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Imran 00:06 hi can any one guide me what source files are required to build the firebreath test plugin actually i have less memory in my disk so want to remove some projects from the solution
taxilian 00:06 all of them are required
and when you build it it will create more intermediate files
Imran 00:06 hmm
taxilian 00:06 you could safely remove a few of the source files, I guess, but compared to the intermediate files the savings would be minuscule
Imran 00:06 so i have to buy a new space to build :)
taxilian 00:06 ]\\
sounds like it
Imran 00:06 no other way??
taxilian 00:06 not that I can think of
delete other things from your drive
Imran 00:06 it is taking about 839mbs
taxilian 00:06 sorry
some files can be removed after build
Imran 00:06 but i want to remove some before to build it widout errors
dougma 00:06 delete your stash of movies
Imran 00:06 ok
ok it successfully builds now
can i add some functionalities just like a messagebox that will appear on the browser load complete
in test Plugin project
taxilian 00:06 read through the example code, read the pages on the wiki
you can add whatever you want
doesn't bother me =]
Imran 00:06 ok
taxilian 00:06 g'night (g'day ;-))
kalev 00:06 good morning :)
dougma 00:06 good afternoon
jzap 02:06 holla
any updates todays
lads.. anuy intro just kickin in.
graykos 05:06 anyone here?
linearray 05:06 .ask
FireBreathBot 05:06 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
linearray 05:06 ;)
graykos 06:06 .ask
FireBreathBot 06:06 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
graykos 06:06 wow
its magic
linearray 06:06 so what's up
graykos 06:06 how to return FB::VariantMap from method?
i mean
from js how will it be used?
var map = method(); var fromMap = map.name1; ??
smth like this?
linearray 06:06 does it work? :)
zmichl 07:06 hi, I'm getting this exception when calling GetIDsOfNames(): "First-chance exception at 0x7647b727 in iexplore.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::bad_cast at memory location 0x04b7a2dc.."
and return value is DISP_E_UNKNOWNNAME
rgDispId is -1
dougma 08:06 zmichl: on what are you calling GetIDsOfNames?
and if it throws an exception, how is there a return value?
neilg_ 08:06 FireBreathBot: tell taxilian Sorry, I was away. But it's good you have the mousemove events working! :)
FireBreathBot 08:06 neilg_: I'll pass that on when taxilian is around.
zmichl 08:06 dougma: I'm trying it on my public method
dougma 08:06 on your jsapi you mean?
zmichl 08:06 yes
do I need to export in in a different way?
export it
dougma 08:06 where are you calling it from?
zmichl 08:06 from my BHO. I have a code similar to this one:
dougma 08:06 i see!
so i guess getAPI() in GetDispID is doing the wrong thing
so maybe your plugins getRootJSAPI() is doing the wrong thing
and that calls createJSAPI()
which you should implement :)
zmichl 08:06 is that GetDispID() called in the same way when calling the method from javascript?
dougma 08:06 similarly
and it works from js?
zmichl 08:06 yes
dougma 08:06 are you doing the cocreate from the c++ side?
zmichl 08:06 i have some old version of FB (a few months). Could it be a bug that is fixed in the latest version?
dougma 08:06 always good to try the latest version.
but where are you creating the plugin?
on the webpage or in the bho?
zmichl 08:06 in BHO
dougma 08:06 so... creating a plugin is more complicated that just calling CoCreateInstance
you have to be an ActiveX site!
zmichl 08:06 yes, i use CoCreateInstance(), QueryInterface() and then GetIDsOfNames() like in the example
dougma 08:06 that example is not creating an ActiveX object.
zmichl 08:06 I can see "Loaded 'C:\tmp\FireBreath\build\bin\MyPlugin\Debug\npMyPlugin.dll', Symbols loaded."
dougma 08:06 sure.
it creates the plugin object, but who calls setReady()?
setReady needs to be called for your root JSAPI to be created
and who knows what needs to be called before that.
zmichl 08:06 Hmm, ok, do you know about some usage example that would work? :)
dougma 08:06 nope
why not just inject an object element into the page?
zmichl 08:06 but it should be done for every page, right?
dougma 08:06 well.... that's up to the logic of your bho.
what are you trying to achieve/
zmichl 08:06 i need to the plugin method for every URL change
need to call
dougma 08:06 why call a plugin on a url change? why not just monitor from the bho?
zmichl 08:06 because I need to do some stuff that I have implemented in the C library
dougma 08:06 link your c library to the bho. don't need a plugin at all.
