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AlexanderS_ 04:07 Hello! Are there anybody who can help me with the first build of FireBreath?
linearray 04:07 .ask
FireBreathBot 04:07 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
AlexanderS_ 04:07 It seems that the latest release of has some errors
or may be it is related to prep2010.cmd
I've got VS2010 solution that has some errors:
1. PluginCore and VDO_Plugin_Auto cont be loaded because some ClInclude tags are closed with ClCompile
2. I've manually fixed the problem #1 but solution can't be compiled at any case
linearray 04:07 so you generated a new project with, then ran prep2010.cmd and you get these errors?
i.e. you did not change anything
AlexanderS_ 04:07 Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h': No such file or directory c:\progtools\fb\src\plugincore\mac\systemproxydetectormac.cpp 2 1 PluginCore
Yes. I've just followed to the instructions and do not modified anything and I've got these errors
linearray 04:07 this is amusing, because that obviously is code for mac os x
AlexanderS_ 04:07 I've started to use FireBreath about 4 month ago and there were no such errors. Now I've tried to create a project once again and I can't event create a bulk for my project - result of prep2010.cmd is not compilible
Yes, it seems that this code for MacOS X but I need to get the solution that can be compiled w/o any errors. How can I fix it?
someone-noone 04:07 Hello!
linearray 04:07 AlexanderS_: I'm afraid you will have to hang around until someone more knowledgable than me comes back
hi someone-noone
but if you're absolutely sure you followed all the steps correctly, then this is definitely interesting
AlexanderS_ 04:07 :( I'll try to exclude all mac-related files. Hope it will help. If anybody have good ideas I'll be glad to hear them.
Thank you linearray
someone-noone 04:07 AlexanderS_, what problem do you have?
AlexanderS_ 04:07 I'm sure that I've followed to the instructions. More over I have some practice with completion of these instructions.
2someone-noone: I've got VS2010 solution that has some errors: 1. PluginCore and VDO_Plugin_Auto cont be loaded because some ClInclude tags are closed with ClCompile
2. I've manually fixed the problem #1 but solution can't be compiled at any case
Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h': No such file or directory c:\progtools\fb\src\plugincore\mac\systemproxydetectormac.cpp 2 1 PluginCore
someone-noone 04:07 did you use prep2010.cmd ?
AlexanderS_ 04:07 yes
I've used prep2010.cmd because I have VS2010. The result is not compilable
someone-noone 04:07 sounds strange. Unfortunately, can't help you. I thought you have problem on Mac-computer. Wait for taxilian, i'm sure he can help you
AlexanderS_ 04:07 thank you
linearray 04:07 just so you know, that will be in about 4 hours :)
someone-noone 04:07 :)
AlexanderS_ 04:07 Thanks to ALL. The problem has been resolved:
linearray 04:07 :D
that was quick
AlexanderS_ 04:07 #1 Manually change ClInclude with ClCompile where necessary to make PluginCore and VDO_Plugin_Auto "loadable"
#2 Exclude all files that are located at Mac and X11 from VDO_Plugin_Auto project
This works for me but I think that it must be complex solution
linearray 04:07 right
AlexanderS_ 04:07 ...that will be acceptable for everyone
linearray 04:07 it doesnt fix the problem
AlexanderS_ 04:07 yes
linearray 04:07 probably when you run prep2010 again, it will fail again
but it's good that you can keep going for now
AlexanderS_ 04:07 I'm sure that it will fail again. I've checked it by trying to run "prep2010 examples". The result solution has the same problems
someone-noone 05:07 question not related to this channel: does anybody know how to make changes in text-file(comment 1 line) from shell script?
linearray 05:07 like what?
text replacement?
usually you will want to use sed
ah, comment 1 line :)
i'm blind.
someone-noone 05:07 do you know quick answer for text replacement or should i read man pages of sed?
linearray 05:07 well
do you know the line number of where you want to place a comment?
someone-noone 05:07 ofc
not to place a comment
but to comment (to "//")
so text-replacement solves this problem
linearray 05:07 then you want something like: sed 'x s/^/\/\//' file, where x is the line number and file is the file name
someone-noone 05:07 thanks a lot ! I will try that.
