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_vizZ 01:07 hi, anybody out there?
someone-noone 03:07 Hello!
I'm on the way of building media player. Now i can create a surface (Firefox only, surface = NSWindow) and display video there. But there is one problem - there is no audio! Decoding and playing of video seems to be working correct and i hear audio if i launch this code as a normal application.
So i think there is some limitation (sandbox issue?) on using mac audio subsystem from plugin isn't there?
PS: I'm using SDL library to play audio, if it may help
linearray 06:07 hm, boost 1.47 released
neilg_ 08:07 Bah
FireBreathBot: tell someone-noone No, there's no limitation on using the Mac audio subsystem from a plugin. Plus I also use SDL_mixer in my plugin!
FireBreathBot 08:07 neilg_: I'll pass that on when someone-noone is around.
neilg_ 08:07 FireBreathBot: tell someone-noone My guess is you're loading SDL_mixer dynamically (which is normal) and it's not loading the .dylib from the correct location. It's probably trying to load it from the browser's location! You need to give the .dylib a good install name. Use install_name_tool!
FireBreathBot 08:07 neilg_: I'll pass that on when someone-noone is around.
taxilian 10:07 I should get around to releasing 1.6 one of these days soon, I think
linearray 11:07 is there any IDE that supports refactoring c++? merely simple things like renaming classes...
seems like it's not worth the trouble
taxilian 12:07 linearray: Visual Assist (a plugin for Visual Studio) does a pretty good job of stuff like that
linearray: there is a 30 day trial; I almost can't live without it now, it's a very helpful tool
linearray 12:07 i guess i need something above express edition for that
will take a look at that later
taxilian 12:07 most likely, yes
definitely, actually
taxilian 12:07 linearray: I guess the other thing you could play with is eclipse, netbeans, codeblocks... one or more of those may have what you need, not sure
Sajty 15:07 hi
What can be the problem, when my plugin works in firefox, but not in chrome on linux? FBTestPlugin works on both.
It is not detecting as a plugin
taxilian 15:07 hmm. I don't know
you could check to make sure your metadata is all "normal"
(plugin description, name, etc)
Sajty 15:07 I think its right, because it works on windows in chrome :S
taxilian 15:07 chrome on windows and chrome on linux use different methods to get the metadata
Sajty 15:07 Then I will check it, thx :)
my prefix is 5 character instead of 3. Can that cause problems?
taxilian 15:07 shouldn't
Sajty 15:07 Is it only working on the company webpage?
Should I start MOZILLA_PLUGINID with "@" character?
taxilian 15:07 now
when in doubt compare to FBTestPlugin's PluginConfig.cmake file
you could even try copying the values, just to be sure
Sajty 15:07 Yeah, I will try putting my code into FBTestPlugin :P
taxilian 15:07 that's another idea
when you figure it out, tell me what it was