zmichl 08:06 yes, I know, it could be an alternative way for me. But I use that plugin (wrapper of my library) already in Firefox with its threading capabilities
and it would be fine to use it in IE without any modification
dougma 09:06 i see...
zmichl 09:06 sorry, I need to go away right now, I'll be back on monday. Thanks for your advices ;)
dougma 09:06 bye!
taxilian 09:06 Hi FireBreathBot
FireBreathBot 09:06 Hello taxilian!
taxilian: 14:11Z <neilg_> tell taxilian Sorry, I was away. But it's good you have the mousemove events working! :)
taxilian 09:06 neilg_: you know, I read the logs anyway without you needing to send messages to me through FireBreathBot ;-)
morning all
graykos: did you figure out the variantmap question?
kylehuff 09:06 mornin'
neilg_ 09:06 Sure, but there was a conversation going on. Didn't want it to get lost in the noise. ;)
taxilian 09:06 hehe. actually I guess that's not a bad plan
linearray 12:06 before I start to get lost in my dreams: I want to have a video player plugin with fullscreen support (like youtube). is that doable?
taxilian 12:06 yes
I have done it in fact
I won't say easy, but vertainly doable
linearray 12:06 I imagine there is a way, since flash can do it :)
taxilian 12:06 be back later; headed to lunch
linearray 12:06 bon appetit
linearray 12:06 hm, this is broken
linked to from
taxilian 13:06 linearray: I'll have to fix that in the doxygen import script; could you file a jira issue for it?
linearray 14:06 think so
kylehuff 14:06 oh hey, taxilian, I don't remember where we left off in regards to your personal logo; was there anything else you wanted? at one time you had spoke about an elongated banner version, but then said you might not need it.
taxilian 14:06 I would love an enlarged banner version
I just didn't want you to spend too much time on any one day on it
because I'm sure you have other things to do =]
kylehuff 14:06 ah, I see. okay, I will see what I can come up with.
FireBreathBot 14:06 Commit e0d77ab on master by Richard Bateman: "Fixed warnings on mac"
kylehuff 14:06 but it is going to cost you -- for the love of mike, I cannot get unsubscribed from the firebreath dev mailing list...
taxilian 14:06 kylehuff: awesome =] I haven't had any time to work on personal projects lately, so I haven't needed it yet, but hopefully soon… =]
I can fix that
kylehuff 14:06 I don't want the email anymore, since I won't be able to maintain my mailbox much. I can just view it on the site
taxilian 14:06 somehow I ahve to find your entry, though
any idea which email address it's sending to? pm it to me
kylehuff 14:06 ugh, good question.. standby.. lol
taxilian 14:06 found it
you don't have a name on it, though
might be part of why you can't unsubscribe, you don't know what you're trying to log in as
there, that should fix it
I had to find an email by you and check the email address; your name isn't on the membership entry anywhere
kylehuff 14:06 I don't know why not.. anyway, thanks a ton. I have been trying to change it for a few weeks now
taxilian 14:06 you should have just aks
happy to help
kylehuff 14:06 meh, it was trivial, and unimportant. also, every time I thought of it, you were knees deep in answering questions
taxilian 14:06 heh
FireBreathBot 14:06 JIRA issue issue created by amxx
taxilian 14:06 linearray: always throws me off when you submit issues; takes me a minute to figure out who filed the issue :-P
linearray 14:06 yeah, "always"
taxilian 14:06 more than once ;-)
linearray 14:06 first time ever :)
taxilian 14:06 your username on jira isn't the same as your irc nick, like most people use
linearray 14:06 yes, that is indeed correct
many reasons for that
one of them being that I'm to lazy to properly configure irssi
taxilian 14:06 lol
bg_ 15:06 is there a way to set up a plugin to handle a certain file type?
taxilian 15:06 yes
but I've never actually really tried it
bg_ 15:06 where do i look
taxilian 15:06 theoretically if you put the mimetype as the appropriate file type's mimetype it will handle that mimetype
but what exactly it will do probably depends on how you try to use it
bg_ 15:06 yeah, i thought that too
taxilian 15:06 and I don't know
I've never needed to try
bg_ 15:06 I noticed that for chrome and firefox, when going to about:plugins, the mimetype shows what I put, but the filetype is either blank or just "."
Just fyi
taxilian 15:06 yeah; you can actually put a filetype in one of the files in PluginConfig.cmake
we just usually don't
but it is wired in
should work
bg_ 16:06 k I'll look into it