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peteredc 06:10 hi
I and currently using firebreath (which seems to run great so far, thanks!) to build a plugin that uses DirectX
and I am trying to build a wix installer according to the template generated by firebreath
now, ideally, the installer should not require elevation, and install to App Data (as also done in the default wix template)
however, I am wondering if it is possible to also install DirectX without elevation, and if you have any experience with that
peteredc 07:10 I'll be afk for a few hours, thanks for your help in advance
taxilian 08:10 peteredc: almost guarantee that there is no way to install directx w/out elevation
peteredc 08:10 I was afraid of that... Would there be a way to detect if it is installed, and only require elevation if it is not?
taxilian 08:10 I haven't a clue
peteredc 08:10 Ok, thanks for your time anyway :)
I have to go now, bye
taxilian 08:10 good luck
cose 13:10 hi everyone
i have got a question to change the style of a div element
FB::DOM::WindowPtr window = m_host->getDOMWindow(); FB::DOM::ElementPtr ele = window->getDocument()->createElement("div");
i gont know how to change the background colour of the div
i am stuck afterwards on : ele->getProperty("style")
i dont know how to set the background colour from the "variant" given
anyone can help me ?
my email : [email protected]