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danhigham 03:06 hey, anyone around for some advice for a n00b?
linearray 03:06 ask and hang around, somebody will return and answer :)
danhigham 03:06 cheers
I am not really a C programmer, little stuck on adding other libraries to my plugin project
saw the example on github using find_library to add already installed frameworks
linearray 03:06 did you see this?
danhigham 03:06 but I need to add some actual libraries to the project
i'm such a douce
thanks man
linearray 03:06 no worries, you're welcome
danhigham 03:06 hoping to build a browser plugin to talk to a concept 2 rowing machine :-p
much like Garmin do on their connect site
linearray 03:06 sounds cool
danhigham 03:06 like I say I am more of a C++ hacker than a programmer
can get by
danhigham 05:06 hey linearray, you still about?
do you know if when I add anything to projectDef.cmake I need to run anything to update the references for the linker?
kalev 05:06 danhigham: you need to run cmake again (or one of the prep* scripts, these run cmake for you).
danhigham 05:06 I thought the prep script would recreate the build folder?
kalev 05:06 yes, and it would also re-create the build files within the build folder, which is what you need
so if you are building with Visual Studio, rerunning the prep script should re-create the Visual Studio project files from cmake source files
danhigham 05:06 ok
will have a go now
I guess I got confused because in the tutorial it says to add external libs to the projectDef.cmake file within the build folder
kalev 05:06 in that case the tutorial is wrong, these should go to the projectDef.cmake files within the *source* folder
danhigham 05:06 sorry, your right
still quite new to this
thanks for the heads up :-)
kalev 05:06 the build folder is supposed to be something you can just delete and painlessly recreate by running the prep* scripts, if needed
danhigham 06:06 yup, that seems to work now
danhigham 06:06 the libraries I am trying to reference appear only to be built for i386 architecture which is fine. Should I only have to change the architecture in Xcode to get it to build?
danhigham 07:06 np, found it now, there is a line in where you can change the intended archs
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_pq_ 10:06 In wiki page the only Linux browser supported is firefox 3.0+ nothing is said about Chrome. Isn't chrome supposed to work?
kylehuff 10:06 _pq_: where does it mention this? (link?)
and yes, firebreath works with chrome on Linux
taxilian 10:06 Chrome should work fine
FireBreathBot 10:06 JIRA issue issue commented by sajty "If its that complicated, then its better to leave it as it is now. :)
_pq_ 10:06 Features page
fire breath.or
kylehuff 10:06 I will check it, and clarify if need-be
_pq_ 10:06 stupid iPhone keyboard
FireBreathBot 10:06 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "okay =]"
kylehuff 10:06 ok, I see it
taxilian: you okay with me adding Chrome/Chromium to the Linux list?
_pq_ 10:06
taxilian 10:06 certainly
_pq_ 10:06 I found some issues with mouse events in cocoa event handling in macos that should be browser fault like middle mouse events in firefox and drag with right mouse in safari not working
taxilian 10:06 yeah
you're not the first to notice
probably would need to file a bug with Apple for those
_pq_ 10:06 does somebody else already noticed?
taxilian 10:06 yeah
I tink _neilg_ noticed and someone else on the forum
_pq_ 10:06 I actually wrote a patch for firefox that should fix that but I can't build firefox on Mac now
would be happy if someone who already built that on his computer could help me try it
taxilian 10:06 been awhile since I built firefox on mac, but last time I didn't have any trouble
_pq_ 10:06 regarding safari I thought I found a 2003 bug report on this
my main problem is that I don't have a Mac at home and can't use time at work to be playing with firefox
if you have a working firefox4 tree I'd gladly send my patch and hope you could help me try it
_neilg_ 10:06 You rang?
taxilian 10:06 if memory serves you found some issues with mouse events and Safari, no?
_neilg_ 10:06 The right drag events not working in Safari were reported back in 2007
Yep! :)
_pq_ 10:06 I got year wrong
_neilg_ 10:06 There was a patch for it by a Google employee back in 2008. It was never merged (for whatever reason!)
Oh, I could have the year wrong too, this is just from memory
_pq_ 10:06 Can confirm most of it
_neilg_ 10:06 But it's not even NPAPI specific, you can demonstrate it just with JS - right clicking and then moving the mouse just doesn't work in Safari
_pq_ 10:06 I classified year as "long ago" in my head
_neilg_ 10:06
2009 it was reported so I was 2 years off. Oops. :>
_pq_ 10:06 What about middle mouse button not being recognized in firefox?
