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dougma 00:07 if i queue up a bunch of cross-thread calls and then exit the browser (IE) i can reliably crash in AsyncCallManager::shutdown :(
seems the CrossThreadCall object is already deleted
dougma 00:07 the problem is around FB::BrowserHost::ScheduleAsyncCall; the call to _asyncManager->makeCallback can succeed (thus adding the CrossThreadCall object to the list of things to call at shutdown), but the ScheduleAsyncCall function can still return false... thus deleting the object in CrossThreadCall::asyncCall
taxilian_away: i suppose adding a AsyncCallManager::remove(_asyncCallData*) method would be a reasonable solution?
dougma 00:07 well. that helped!
will offer patch.
taxilian 07:07 dougma: I'll take a look at it when you send me the patch; that's strange
I'll be a bit later than usual getting on today; I have a followup appointment from getting LASIK last month that is a 30 min drive away
but I will be on later
jshanab_wcw_ 09:07 So I have discovered something interesting... I depend on avcodec-52.dll and some software put an old copy in windows system32 ona client machine. This breaks the loading if the plugin on mozilla but not firefox. While that file should not be there, it does confuse me as to loading order for dll's (I tried the empty .local file and on some machines it helped.
Dutchmeat 09:07 Hey guys, quick questions, how do I turn on the logging-to-file feature on in FB?
linearray 09:07 it's in the wiki
Dutchmeat 09:07 I must have missed it
linearray 09:07 !wiki Logging
FireBreathBot 09:07 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"struct FB AsyncLogRequest Members":
"struct FB AsyncLogRequest":
"Live Chat":
linearray 09:07 no problem
Dutchmeat 09:07 ah thanks :)
jshanab_wcw_ 12:07 firefox 5 now has a "plugin container" and to debug I have to attach to both firefox and the plugin-container, but it seems to be unreliable Is ther a trick to deal with FF5? I alread have MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_DISABLE set to 1
taxilian 13:07 jshanab_wcw_: check the debugging page on the wiki
you can turn off ipc mode
jshanab_wcw_ 13:07 thanks!
ArthurTent 13:07 Hello
i followed this link to enable logging in my plugin unfortunately i don't get a logfile. I
I dev. on win 7
nevermind... i didn't changed anything, but now my logfile appears
maybe the browser was loading the old plugin b4...
taxilian 14:07 ArtherTent: that would not be an uncommon problem
mhilmi 14:07 Hey taxilian, on the subject of loggers, how can I set it up to not over-write the same log file?
I changed line 67 of log4cplus.cpp to use a dailyrollingfileappender, but it seems with each restart of the plugin, it just overwrites the log file from scratch
I'm guessing its how I setup the filename...
taxilian 15:07 mhilmi: you'll have to set it up to come up with a unique file name
my suggestion would be to use the current pid as part of the process, since that seems to be rarely duplicated
you could also come up with some other unique id
linearray 15:07 gettimeofday() maybe
taxilian 15:07 or even a combination of the two
oh, and once you've come up with something feel free to contribute it back; I'm going to need something like that one of these days :-P
linearray 15:07 but the question remains, would using FileAppender work as well?
not that I really care about it ;)
taxilian 15:07 you mean as opposed to the dailyrolling?
linearray 15:07 like: why does what mhilmi is doing not work
mhilmi 15:07 Yeah I supposed you can do a unique/timeofday filename and then just use fileAppender - but then I suspect it would still overwrite the file each time you restart the plugin.
taxilian 15:07 probably because it's a "rolling daily" file appender; it switches files when the day changes, but that doesn't really buy you anything here
mhilmi: if you use something unique to each instance then it won't
it'll create a new one instead
mhilmi 15:07 yeah so PID in the name is probably a better bet, then you get one for each instance. I like that better.
taxilian 15:07 or if you use timeofday and pid then you don't have any concern with possibly hitting on the same pid again
mhilmi 15:07 Yeah that's what I was thinking. Thanks for the tip..
taxilian 15:07 good luck
mhilmi 15:07 linearray: the dailyrolling would work but you would just need to pass it a unique name (ie the date in the name) or it would just start overwriting the same file each time you reload the plugin. Or atleast that seems to be what its doing. So it would be fine if you passed it log.log and had the same plugin instance running for longer than a day. In my case, I just want a unique log for
each instance I run the plugin.
linearray 15:07 ok:
FileAppender can do what you want
When it is set true, output file will be appended to instead of being truncated at opening.
DailyRollingFileAppender derives from that, so it can do it too
taxilian 15:07 the challenge you could get there is if someone opens your plugin in multiple browsers
linearray 15:07 I vaguely remember that on windows files are opened exclusively?
taxilian 15:07 yes
linearray 15:07 pity
diogopontual 18:07 please, where can i find the file UploadQueue???
dougma 19:07 !find UploadQueue
FireBreathBot 19:07 Found 4 possible matches. Displaying 4
/^UploadQueue::UploadQueue( const std::string& _name )$/ (f) found in src/libs/HttpService/HTTPClient/UploadQueue.cpp:
/^ class UploadQueue : public FB::PluginEventSource {$/ (c) found in src/libs/HttpService/HTTPClient/UploadQueue.h:
/^ UploadQueueEntry() : status(ENTRY_WAITING) {}$/ (f) found in src/libs/HttpService/HTTPClient/UploadQueueEntry.h:
/^ typedef boost::shared_ptr<UploadQueue> UploadQueuePtr;$/ (t) found in src/libs/HttpService/HTTPClient/UploadQueue.h:
diogopontual 19:07 thank's
i was missing to write add_firebreath_library(HttpService) on PluginConfig
but now… it's working!!!
dougma 19:07 ah! cool.
Guest70770 19:07 Hi all, anyone for helping debugging a FB plugin on OSX?
taxilian 19:07 JeremyBrun: have you read the debugging page on the wiki?
JeremyBrun 19:07 I have a read quite a few thing, but let me check that out before I start annoying anyone :-)
taxilian 19:07 !wiki debugging
FireBreathBot 19:07 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Debugging Plugins":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Building on Windows":
JeremyBrun 19:07 There seem to be a few good tip in the "Debugging Plugins" page, thanks you for the pointers
Thanks I can now attach, it probably was because of 32/64 bit issue that I crashed the process I attached to before.