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taxilian 00:06 FYI for everyone; I will be out of range of cell phone and internet for most of the next three days
might be on sometime tomorrow, but likely not, or at least not for long
kalev 00:06 have fun
taxilian 00:06 thanks you guys for helping people when I'm not around; that really gives the project a lot more credibility when there is usually someone who can help
tha'ts the plan… we'll see how the 2 month old does camping ;-)
(have a good day)
kalev 00:06 night
ArthurTent 07:06 hello
dougma 07:06 hi
ArthurTent 07:06 I'm new to firebreath and got some questions regarding the FBTestPluginAPI Example
i copy/pasted the echo function, renamed it to "helloWorld" and registered the helloWorld method.
dougma 07:06 right
ArthurTent 07:06 but when I use the plugin().helloWorld('TESTMSG'); in a javascript alert box, nothing happens
any idea why?
ofcourse, i copy the plugin to my plugin folder ;-)
dougma 07:06 what should happen?
ArthurTent 07:06 btw. I'm developing at mac os x with xcode 3.6
well, the echo method just echo's the given parameter
i copied that function and renamed it... so it should still return the parameter and echo it in the alert box
so "alert(plugin().helloWorld('Hello World'));" should create a alert box with "Hello World" as Message
dougma 07:06 ok.
where are you entering that?
in test.html?
ArthurTent 07:06 in the buildex/projects/FBTestPlugin/gen/FBControl.htm
and tried the same with
dougma 07:06 any errors on the console?
ArthurTent 07:06 examples/FBTestPlugin/test.html#
dougma 07:06 javascript console
ArthurTent 07:06 no
dougma 07:06 well... very strange.
ArthurTent 07:06 which javascript console? firebug?
dougma 07:06 you in firefox?
ArthurTent 07:06 yes
brb, need to restart firefox
dougma 07:06 if firebug is running then yes.
ArthurTent 07:06 plugin().helloWorld is not a function
dougma 07:06 ok... it's not loading your new plugin
ArthurTent 07:06 but i copied it to ~/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/ and to /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/ ... so it should be available
linearray 07:06 if it's not in about:plugins, it's not there
dougma 07:06 maybe so. did it rebuild ok. did you get the register line right?
ArthurTent 07:06 it's there, but maybe an old version of it
i followed this instruction:
dont have to register it, just to copy it to the right folder
at windows, you have to register with regsvr32, but not at mac osx
dougma 07:06 i mean, did you register the new functino correctly?
ArthurTent 07:06 registerMethod(L"echo", make_method(this, &FBTestPluginAPI::echo)); registerMethod(L"helloWorld", make_method(this, &FBTestPluginAPI::helloWorld));
dougma 07:06 looks good.
and it compiled ok?
ArthurTent 07:06 yes
dougma 07:06 well i have no idea
ArthurTent 07:06 ** BUILD SUCCEEDED **
ok, thought i might miss some undocumented steps..
another question. i would like to create an openGL Context with the plugin. got some1 experiences with setting up a openGL context?
dougma 07:06 not me... but have heard of people doing that.
ArthurTent 07:06 do you know some1 who made it?
dougma 07:06 ask in the google group?
or... try it and see where you get stuck
ArthurTent 07:06 good point with the google group
ArthurTent 08:06 and much better to try by myself ;-)
neilg_ 08:06 ArthurTent: What are you trying to do? Is this on the Mac?
