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emre 15:06 hi
i have a question for FB experts
linearray 15:06 go ahead
i most likely dont have an answer though :)
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imran 23:06 hi guys, i have successfully created a dll by following all the steps in video can any 1 tell me where do i write my code(i mean in which class) so that it will be called from web page
taxilian 23:06 !wiki interacting with javascript
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imran 23:06 thanks
Feeling 23:06 taxilian: could i remove code in DllMain?
taxilian 23:06 Feeling: you can delete your dllmain.cpp file and it will use the default one
fbgen doesn't even create that file anymore
Feeling 23:06 ok, thanks
taxilian 23:06 why?
Feeling 23:06 occurs conflict when i use mfc
taxilian 23:06 that won't help you, then
you need the code there
Feeling 23:06 like this, AFX_MANAGE_STATE(AfxGetStaticModuleState());
taxilian 23:06 if you replace the entrypoints with MFC entrypoints it may well not work
but you can try it
test it in IE to see what damage you've done
Feeling 23:06 it works, already
taxilian 23:06 huh
did you replace DllRegisterServer and such as well?
Feeling 23:06 Yes
taxilian 23:06 regsvr32 probably won't register the plugin anymore, at the very least
I'm shocked that you can even load the plugin in IE
Feeling 23:06 um... i just change name like this.
DllCanUnloadNow = MyDllCanUnloadNow PRIVATE
DllRegisterServer = MyDllRegisterServer PRIVATE
taxilian 23:06 huh. I'm not following what you've done. If it works, great. Just remember that the classfactory entrypoint will have to be there for anything to work with FireBreath on IE, and the DllRegisterServer will need to be there for regsvr32 to work; if you've got that all working, great
and I'd love to see a writeup on it
lots of people ask about doing that
Feeling 23:06 thanks your notice, probably, someone help me that problem in this chatting.
poor memory :(
taxilian 23:06 there are logs =]
Feeling 23:06 oh, i found it. _pq_ help me that problem.
taxilian 23:06 cool. well, gotta go.
g'night ;-)
I'll be on tomorrow (mine)