_pq_ 08:07 hello
linearray 08:07 hi
taxilian 09:07 'morning, ya'll
linearray 09:07 hi
taxilian 09:07 FireBreathBot: tell alexanders_ the issue you're having sounds like a cmake problem to me; perhaps it's not installed correctly. another thing to try is to delete the build dir and recreate it
FireBreathBot 09:07 taxilian: I'll pass that on when alexanders_ is around.
taxilian 09:07 'course, that didn't look like a real nick, so he may never get the message anyway
linearray 09:07 in 1000 years the bot will crash because of all the undelivered messages
someone-noone 09:07 hello
it will be in 2012
when all world will die :D
taxillian, what is the main problem in realizing linux video subsystem in firebreath?
taxilian 09:07 probably that I don't know linux drawing at all, and nobody else sufficiently knowledgable has taken on the task
someone-noone 09:07 it's clear
taxilian 09:07 someone-noone: as a point on language, that makes a lot more sense in Russian than in English; it would be more common in English to say "understood"
someone-noone 09:07 thx, for remark. But what does "it's clear" mean then?
taxilian 09:07 well, it does technically mean the same thing; it just sounds strange
and some may not understand what exactly you mean by "it's clear"
simply because it is not commonly used that way
someone-noone 09:07 okay, thx
taxilian 09:07 at least in my part of the world; possibly elsewhere, I suppose
(if it annoys you when I tell you things like that let me know; I just know when I speak Russian it irks me to find out I've been saying something for months that sounds weird and nobody bothered to tell me :-P)
_pq_ 09:07 you're russian someone-noone?
someone-noone 09:07 no! Backwards (am i right in this word?), it's good that you are making me remarks and i will thank you if you will be doing this in future, because i can improve my skills in english!
No, i'm ukrainian. But you can call me russian :D
linearray 09:07 I think you meant to say "on the contrary" :)
someone-noone 09:07 i just used google translate :(
linearray 09:07 or maybe that's wrong as well
kylehuff 09:07 my wife says I'm always rushin', and I should slow down a bit.
_pq_ 09:07 I'm close enough to both russia and ukraine to distinguish between them
someone-noone 09:07 0_0 how it's possible?
_pq_ 09:07 and most ukrainian people are picky they don't want people to call them russian
someone-noone 09:07 Belorussia ?
linearray 09:07 ukraine is the country with Princess Leia as ex-prime minister... that's easy enough to remember
someone-noone 09:07 you're right. I've already explained why we are getting annoyed when we are called russian
_pq_ 09:07 italy here
someone-noone 09:07 lol :D
ah, i misunderstood you
there are lot of ukrainian people living in italy
espacially from west part of Ukraine
taxilian 09:07 surprisingly, I run into both Russians and Ukrainians here as well
it's always fairly amusing, because around here they expect nobody to understand them when they speak in Russian
someone-noone 09:07 sorry, i must to go right now. See you later!
taxilian 09:07 have fun
linearray 09:07 bye
_pq_ 09:07 see you later
how come you talk russian richard?
taxilian 09:07 I lived there for 2 years
as a representative of my church
_pq_ 09:07 a more complicated past than one could imagine
taxilian 09:07 lol
I also make balloon animals
and ride a motorcycle
kylehuff 09:07 hog, chopper, cruiser or rocket?
taxilian 10:07 cruiser
Honda Shadow 750
I used to have more of a straight street bike (not quite a rocket, but definitely a sport bike), but these days I stick with the Shadow
kylehuff 10:07 ah, cool. I ride with a buddy who has a shadow, but I think it is a larger displacement. 1100cc I think?
taxilian 10:07 sounds right; I know there is a larger one, but I didn't think I needed something that big
I might upgrade someday
I also didn't want to pay for it at the time =]
kylehuff 10:07 yeah, I hear you. my wife makes me stick with a 600cc, even though the frame is a bit too small for me (I am 6' 3")
taxilian 10:07 heh. what kind?
kylehuff 10:07 I of course, blame it on her, but the truth is, I didn't want to pay for the 1000cc.. lol
right now I have a '06 GSXr
taxilian 10:07 ahh. well, personal opinion, you shouldn't be riding a 1000cc sport bike until you've had at least 10,000 miles under your belt on the smaller one; I dunno if that's your first or not, but I think it's stupid to get something much bigger than a 600 on a sport bike until you're experienced
and really a 600, though small for a 6'3" frame (actually all sport bikes would be) has plenty of get-up-and-go for anything sane you may want to do with it
power wheelies may be a bit tough, though =]
kylehuff 10:07 no, this is my second street bike (a lady wrecked my other one for me... while I was on it), but I've been riding extreme dirt for years
taxilian 10:07 you probably know what you're doing, then =]
kylehuff 10:07 I'll put it this way -- I know exactly how to crash.... lol
taxilian 10:07 just makes me shake my head every time I see or hear of some kid buying a 1200 rocket for his first bike
then I see them on the freeway popping wheelies or tailgating people at 80mph
and I understand the statistics
kylehuff 10:07 yeah, people are idiots. I do that kind of crap on the dirt-bike... cheaper, safer, etc.
taxilian 10:07 yep
always thought it would be fun to ride a dirt bike, but never had the time, reason, money, place to do it....
