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dougma 00:06 Hrishikesh: more:
Hrishikesh 00:06 thanks dougma
Hrishikesh 00:06 dougma: i'm using throw FB::script_error(" File doesn't Exist");
this is first line of my code but its not generating exception in JS
dougma 00:06 first line where?
Hrishikesh 00:06 in my function
i have a function in my npapi called openFile
i want to throw the exception when file doesn't exist
but its not throwing exception even if file is not present at path
dougma 00:06 i get an exception... but the message is "Error calling method on NPObject!"
you are catching in the js?
Hrishikesh 00:06 dougma: so its not passing exception?
this is my function
dougma 01:06 looks fine
what browser?
Hrishikesh 01:06 chrome
dougma 01:06 firefox
let me try chrome
Hrishikesh 01:06 let me try ff
dougma 01:06 yeah i get the exception
Hrishikesh 01:06 not working for me in firefox 4
dougma 01:06 slightly different message
so you are catching it in the js?
Hrishikesh 01:06 yes
do i have to add something else to the class definition?
dougma 01:06 don't think so.
Hrishikesh 01:06 strange
do you have the latest firebreath?
i think mine is not updated
dougma 01:06 yeah, i am on master
Hrishikesh 01:06 was there any bug in exception ?
i cloned this before couple of month
dougma 01:06 yeah, maybe try a newer version
Hrishikesh 01:06 how can i update my old version?
dougma 01:06 how did you get your old version?
dougma 02:06 taxilian_away: why does FB::AsyncCallManager::shutdown bother attempting to complete the async callbacks on shutdown? Is it essential? I'm thinking of a patch to make it optional.
Hrishikesh 02:06 dougma: i've used git
i've used git pull
how to merge it in my old version?
Sunny_ 04:06 Gimpster, Hi
@Gimpster, Hi
I need to make NPAPI plugin for DirectFB, embedded linux. Is it possible with FireBreath, I have added more details over here, Please try to answer it, I am stuck.
_pq_ 04:06 Does webkit in directfb support npapi plugins at all?
Sunny_ 04:06 <_pq_> yes, Midori on directFB supports it
_pq_ 04:06 firebreath in Linux uses gtk i guess you could use it provided you have gtk in your platform
did you try at all?
Sunny_ 04:06 no, I have not tried
I was worried because I saw some X11 files getting compiled to create a plugin
Hrishikesh 04:06 anyone know how to throw exception from plugin?
throw FB::script_error(" File doesn't Exist");
_pq_ 04:06 should be like that
Hrishikesh 04:06 i'm using this but its showing wrong error message
_pq_ 04:06 that's a browser issue I think
Hrishikesh 04:06 Error calling method on NPObject
its showing this error for firefox as well as chrome
_pq_ 04:06 I got si liar issues. I think it's a problem in specifications regarding that
Hrishikesh 04:06 ok
so how we can show the correct exception message/
is there any way?
_pq_ 04:06 sunny_: I don't know if firebreath uses some x specific
I surrendered on that long ago
we could ask fb develops this afternoon
Sunny_ 04:06 _pq_:Thanks for this
_pq_ 04:06 Sunny_ : try building that then if you have problems I'd gladly help you
Sunny_ 04:06 _pq_, thanks
taxilian 09:06 dougma: YES! Completing the async calls on shutdown is *absolutely* essentail
do *NOT* make it optional
you will best case get memory leaks
worst case you will potentially cause crashes
FireBreathBot: tell hrishikesh there is a bug in latest Chrome, FF4, and Safari that make exception messages get lost. Nothing we can do about it, I'm afraid
FireBreathBot 09:06 taxilian: I'll pass that on when hrishikesh is around.
taxilian 09:06 anyone know if firefox extensions get their own private dom area?
dougma 18:06 taxilian: seems there's a double-free around ScheduleAsyncCall
where the return code is checked for failure the code tends to delete the call object which was passed in.
but that object still exists in the AsyncCallManager
or can do.
if BrowerHost::_scheduleAsyncCall returns false
which can happen on activex
maybe a patch will explain it better. :)
chieh 19:06 is there anyone in here?
i have a quick question regarding to FB
I am currently working on a project where I want the browser to be able to print out a local copy text file, am I able to write an NPAPI extension with FB to do that?
dougma 19:06 yes
chieh 19:06 so you see
normally when u do printing on webbrowsers
this pop up shows up
i want to avoid that and print immediately
can I do that too?
dougma 19:06 oh... you still want to print the web page?
chieh 19:06 no
i want to print a text file
dougma 19:06 ok, yeah should be possible then
chieh 19:06 saved on the hard drive
can you give me some pointers on how fb fit into the picture?
do i just use fb to make system calls?
dougma 19:06 you will add a method to your plugin called PrintFile() or whatever is appropriate
you will have to do all the printing yourself.
FB will make it so that the plugin works in all browsers
chieh 19:06 oh
ok, thank you very much, i can look further into it
dougma 19:06 np
kylehuff 21:06 taxilian: you around?