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hasa___ 02:11 hi, does someone know any pointers how to build working x64 WiX installer. I understand it won't be supported "out of the Firebreath box".
I'm in deep trouble with this as there are plenty of dummy end users who only click the default browser on their x64 Windows computers :)
RenJuan 06:11 64 seems to trigger a lot "them stupid users" opinings
jshanab 11:11 taxillian. The magic bug fix. Creating that child window with the WS_DISABLE flag allows FB to handle the events. This fixed the flickering AND fixed the crash in Chrome or crash in FF when in a plugin container.
taxilian 11:11 huh
glad you figured it out!
jshanab 12:11 Adds chrome to the list of supported browsers. :-) Now they all break evenly, some kind of new deadlock issue. :-) But there is hope
taxilian 12:11 lol
well, as long as they all break the same way, who cares?
jshanab 12:11 customers :-(
taxilian 12:11 well now you're just being picky
jshanab 12:11 ROTFL
But I got the test plugin to eork on linux. So maybe in a month I will have 3 browsers and 3 platforms. (I didn't win the power ball)
In other words I did not predict those numbers to well either
taxilian 12:11 hehe
Mac is still going to be a bit of a problem for you, methinks
jshanab 12:11 I read during compile. It looks like i get a CALayer. Normally a CALayer is a drawable of a view and a window has a view. I either just draw on it with opengl or I create a skeleton view and window to keep the glfw library happy. That is gonna take some trial and error
taxilian 12:11 I dont' think you can have a CALayer that is both the layer for a view and also a child layer of another layer (the browser's). I could be wrong, though
jshanab 12:11 Ultimatly the library just needs a drawable that you connect the glContext to. It probably just gets the CALayer from the nswindow it creates. I am gonna investigate after i fix this deadlock issue
Boy, reading how apple has positioned objectiveC and cocoa for both Osx and iOS and how you can still mix c/c++ in it and still have the ref counting for the new stuff. That is a hard envronment to beat.
Where you have that much functionality in c# or java, you must always go thru major contorsions to use a c/cc class or library let alone a dll/so
RenJuan 12:11 anybody know what you have to do to not have "(Not verified)" next to your plugin in the add ons list in IE?
looks like regular cert
jshanab 12:11 Sign with a code signing certificate, add registry keys that says your are an aproved domain.
RenJuan 12:11 and see chatter about a pfx file
boy something like what browser you've loaded in, you'd think that'd be easy to find
jshanab 12:11
RenJuan 12:11 thanks!
RenJuan 13:11 taxilian, you redefined basic Rect functions using Windows funcs for compatibility on Mac?
taxilian 13:11 you mean FB::Rect?
RenJuan 13:11 y
taxilian 13:11 for cross-platform compatibility, yes
RenJuan 13:11 i.e. to provide same func, just chkn to mk sure
taxilian 13:11 wherever possible we try to be platform agnostic
not always possible, of course :-/
jshanab 14:11 I ended up making my own though becuase some libs wanted top,left,bottom,right and some wanted top,left,width,weight. PITA
So I have one class that allows me to use it either way
taxilian 14:11 yeah
jshanab 14:11 That might be a good feature to add. NP, Getting OS's,Libraries and stuff to agree on the standard types is embarrasingly diverse. DWORD anyone? how about LPCSTR
RenJuan 14:11 is WindowlessWin only for plugins with GUI disabled?
taxilian 14:11 no
GUI disabled means no drawing at all
WindowlessWin is for windowless plugins
on windows that means you get a hDC insetad of an HWND
jshanab: hehe. yeah. that's why we standardize on std::string and std::wstring with utils to convert between them. most types aren't a big deal, though
the rects could maybe stand to have some built-in conversion functions I suppose
RenJuan 14:11 so what then is a "windowless plugin"?
one that uses gui thru js?
taxilian 14:11 as I just said, it's a plugin that gets a hDC instead of a HWND
the reason that's good is that you paticipate in the DOM z-order
other elements can float over a windowless plugin
whereas a windowed plugin is always on top
RenJuan 14:11 i c
jshanab 14:11 Maybe that would help solve my event issue.
taxilian 14:11 jshanab: AFAIK you can't connect an opengl context on a windowless plugin
jshanab 14:11 ah. because it is an off-screen DeviceContext aka pixmap
but it works on mac. I wonder if newer versions of windows have such a thing
taxilian 14:11 actually it may not be offscreen
it may be in the browser
but the thing is that you don't get to keep the hDC
it goes away between draw calls
you're only allowed to draw during a RefreshEvent
jshanab 14:11 It must be. or the browser could not render the page or do smooth scrolling
taxilian 14:11 the point is that the browser gets to tell you when to draw
so it can draw other things on top
jshanab 14:11 so 30fps video would not get a refreshevent unless you moved the browser window?
taxilian 15:11 you can request a redraw
that's what InvalidateWindow does on the pluginwindow object
jshanab 15:11 invalidate rectangle
Got it.
opengl can use the context. worth a look. Don't know if it gets passed to us from the browser :-)
taxilian 15:11 I just know that amackera tried awhile back and couldn't make it work
you're welcome to try again; would be awesome if you could find a way
jshanab 15:11 I think I am done beating up on myself this month. I gotta get this glfw test plugin working and up on the site first :-)
taxilian 15:11 hehe
good plan
jshanab 15:11 There is a call to hide a window. it calls win32's ShowWindow with the SW_HIDE option. This deadlocks, waiting forever for a response. If I step thru with the debugger it works. The ShowWindowAsync does not help
taxilian 15:11 :-?
jshanab 15:11 If that is spelled WTF? then that is what i say
RenJuan 16:11 uh oh
RenJuan 17:11 ur in Chicago?
jshanab_ 17:11 I am
RenJuan 17:11 i lived there between 1953 and 1980
end of '79 actually
jshanab_ 17:11 I have been out here just over 2 years. I spent the previous part of my life in Fresno Ca.
RenJuan 17:11 I moved to the bay area from there. You're goin backwards :)
jshanab_ 17:11 you were here for the big snow
RenJuan 17:11 well fresno central valley though
chicago could be a move up from there
I've had really negative experiences of the modern valley
but very pleasant memories of starting my professional career there
jshanab_ 17:11 Yeah, I was looking all over for a job, Tech companies in fresno over 6 people was 1. They had 250 but purchased by french conglomorant and told to ax 25%
RenJuan 17:11 i.e santa clara valley
jshanab_ 17:11 I like chicago area. Like LA without smog or SF without hills
I had family in santa clara growing up. Spent every holiday and some summers there
small world
RenJuan 17:11 y
jshanab_ 17:11 wolfe road just east of el camino