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ArthurTent 02:07 hello
linearray 02:07 hi
ArthurTent 02:07 can some1 help me with creating an opengl context plugin? atm. i got now idea how/where to start.
i started with the FBTestPlugin and want to expand/modify it, so it can create an opengl context.
now my question: where do I have to create the opengl context? inside the FBTestPLuginAPI class or inside the FBTestPlugin class? imho the FBTestPlugin class
linearray 02:07 did you look at the mediaplayer plugin?
afaik it uses opengl
ArthurTent 02:07 imho it's not using opengl
linearray 02:07 i might be wrong ;)
ArthurTent 02:07 :)
Feeling 02:07 ArthurTent: do you wany entry point for start OpenGL or Initialize Library?
do you want to know-_-;
if you that, find OnPluginReady or staticInitialize
aboo 04:07 hi
I've got a few simple questions regarding FireBreath
can anyone help me?
I am trying to know FB better and see if it is suitable for our project or not
Arthur 04:07 Hi, i had some problems with a copy/pasted "echo" function that wasn't working as expected... solution: make sure you have removed and added the latest build to the browser. now, everything works as excpected :)
hi aboo
aboo 04:07 hi Arthur
Arthur 04:07 same here.. i'm very noobish... (since yesterday)
aboo 04:07 :)
oh you are a day a head of me I started a few minutes ago
looks like it's not an active chat
I will pass
Good luck Arthur
Feeling 04:07 taxilian will come after 2days
Sajty 05:07 hi, is log4cplus working on linux
if I add that, the plugin is not running. On windows it works without problems.
Feeling 05:07 did you using log4plus for linux?
Sajty 05:07 I followed this guide:
I don't used it before on linux.
Feeling 05:07 sorry, i don't know that. but, you can search past chat at
Sajty 05:07 ok, thank you!
Feeling 05:07 welcome : )
Feeling 06:07 g'night all
someone-noone2 06:07 hello
Sajty 06:07 hi
someone-noone2 06:07 does anyone have any experience developing with firebreath on netbeans?
Sajty 06:07 I don't have any experience with netbeans, but if cmake supports it, then I think its possible to create a netbeans makefile project for it.
someone-noone2 06:07 thank you, i will try that
someone-noone2 07:07 Trying to build "hello world" plugin on netbeans and have some problems. I've googled that all i need is just to import cmake project from netbeans (here is described how But when i try to "Generate Makefile" i'm getting next error:
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:11 (Project): project PROJECT called with incorrect number of arguments CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:39 (include_platform): Unknown CMake command "include_platform". -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
can anyone explain what am i doin wrong?
linearray 07:07 hm
someone-noone2: what FB version?
someone-noone2 07:07 how can i check it ? (i'm newbie). I've git cloned latest dev version
linearray 07:07 i.e. did you generate (fbgen) with the same FB version you are using now?
someone-noone2 07:07 yes. With XCode it works fine
If i understand right, it doesn't "see" ´╗┐PluginConfig.cmake file, where PROJECT variable is set
but i'm not sure
oh, not PROJECT variable. I mean PLUGIN_NAME variable
linearray 07:07 sorry, no experience with that
graykos 07:07 i got a question
i tried to use FB::SimpleStreamHelper
bt in FB:: there is no such
Sajty 07:07 graykos: for me, SimpleStreamHelper can be found in src/PluginCore/SimpleStreamHelper.h
ashH 08:07 hello, anyone awake? :)
someone-noone2 08:07 hello
sure :)
ashH 08:07 hi :)
okay, could be a long shot, but my colleague here is getting some core animation errors output in his FB-based plugin in Mac Chrome
wondered if anyone here might have ever come across this
we're googling like crazy atm, but so far have just found a couple of posts about Flash giving this error in Chromium..
someone-noone2 08:07 unfortunately,i can't help you with this. But you may wait some time and i'm sure that someone will help you
ashH 08:07 k, thanks!
it's all a bit last minute, they have a deadline in 1hr 15 mins, i've only just jumped on to help out a bit
Sajty 08:07 ashH: taxilian is afk for 2 days. :(
someone-noone2 08:07 it's really bad
he was my last hope in my cmake\netbeans problem :D
Sajty 08:07 for my problem too :D
ashH 08:07 heh
well, thank you for being alive, and responding, at least!
i shall think of this as being one of the more polite dev channels :)
someone-noone2 08:07 I think i've found solution on how "make" firebreath plugins with netbeans. Simple you need to use to generate makefile and build with it. It seems to work for me on mac os x. Later will provide more information
kylehuff 08:07 thats great someone-noone2; any details you can provide would be a great addition to the wiki; if you don't want post it to the wiki or dont have time to format it, just get me the relevant info, and I'll post it for you.
someone-noone2 08:07 i will post it to the wiki, but i have no experience doing this. If you can help me it would be great... but now i need to check if this method works correct it will take for me up to 10 mins
someone-noone2 08:07 i'm ready to post it to wiki. How can i do it?
linearray 09:07 well, you just do it :)
someone-noone2 09:07 where ? :D
i can make it in txt file
linearray 09:07 well
go here
find an appropriate subpage
click sign up in the bar on top
then you can edit pages
someone-noone2 10:07 done!
but there would be some additional info. I need taxillian to make it correct
ronuchit 19:07 is richard here
anyone heree