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reflip 00:07 Anyone alive in here?
dougma 00:07 hi
reflip 00:07 hey there
Do you have a minute? First time Firebreath user here. I keep getting a CMake error when following the video tutorial (never used CMake before, either)
dougma 00:07 what error?
reflip 00:07 "cmake" is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
I probably overlooked something in the setup instructions
dougma 00:07 yes.
when you installed cmake you didn't add it to your path
reflip 00:07 Hmm..
When I checked off, "Add CMake to the system PATH for current user" it messagebox'd an error saying the path was too long and couldn't be modified
dougma 00:07 right.
so it failed to add it to the path
same result. :)
reflip 00:07 Hmm.. I suppose I'll add it to c:\cmake\ then? :X
dougma 00:07 i have C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8\bin
added to my path
reflip 00:07 Wait, where do I add the path? (hits self in head)
Is there a config file or something?
dougma 00:07 well....
path=%path%;C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8\bin
type that into a command prompt
it'll add cmake bin dir to your path... temporarily
ie: for that command prompt
assuming of course you installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8
reflip 00:07 yeah
aha! worked perfectly
dougma 00:07 of course
reflip 00:07 So I assume I'll need to find more of a permanent solution for the path thing, right?
dougma 00:07 :)
you should do that
reflip 00:07 I suppose I could be lazy and just toss up a batch file.
dougma 00:07 you could do that
reflip 00:07 Thank you, by the way. It's hard to understand this stuff when you're new to it and have a fever of 102 :P
dougma 00:07 no problem. have a lie down!
reflip 00:07 UK?
dougma 00:07 australia
reflip 00:07 Ah. "Have a lie down" is a proper English term, so I assumed you weren't from the US
dougma 00:07 :)
reflip 00:07 So Firebreath has total access to the DOM right?
dougma 00:07 yup
reflip 00:07 Awesome. It's a shame I have to rewrite my extensions :(
The only reason I'm doing this is because of IE lol
dougma 00:07 what are your extensions?
reflip 00:07 Er, I'm kind of under a non-disclosure agreement
dougma 00:07 ok. just plugins aren't quite like extensions...
reflip 00:07 Yeah, but we're focusing on ease-of-use
One click install for the not-so-tech-saavy individuals
dougma 00:07 right
reflip 00:07 As opposed to "Agree"->"Allow" etc
Have you built any cool stuff w/ FB?
dougma 00:07 ported an old activex control, it's working well, and now porting to mac
reflip 01:07 Nice. I honestly haven't used C++ in like... a year. My work has kept me working with PHP (I know. PHP. Blah.).
dougma 01:07 lots of c++ in FireBreath :)
reflip 01:07 Even w/ my i7 it takes forever to compile =[
dougma 01:07 shoulda seen it before precompiled headers!
reflip 01:07 4gb ram, 28% CPU O_O
reflip 01:07 Hmm.. one last question (I hope). We append a script file to every page the user navigates to (except those with https connections). I just noticed the plugin only is loaded if the object is on the page they are visiting.
I could be wrong though
dougma 01:07 that's how plugins work
... one way they aren't like extensions
reflip 01:07 Yeah lol
Know of any way we could bypass this? Or maybe make the MIME type text/html or someting
dougma 01:07 so maybe plugins aren't for you!
no way i know of
reflip 01:07 hmmm
Either way I learned something here lol. Do you know of any cross-browser extension stuff similar to firebreath? haha
dougma 01:07 nope!
reflip 01:07 I'll see if I can get it working w/ a standard mime type I suppose
but then again it only checks if it's an object right? =\
No dice :(
dougma 01:07 it's only the object element which causes the plugin to be instantiated...
reflip 01:07 Yeah - not what I needed lol. I should've probably read up on this before I dove into it eh?
dougma 01:07 you're sick... :)
go have that lie down
reflip 01:07 However it looks like I can download extensions to the users computer w/ firebreath (urlmon), so I can have that plugin to external extension installs to their default browser
firefox.exe -install-global-extension "C:\Temp\extension-file.xpi"
Or I could just make an installer and cut out Firebreath entirely
dougma 01:07 so you will have you users install a plugin to install an extension?
reflip 01:07 Pretty much lol
I'm sick remember? :P
someone-noone 03:07 hello!
Is there any docs about PluginWindowMac? I can't found it here :
Espacially i'm intersted in how works StartAutoInvalidate
FireBreathBot 06:07 JIRA issue issue created by dougma
dougma 07:07 git pull requests
FireBreathBot 07:07 1 open pull request:
dougma: FIREBREATH-113: fix crash by removing _asyncCallData when _s...
someone-noone 07:07 Is there any browser on mac that doesn't need rebooting after new build of plugin?
taxilian 08:07 someone-noone: I don't know of any browser on mac that you do need to reboot after building the plugin
someone-noone 08:07 it's bad because it take a lot of time to check differences
taxilian 08:07 someone-noone: the worst you should have to do is completely close the browser (command+q, not just close the window) and then open it again
I've never heard of anyone needing to do more than that, certainly never needed to myself
someone-noone 08:07 yeap, i understand... but it's taking some time :D
FireBreathBot 08:07 Commit 90f9f64 on master by dougma: "FIREBREATH-113: fix crash by removing _asyncCallData when _s..."
Commit 86b49ae on master by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #25 from dougma/FB-113
someone-noone 08:07 hm... getting duplicate symbol error.
i've added to header file of my plugin additional header where some functions are present
when i try to build this, i'm getting duplicate symbol error in Factory.h and wvpApi.h, where my "wvp.h" is included
what is going wrong?
included header is written on C and there is extern "C"
but no...
still can't understand why i can't include additiona headers in {PluginName}.h
i understand why it is finding duplicated symbols, but i don't understand how can i avoid it
solved this, by predeclaring structure that i need to use wvp.h and removing header dependency
taxilian 09:07 someone-noone: if you're getting duplicate symbols related to header files you're putting something in the header file that should be in a .cpp file
someone-noone 09:07 yeah... but what if i need to declare a private member of my class if definition is in that header? I did "predeclaration".
taxilian 09:07 someone-noone: you still put it in the .cpp file
the declaration goes inside the class block, but the implementation part goes in a .cpp file
someone-noone 12:07 hello again!
My plugin is crashing. Is there any method to know on which line it is going on? I've already disabled firefox crash reports, but don't see any useful information
taxilian 12:07 attach a debugger
someone-noone 12:07 attached
don't know why, but now i see that place...
only after your words
someone-noone 16:07 Not related to this chan, but i couldn't fix it. I've created simple Cocoa application in xcode 3, added SDL framework (which is located in /Library/Frameworks/SDL.framework) to the linked frameworks and getting following error: (ld: framework not found SDL)
But in a plugin project, when i add the same framework via find_library in projectDef.cmake it works fine
via find_library + target_link_library *
Anybody knows what am i doing wrong?
taxilian 16:07 no idea