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jshanab_ 09:12 taxilian. Good Morning. I can't seem to figure out a cooperation between glfw and the CALayer passed in. GLFW expects you to call glfwSwapBuffers and all the mac stuff seems to want to own the loop and call to draw. This makes it hard to put down in the library. Not sure how to merge the two. Internally it uses NSWindow and NSView.
taxilian 09:12 jshanab_: the mac stuff does have to own the loop, at least in part; you can do it two ways, as I understand
1) async, where you call setNeedsDisplay and then the CAOpenGLLayer calls draw, and 2) sync where you draw and then call setNeedsDisplay
jshanab_ 09:12 When I wrote the iOS player I used a similar setup, but there were two calls one to prep and one to draw. It called at a spcefic rate, but the return of true or flse fromt the first call determined if there was a reason to redraw. There seems to be the same two calls in the documantation, but only one call in FB. Did I miss something?
I have to handle multiple video some as sow as a frame every 2 seconds up to 30 fps
taxilian 09:12 not 100% sure; I didn't write that code
jshanab_ 09:12 It is quite different than the windowed windows and linux arch's :-), My code was written around my controlling the loop. I am not sure how to adapt at the moment.
taxilian 12:12 you can never control the loop in a windowless environment, and mac is always windowless