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dougma 01:06 anyone experienced negative interactions between FireBug and FireBreath plugins?
I have methods seemingly randomly disappearing from my objects... seems to be triggered when FireBug is active
Emre 01:06 are there any experts?
dougma 01:06 .ask
FireBreathBot 01:06 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
linearray 01:06 not exactly the patient type
dougma 01:06 mm
alex___ 02:06 hi does anyone have the correct way to call geturl to navigate to a new web page ive tried NPNetscapeFuncs abc; abc.geturl(NPP(insta),"","_top"); but it doesnt work
emre 04:06 @
i want to register for BeforeNavigate event in firefox using FireBreath
is that possible
dougma 05:06 FireBreathBot: tell emre BeforeNavigate is an IE event right? FireBreath doesn't have code to register for it, but you probably could write your own.
FireBreathBot 05:06 dougma: I'll pass that on when emre is around.
graykos 06:06 anyone alive?
graykos 07:06 somebody?
who knows google chrome?
anushka 07:06 hi guys successfully got firebreath solution i tried to add my code to be run wit that but i could'nt do that can someone guide me to add C++ code to be run as plugin
linearray 07:06 did you read/watch the tutorials?
anushka 07:06 yeah
linearray 07:06 what gives you trouble?
graykos 07:06 can i register method like int[] getSmth(); ?
or i need to use smth different instead of int[]
!wiki FB::VariantList
FireBreathBot 07:06 Fault: <Fault 0: 'java.lang.Exception: com.atlassian.confluence.rpc.RemoteException: Invalid query params specified: [[email protected]ec8138[query=FB::VariantList,category=<null>,spaceKeys=<null>,contentTypes=<null>,attachmentTypes=<null>,lastModified=<null>,contributor=<null>,labels=<null>,sort=<null>]] produced an invalid search query.'> (file "/usr/lib/python2.6/", line 838, in close
graykos 07:06 !wiki VariantList
FireBreathBot 07:06 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"typedef FB VariantList":
"Making HTTP Requests":
dougma 07:06 !findfile getUserArray
graykos 07:06 =P
dougma 07:06 meh
look in FBTestPlugin
graykos 07:06 oukay
taxilian 08:06 graykos: yeah, just return a FB::VariantList with ints in it
FB::VariantList is just a typedef for std::vector<FB::variant>
graykos 08:06 ye ye
i already got it
and hello, glad to see ya
taxilian 08:06 howdy
taxilian 10:06 my son is standing at the bottom of the stairs outside the door of my office crying, wanting me to come play with him
working from home is definitely a mixed blessing
taxilian 12:06 8b442edc7c8c5b
FireBreathBot 12:06 8b442ed by Richard Bateman: FIREBREATH-100: Fixed unsafe vector iteration on unregisterP
kylehuff 12:06 taxilian: sorry, I was AFK all weekend, still need that link?
taxilian 12:06 no, I found it
thanks, though
FireBreathBot 13:06 Commit a8c9ed0 on master by Richard Bateman: "Fixed misordered VERSION_BUILD/VERSION_PATCH, added consts"
null__ 16:06 hi, on a Mac I'm getting a Linker error.. I've included <SystemConfiguration/SCNetworkConfiguration.h>.. is there something else i need to do before compiling?
error i get is
Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_SCNetworkInterfaceCopyAll", referenced from: xxxxPluginAPI::get_macaddr() in xxxxPluginAPI.o
taxilian 16:06 that's a link error
include will only fix include errors
you need to add a link library
!wiki libraries
FireBreathBot 16:06 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Using Libraries":
"Re: Feedback":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Documentation To-Do":
"FireBreath 1.5.0RC1 Released!":
"Helpful Links":
"FireBreath 1.5.0 Released!":
null__ 16:06 thanks, i knew i seen that Using Libraries page before but couldn't find it.
taxilian 16:06 the search feature on the wiki works pretty well
that's what FireBreathBot uses, actually
null__ 17:06 hmm so how do i figure out what library i need (and where it's located) for SystemConfiguration?
taxilian 17:06 is SystemConfiguration a framework?
looks like it is
go read the page again, and this time pay attention under the Mac OS X section where it tells you how to use frameworks
null__ 17:06 ah ok
where do those 2 commands go?
taxilian 17:06 forgive me if I'm being obnoxious, but the answer to that question is in the same document
null__ 17:06 no, you're not - i'm just kind of new to C++
oh i think i found it
taxilian 17:06 this isn't c++, it's cmake :-/
null__ 17:06 oh well, true
ok rebuilding.. *fingers crossed*
thanks for your help btw
taxilian 17:06 yw
I don't mind helping, but I've found it's counterproductive to simply answer questions when the answer is there to find
much more useful if they find the answers themselves
null__ 17:06 hmm same error..
Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_SCNetworkInterfaceCopyAll"
whats funny is i'm compiling for both i386 and x64_86
shouldn't it complain about both architectures?
taxilian 17:06 what line(s) did you add, and where did you add them?
FireBreathBot 17:06 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
null__ 17:06 i added to my /project/Mac/projectDef.cmake file
taxilian 17:06 did you add it after the add_mac_plugin line?
and did you rerun the prep script?
null__ 17:06 ah thats what i missed
let me rerun prep
taxilian 17:06 any time you change a cmake file you have to rerun it
null__ 17:06 got it
and yes i did add it after the add_mac_plugin line
oh heck yeah build succeeded
thanks man
taxilian 17:06 yw
imran 23:06 hi guys sorry for distrubance actually i m stuck i can't be able to find where to insert my my source code(C++) in this firebearth can some 1 identify which class will call my code that will be executed in plugin dll
any 1 ther?