i might join again if things dont work
you guys handle your stuff now
_vizZ 03:07 i'm not from FB team ;p
i'm just a visitor ;p
needHelp 03:07 aah just like me
_vizZ 03:07 yep ;p
needHelp 03:07 :-D
am not using FB either
_vizZ 03:07 omg
@ "so you need to do an downloader and installer in you plugin"
that's obviousely stupid ;p
coz your plugn will not even start ;p
then you are fucked ;p
wonder if you can bundle the missing *.dlls with you plugin into *.crx ;p
ok, i'm off for some time
someone-noone 05:07 hello!
skumar 06:07 hi..
plz suggest me how to access data from sqlite db in this plugin.
someone-noone 06:07 hm
use this ?
jshanab_wcw 07:07 I have 14 videos displayed in a web page (from security cameras) When I scroll the page in the browser it flickers, actually drawing a few lines from each etc. I need to handle the scrolling and was wondering if there is already some hooks in FB for this.
jshanab_wcw 08:07 Good morning taxilian
taxilian 08:07 morning
jshanab_wcw 08:07 I have an annoying problem when i scroll a web page containing multiple instances of my plugin showing video, The filcker and draw same line over and over in new positions. I am playing now with hooking intothe refreshEvent, but was wondering if you have a suggestion on how to handle this
taxilian 08:07 that is exactly what I'd do
jshanab_wcw 08:07 What do i do when i get the even for each instance of the plugin? I just don't see how me updaeing a texture that gets copied via double buffering will effect what is in the browsers canvas at that time. I gues i don't understand the pixel pipeline
taxilian 08:07 do you understand WM_PAINT?
jshanab_wcw 08:07 I use to. I use to write WIN32 the old way. Just not sure how that all fis in with the singel FF canvas being scrolled that has 14 instances of the plugin each with their own window handle
taxilian 08:07 RefreshEvent is just a WM_PAINT
it tells you that Windows thinks your window needs to be redrawn
it has no bearing whatsoever on your drawing method or your double-buffering dothingermajicky
you just need to redraw whatever is currently there
you don't swap your buffers
you just PRESENT
or blit
or draw
or whatever
jshanab_wcw 08:07 ok, so i should be able to just redraw teh most current frame on refresh event
taxilian 08:07 right
jshanab_wcw 08:07 thanks
taxilian 08:07 yw
_pq_ 08:07 hello
taxilian 08:07 hello
someone-noone 09:07 hello
I've added new class to a project which is used by plugin class. In new class i'm using functions that is imported from another libraries that i've linked through target_link_libraries in projectDef.cmake .
And now i'm getting errors like this: Undefined symbols: "av_gettime()", referenced from:
But previously, when this calls was in a plugin file, linkage was fine
What am i doing wrong?
taxilian 09:07 you're missing a target_link_library
don't know where or why
taxilian 09:07 stuartmorgan: Chrome ICA is still a windowless mode, no? that is, it can participate in DOM z-order?
stuartmorgan 09:07 No, Chrome is not currently capable of compositing Core Animation
taxilian 09:07 ahh; my mistake. good to know, thanks
stuartmorgan 09:07 FYI, there's a way of detecting this at runtime
It still hasn't been formally spec'd, but it should be soon (probably when I have time)
Apple added it to WebKit, and we're planning to put it into the spec
Although I don't know if Firefox added it, so it may not totally replace UA sniffing for people that need to know
taxilian 09:07 cool; well, when you have a second the guy who ask this question would probably like to know about it:
bbl, going to try to get some exercise so I don't keel over and die one of these days from being fat and lazy
_pq_ 10:07 i got a weird behaviour:
let's say myPlugin is a javascript variable referring to my plugin
myPlugin.myCallback = function(x) { alert (x); }
then myPlugin.myCallback is undefined
(from Safari javascript console)
from inside the plugin getProperty("myCallback") is an empty variant
Any suggestions to help me debug this?
taxilian 10:07 set a breakpoint, see what is happening
other than that, no
start with setProperty in NPJavascriptObject (assuming this is on a npapi browser)
_pq_ 10:07 breakpoint there is never hit. It's a safari console issue
it does work from a script
someone-noone 10:07 still couldn't fix linker issue
i've add my libs to target_link_libraries with full pathes
it was working on my previous version of plugin
now i'm getting linker errors. Don't now what am i doing wrong
if i swithch to previous version - it works
switch *
sounds very strange and unpromising
taxilian 10:07 someone-noone: if you can put the useful bits in a pastebin I can take a look
_pq_: if you set Safari to run in 32 bit mode it doesn't do OOP
and it's easier to debug
well, someone said a newer version of Safari may have changed that
but I haven't seen it yet
someone-noone 10:07 taxilian: thanks, i've just fixed it
taxilian 10:07 also try it in firefox
good work
someone-noone 10:07 someone-noone's rule #x : "If you use C-written libraries, always remember to include 'em with extern "C". Or you will f*ck yourself with linkage errors"
taxilian 10:07 lol
though I would ask that you moderate your language a bit in this channel
someone-noone 10:07 sorry
taxilian 10:07 no worries; just a request
someone-noone 10:07 i will never do it again
just emotions :)
taxilian 10:07 =] thanks
_pq_ 10:07 leaving see you all
arriu 12:07 is there any way to make firefox delay the statup of a plugin? I have a crash that I cannot debug because it happens before I can attach to plugin-container.exe :(
taxilian 12:07 turn of IPC mode
that's the easiest way to debug something like that
I sometimes put a sleep(10000) in the entrypoint
jshanab_wcw 12:07 Even the delay will not help always with the container. absolutly turn off ipc!
arriu 13:07 what exactly is IPC mode?
oh nvm
someone-noone 15:07 I'm trying to draw 4 yuv-pixels on mac os. Here is a code of what i'm doing: But, instead of 4 pixels i'm getting that:
Can anyone explain what am i doing wrong?
jshanab_wcw 15:07 I have been playing with YUV but at a different level, I am not sure where is the pixel data? in data? YUV 422 should be Y0U0Y1V0,... The values being the color value of each Y,Uand V component
the data herer looks like the definition of a quad
someone-noone 15:07 found the problem, i was putting wrong values to glOrtho
they should be switched to surface's size