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taxilian 08:07 sorry I wasn't on much yesterday; my internet connection is down
I'm currently tethering through my cell phone
just FYI =]
tomorrow is a holiday here, so I don't know how much I'll be around, so I'll try to pop on for a few minutes later today if anyone has any quick questions
then Tuesday I'll be online business as usual
linearray 08:07 have a nice holiday then
taxilian 08:07 FireBreathBot: tell someone-noone2 ask your question and I'll leave a message with FireBreathBot for you when I get back, since you keep missing me
FireBreathBot 08:07 taxilian: I'll pass that on when someone-noone2 is around.
taxilian 08:07 linearray: thanks =]
Arthur___ 12:07 hi
ArthurTent 12:07 hi
Arthur___ 12:07 hi
ArthurTent 13:07 hi
ArthurTent 14:07 I need help with rendering an opengl context
i found these articles:
i added the enableopengl and disableopengl functions
but now i got problems with the next step "using an HWND that you can get from casting the PluginWindow* to a PluginWindowWin*."
which pluginwindow*?
anyone here?
is it just the evt*?
like this: FB::PluginWindowWin* window = (FB::PluginWindowWin*)evt;
sorry, if I may ask stupid questions, but it's been a while since i created my own opengl window... and this in a plugin context... can you maybe provide me with a little example? :)
ArthurTent 15:07