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graykos 06:06 !wiki boost::weak_ptr
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linearray 06:06 hehe
graykos 06:06 !wiki weak_ptr
stop laughing))
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graykos 06:06 see!
i can do magic too!
or i got force
magister taxilian taught me
graykos 07:06 hey
dougma 07:06 hey!
graykos 07:06 how're you doing?
dougma 07:06 well. you?
graykos 07:06 so-so
it could be worse
but i suppose i can say fine enough
dougma 07:06 :)
graykos 07:06 you know i got 4 files: plugin.h, plugin.cpp,pluginAPI.h, pluginAPI.cpp
dougma 07:06 yep
graykos 07:06 i tri to add static weak_ptr to pluginAPI class in my plugin.h
to do so i include pluginAPI.h in it and got loooots of errors after this
what am i doing wrong?
just after ading #include
dougma 07:06 FB_FORWARD_PTR(plugin)
will define pluginWeakPtr
sorry, you want FB_FORWARD_PTR(pluginAPI)
which will declare the type pluginAPIWeakPtr
graykos 07:06 will it be static?
dougma 07:06 err... FB_FORWARD_PTR declares the type
you then need to declare the variable
graykos 07:06 ok i got it
sry for stupid question)
oh, i have another one))
graykos 07:06 !wiki FB_FORWARD_PTR
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graykos 07:06 not much...
dougma 07:06 have you studied FBTestPlugin?
graykos 07:06 a bit
still i dont get the trick with fb_forward_ptr
dougma 07:06 well, ask a question and i can try to help.
graykos 07:06 i added it but still pluginAPIWeakPtr type is undefined
dougma 07:06 undefined where?
where did you add i t?
graykos 07:06 never mind
everything is ok
graykos 07:06 !wiki shared_ptr
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arriu 08:06 I am trying to include a dll library project in my firebreath plugin project. I have added the add_subdirectory() call in the CMakeLists.txt file. However, since many of the firebreath cmake files are executed before the plugin cmake file, CMAKE_C_FLAGS_DEBUG contains flags used by firebreath which break my dll library. Specifically, /MTd should be /MDd for my dll library. Whats the best way to proceed? I am hoping that I do not h
kalev 09:06 arriu: Firebreath's cmake build system takes -DWITH_DYNAMIC_MSVC_RUNTIME=YES option which should do exactly what you need
by the way, your last sentence was cut off at "I am hoping that I do not h"
arriu 09:06 I am hoping that I do not have to resort to listing all of the CMAKE_C_FLAGS variants to replace the /MTd
kalev 09:06 nope, all you need to do is pass the -DWITH_DYNAMIC_MSVC_RUNTIME=YES option to the winprep script
arriu 09:06 Is there somewhere I can find more info about this?
Do you know if I will need something similar for other OS's (xcode)?
kalev 09:06 firebreath's wiki page probably has some more info, I am not familiar with the documentation over there
arriu 09:06 Ah, I found it in options.cmake
"Build with dynamic MSVC runtime (/MD)" OFF
kalev 09:06 Yeah, that's the one, although you shouldn't be changing options.cmake directly but instead passing the option to the prep script
it's best to avoid changing firebreath's files so that you can in the future upgrade firebreath without pain
arriu 09:06 yeah, I wouldn't change it there. Just wanted to see what it does
Thanks, this seems to have done the trick =)
kalev 09:06 Great!
taxilian 09:06 arriu: It's on the wiki
!wiki Prep Scripts
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taxilian 09:06 on the prep scripts page you can find it
just so you know where to look next time
arriu 09:06 thanks!
arriu 12:06 When I include a install() call in my CMakeLists.txt file, and change ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} to a custom directory, it still ends up in C:/Program Files/FireBreath/ somehow. Whats going on?
taxilian 12:06 arriu: What version of FireBreath are you on?
There was a bug that would cause that but it should be fixed in the latest 1.5
arriu 12:06 Is there a file where can i check what version I have?
arriu 13:06 I have the newest version, same issue
taxilian 15:06 arriu: I don't know, then
arriu 15:06 Does firebreath have any sort of install calls somewhere which might be overriding my plugin's install call?
taxilian 15:06 yes, but they shouldn't be enabled by default
arriu 15:06 I tried doing a search but did not find anything
can you point me to where they are?
taxilian 15:06 !findfile ScriptingCore/CMakeLists.txt
FireBreathBot 15:06 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 15:06 in the CMakeLists.txt of all of the "core" projects there is an install command
as you can see at the bottom of thoat one
but it should be disabled unless FB_RELEASE is set
arriu 15:06 hmm, thanks! I'll look into it
taxilian 15:06 arriu: this is what I thought you'd run into, before I wrapped it in the if:
arriu 15:06 well it seems to work when i run the prep2010.cmd script with -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=... which is actually a better place for the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX definition to begin with
taxilian 15:06 interesting
it may just be that wherever you were putting it wasn't soon enough to be in place when the first install command it found was processed
or something silly like that
arriu 15:06 maybe, but I did replace the value of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX right before calling install()
and it made no difference
taxilian 15:06 it might be that for some reason that's still too late
bg_ 15:06 I'm trying to get access to the document and I've found the getDOMDocument function, but I seem to be incorrectly calling it. I got this FB::BrowserHost::getDOMDocument() but when I try to store it in a FB::DOM::DocumentPtr, I start getting errors. Am I missing something?
taxilian 15:06 hard to say, since I have no idea what errors you're using
bg_ 15:06 *How can I get access to the DOM document
taxilian 16:06 oh, wait..
that isn't a static method
hardly anything is
you access getDOMDocument through the browserhost on your plugin
in short, go look at FBTestPluginAPI
there are lots of examples of using the host
!findfile FBTestPluginAPI
FireBreathBot 16:06 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
bg_ 16:06 no support for cookies, huh
taxilian 16:06 you can try accessing it through javascript
there isn't a consistant interface that works cross platform on the tohers
npapi finally added something in ff3.6, I think
but nobody has implemented it yet
I don't need it, so I haven't bothered
bg_ 16:06 k
FireBreathBot 16:06 Commit f84ca0b on firebreath-1.5 by Richard Bateman: "add_firebreath_lib lib not found now fatal"
Commit 7b03192 on master by Richard Bateman: "add_firebreath_lib lib not found now fatal"
FireBreathBot 17:06 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "Did you ever try adding your own autorelease pool to confirm if this is really what the problem is?"
JIRA issue issue created by richard
Commit 9ea4732 on master by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #17 from dougma/64bit
Commit 1f8456e on master by dougma: "FIREBREATH-77: ActiveX: focus+capture on mousedown"
taxilian 17:06 git pull request
FireBreathBot 17:06 There are no open pull requests in firebreath/FireBreath
JIRA issue issue updated by richard
JIRA issue issue assigned by richard
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Thanks for the pull request"
Commit 366c61f on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-104: Fixed memory leak in event firing on npapi"
JIRA issue issue commented by richard "Okay, I have added the release of the second value; not sure what your other issue would be. I'll..."
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Just checked, looks like this is fixed in the master branch."
Commit 70519d6 on master by anatoly: "FIREBREATH-101: Paths to ATL headers and to libraries in Scr..."
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "спасибо за patch. Простите, что так долго не принял... я просто очень занять в последое время и н..."