ArthurTent 08:06 yes, i'm on a mac.
i tried copy paste the example "echo" method, renamed it, registered the method and tried using it...
but firebug tells me: plugin().helloWorld is not a function
tried using the helloWorld the same way as the echo example function
like alert(plugin().helloWorld('Hey there')); to echo the given parameter in a alert box
next thing i wana try is to create an opengl rendering context
neilg_ 08:06 Are you sure it's plugin() you're meant to call? I'm not familiar with the example you're using but I'd expect it to be plugin.helloWorld()
ArthurTent 08:06 well, the example javascript is calling the plugin().echo('SOME TEXT HERE') method... and since i copy/pasted the echo function, renamed it to "helloWorld" and registered the hello world method... it should be the same notation as the echo function
neilg_ 08:06 When it comes to OpenGL, you're best off using Core Animation. It only officially works on Snow Leopard but unofficially it's meant to work in Leopard too. And then it's very simple, just use a CAOpenGLLayer
Or NSOpenGLLayer
So plugin() is a function that returns an object then? Okay.
ArthurTent 09:06 yes, and both, plugin.helloWorld() and plugin().helloWorld() produces in firebug the error msg: "plugin.helloWorld is not a function" or "plugin().helloWorld is not a function"
neilg_, can i contact you by email, if i got furthor questions regarding the NSOpenGLLayer?
neilg_ 09:06 Sure though I recommend you download WebKit. In there is a good example of a plugin using OpenGL. It's not a FireBreath plugin but it's not hard to take that and use it. I think the MediaPlayer example in FireBreath also uses CoreAnimation so that's another good example
ArthurTent 09:06 further*
neilg_ 09:06 I really should write some documentation down somewhere because it seems like very few people have actually done this
ArthurTent 09:06 that would be great
neilg_ 09:06 Well, I'm on an 8 hour flight tomorrow. If I actually have enough space for my computer maybe I'll write something up. :)
ArthurTent 09:06 :) *thumbs up*
can you send me your email plz?
or send me an email, so i got your's: my email is [email protected]
i got to go now... hope to talk to you later... looking forward for your document :)
graykos 09:06 i saw somewhere here na example of making http GET request from plugin, if i'm not mistaken... who can say where is it?
linearray 09:06 !wiki simplestream
FireBreathBot 09:06 2 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"FireBreath 1.5.2 Released!":
"Version History":
linearray 09:06 hmm
graykos 09:06 hi
linearray 09:06 the FBTestPlugin uses simplestreams
graykos 09:06 ok
taxilian 10:06 yeah, nobody has written up docs for simplestreamshelper yet
would be cool if someone did
I just stopped in to see how ya'll're doing; I'm off for the next few days
have fun all
any questions before I go?
kylehuff 10:06 yeah,
is there an example of simplestreamhelper that I can use to make a skeleton of some docs?
taxilian 10:06 sure; it's in FBTestPluginAPI.cpp
!findfile FBTestPluginAPI
FireBreathBot 10:06 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
taxilian 10:06 search for asyncGet and asyncPost
dude, you're awesome. thanks
kylehuff 10:06 np; I'll see how ugly I can make this... =c )
enjoy your time off
taxilian 10:06 heh. I'll see if I can flesh it out if needed when I get back
linearray 10:06 yeah, have fun
taxilian 10:06 will do. my wife thinks I'll go into withdrawels… not taking the laptop (just the ipad ;-)), no internet, no phone… :-P
linearray 10:06 interesting experiment
kylehuff 10:06 ha... sounds like something my wife would say
taxilian 10:06 from what I've heard, I think our wives would get along famously… =]
jshanab_wcw_ 15:06 Good afternoon. I am trying to solve a weird problem again. Only in firefox. I open a window as a popup from the plugin's c++. No events go to thei window. It has an event loop. ONLY loose focus is found and when i do get the loose focous, I then get all the events. the same coed works in IE in FF I need to click on my selection then click on the desktop to get it to accept that click. I...
...don't think this is actually a FireBreath issue but I am hoping someone here has a suggestion.
jshanab_wcw_ 16:06 Solved!
jshanab_wcw_ 16:06 Model dialog blocks thread so events do not get handled by the plugin and passed to it, started in own thread and it works.
kylehuff 16:06 I was just about to suggest that; glad you figured it... (if you can't tell, I'm totally lying through my teeth...)
amir_ 23:06 Hi