kylehuff 10:07 lots of places around here, but I rarely get out anymore. more and more it is expensive for "XYZ Usage Permit" and all of the "recreational vehicle" permit/registration garbage...
taxilian 10:07 hehe
kylehuff 10:07 to this day I don't know why the state feels the need to regulate recreational vehicles too
taxilian 10:07 it gives them something to justify the tax money they're taking from us
linearray 10:07 do you drive on streets with it?
kylehuff 10:07 no
linearray 10:07 ok, then I don't know :)
kylehuff 10:07 even if I did, I am already paying for the streets with the ridiculous gasoline tax
I need to think about something else -- nothing pisses me off more than far-reaching government.
taxilian 10:07 lol
where do you live again?
kylehuff 10:07 WA State
taxilian 10:07 ahh, yes
kylehuff 10:07 worse yet, I live in WA (sales tax) and I work in Oregon (income tax)...
taxilian 10:07 lol
brilliant =]
how bad is your sales tax?
kylehuff 10:07 7.7%
taxilian 10:07 ouch
more than a percent higher than here
well, the county I live in, anyway
salt lake is 6.8, I think
here isn't 6.2-6.5, depending on which specific city
kylehuff 10:07 what drives me nuts is, when people from Oregon come here to buy stuff, they are tax exempt; but when I work in Oregon, they don't reciprocate the break.
taxilian 10:07 lol
Guest56358 11:07 hi..
linearray 11:07 hi
Guest56358 11:07 I'm really stupid - what file do I compile with MSVC 2010?
linearray 12:07 is there a way to get notifications for every change on the wiki?
taxilian 12:07 yes
… I have done it
…. I can't remember how I did it
linearray 12:07 ok, I'll keep looking
got it
taxilian 12:07 huzzah!
could you add instructions to the wiki somewhere? :-P
linearray 12:07 jolly good!
info in the wiki on info on the wiki
taxilian 12:07 exactly
and since I have the info already,I'll be notified that you have added info to the wiki on how to get notified about info added to the wiki
good catch on python version
linearray 12:07 yeah after about 2 hours of installing updates, I can finally start building
taxilian 12:07 lol
FireBreathBot 12:07 Commit 5e35baa on master by Eric Mann: "Fixing error that broke the prep scripts if using directory ..."
Commit 1885b37 on master by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #24 from ericmann/master
linearray 12:07 git pull requests
FireBreathBot 12:07 There are no open pull requests in firebreath/FireBreath
linearray 13:07 i'm quite surprised, powershell almost feels like a real shell
taxilian 13:07 lol
yeah, I've considered using it for prep scripts, but then I'd have to require people to install it
linearray 13:07 hmm, I guess .net still isnt universally installed
taxilian 13:07 also true
linearray 13:07 do you think we should make moving projects/ out of firebreath/ the standard way of doing things?
cause right now it says so on colonelpanic but not in the docs
taxilian 13:07 it is the standard way for me
so yeah, probably
actually, the way I normally do it is put it ina git repo and have the firebreath dir be a subdirectory (submodule) inside the project
then I do ./firebreath/prep2010.cmd . build
linearray 13:07 cool
taxilian 13:07 or sometimes I put the project in a subdirectory
and I create my own prep scripts that call the real ones so I don't have to type the paths all the time
I'm lazy that way
linearray 13:07 hehe, aliasing is even lazier
taxilian 13:07 nah, it's less maintainable
more work if something changes
linearray 13:07 right
taxilian 13:07 I'm all about less work
linearray 13:07 ho-hum
it seems like the prep scripts require cmd.exe and do not work with powershell
taxilian 14:07 you can't call regular batch scripts from powershell??
linearray 14:07 well, I'm going to try to debug this
but I tried twice from powershell and it failed at installing boost
tried it from cmd.exe and it worked
taxilian 14:07 that's more likely a path issue
did you check it out from git?
linearray 14:07 in a way: it tried to rename something that wasnt there
taxilian 14:07 just do a git submodule update —init --recursive
it'll pull down boost for you
linearray 14:07 I will, unfortunately virtualbox just died
taxilian 14:07 heh
kalev 14:07 taxilian: cmake 2.8.5 is out with your fix
taxilian 14:07 woohoo!
maybe I should finally figure out how to detect the cmake version and only use the xcode patch if needed
kalev 14:07 or you could just require >= 2.8.5 for Firebreath mac builds and not care for people who have older cmake
linearray 14:07 yes
taxilian 14:07 hmm. that is definitely a thought
linearray 14:07 wait a couple of days until the new portfile is out ;)
taxilian 14:07 heh
linearray 14:07 now I did exactly the same as before and it worked in powershell as well
taxilian 14:07 lol
it's just messing with you
linearray 14:07 oh well
taxilian 14:07 gotta run; going to go pick up my new cable modem
be back later