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null__ 09:06 if i wanted to write the same plugin for all 3 OS's.. is there a way to share the project/source among all environments or is that not really recommended?
do I have to start from the beginning (fbgen) for each platform?
i tried copying my windows plugin source to a mac but hit errors on build.. starting from scratch helped but was just wondering if there's an easier way?
linearray 09:06 actually that should work
in fact, fbgen is the same on all platforms
taxilian 09:06 null__: I always use the same project for all three platforms
that's why there are platform specific directories; you change CMakeLists.txt when it's something that affects all three and <platform>/projectDef.cmake when it's platform specific
if there are errors it's because you've made platform specific changes to files that are used on al platforms
linearray 12:06 hmm
VLC has a ready-to-go video player plugin
there must be a way to leverage that :)
taxilian 12:06 someone should definitely port that to FireBreath ;-)
linearray 12:06 interesting, google video used to be a VLC-based plugin
nirvdrum 13:06 taxilian: How much RAM does it take to run the Confluence install for
taxilian 13:06 nirvdrum: I think I have a gig allocated, but I don't know that it's using all of it
nirvdrum 13:06 I'm looking to set up an actual homepage (rather than the github wiki) for a project I've been involved with. I'm thinking about doing it the same way firebreath has.
I suspect I'll be much more inclined to author content that way.
taxilian 13:06 have to admit, I think this setup has worked pretty well
looks like maximum heap size is 910 MB, but 49% is free
PermGen max is 512, but only 145 used
nirvdrum 13:06 I was going to be ballsy and see if I could squeeze into an EC2 micro (613 MB RAM total)
taxilian 13:06 Heap Memory

  49 % Free
Maximum Heap Size910 MB Total Allocated Memory553 MB Used Memory463 MB Free Allocated Memory89 MB Total Free Memory446 MB Permanent Generation Memory
  72 % Free
Maximum PermGen512 MB Used PermGen145 MB
nirvdrum 13:06 Thanks.
taxilian 13:06 you could probably do it, though it may not always perform as well
but it's hard to tell with atlassian products
they are all a bit slow
nirvdrum 13:06 Yeah. But damn they're nice.
taxilian 13:06 they do work well
linearray 14:06 xcode 4.2 beta 2 _may_ have fixed the insane memory usage
taxilian 14:06 would be neat
linearray 14:06 it's close to reasonable for now
oops, back to 7.2 GB
no luck.
taxilian 14:06 heh