_neilg_ 10:06 I don't know about that, I haven't seen that
_pq_ 10:06 Middle mouse event, cocoa event model, firefox 4
You get mouse button as if it were a left click
And page scrolls (which is default behavior for middle mouse in firefox pages)
_neilg_ 10:06 Huh. I haven't even downloaded Firefox 4 for the mac yet! Been too busy fixing other bugs. But interesting! I'd be convinced that's a Firefox bug though
_pq_ 10:06 You need firefox 4 for calayer to work
core animation is not supported as of firefox 3
_neilg_ 10:06 Yup, I know that. I just haven't tried it because I've had other problems with CALayers in Chrome
In fact, I've done most of my testing using Chromium because that allows the easiest debugging of plugins
_pq_ 10:06 If you happen to test that and would like to help me fixing it tell me
now i'm leaving since it's dinner time
mhilmi 12:06 Hey I'm still having trouble trying to get cmake to use included curl lib - jsoncpp works but I get "-- Could NOT find CURL (missing: CURL_LIBRARY CURL_INCLUDE_DIR)"
taxilian 12:06 mhilmi: what platform?
mhilmi 12:06 win32
taxilian 12:06 do you have git in your path?
mhilmi 12:06 yeah but cmake doesnt find it for some reason, I skipped git and out the files in the curl dir myself
taxilian 12:06 interesting. how are you including the curl project?
mhilmi 12:06 via your add_fb_lib macro in my project cmake, the files are installed as the other libs
dunno why it doesnt find git...
taxilian 12:06 ok; I think if you look at the src/libs/curl/CMakeLists.txt file you'll see that it tries to use git to pull down the curl binaries
you'll just need to do that yourself
mhilmi 12:06 cloned the exact same repo as specified in the cmakelists and still gives the same error
taxilian 12:06 where did you clone it to?
mhilmi 12:06 firebreath/src/libs/curl/curl
taxilian 12:06 hmm. strange
well, I would look at the CMakeLists.txt file and see if you can figure out why it's getting to that line
mhilmi 12:06 yeah the cmakelists.txt in /curl executes succesfully - because it never gives the error
taxilian 12:06 is that a fatal error?
mhilmi 12:06 no
taxilian 12:06 or just part of the output?
ignore it
it's fine
it's the output of the curl find script saying it didn't find curl installed on the system
the script will then fall back on what you put in place
taxilian 13:06 stuartmorgan: have you done any hacking in JavaScriptCore in webkit?
I'm trying to figure out how the lifecycle of a JSObjectRef works; there doesn't seem to be a retain or release
hmm. unless the object instance is linked directly to the JSClass and that needs to be retained and released?
this is very confusing
stuartmorgan 13:06 Nope
_neilg_ 15:06 Well, solved the problem with CALayers not working properly when hitting back then forward. The .dylib wasn't being unloaded and it used a static variable to tell it not to render anymore (which had been done to solve a bug/problem with Cocoa and OpenGL rendering from multiple threads). So... *sigh* Anyway, solved now. Was remarkably difficult to find though. Debugging plugins on the mac is exceptionally difficult compa
red to Windows!
Yes, red to Windows! lol
taxilian 15:06 lol. sounds fun
_neilg_ 15:06 It's been... an interesting one to track down. Next on the agenda: client processes to do all of the rendering. The plugin kicks them off. Will solve problems like that while complicating the plugin!
taxilian 15:06 lol. yeah, let me know how that one goes
_neilg_ 15:06 But really... static variables should never be used in dynamic libraries. It's just a bad idea. :)
Well, it'll be easy in Windows. The Mac? Um...
taxilian 15:06 there are times when static variables are appropriate
but you have to really know what you're doing
this is why I always tell people to avoid statics and globals in plugins; it's a dyanmic library
but I break the rule sometimes
_neilg_ 15:06 Looks like I'll be exploring the mysteries of iosurface
taxilian 15:06 you're okay with it only working in 10.6 and later
_neilg_ 15:06 There are times - such as reference counting. But I think, mostly, it should be avoided!
Yep, we only support Core Animation in the plugin anyway which already requires 10.6 so..
taxilian 15:06 reference counting, inter-instance communication, etc
CoreAnimation works fine on 10.5 for us
well, fine is maybe a strong term, but it works
ICA on Chrome, of course
_neilg_ 15:06 Hmm, I haven't tried - I don't have a Leopard machine to test on
But we're operating under the assumption that it only works in 10.6 anyway - which is a reasonable assumption given 10.7 will be out next month. But it's definitely an assumption!
taxilian 15:06 true
so I'm adding a third type of BrowserHost
_neilg_ 15:06 Ok?
taxilian 15:06 it's kinda fun to validate my architecture and see that it seems to work fine
well, I haven't tested it
but in theory this should all be doable
_neilg_ 15:06 So what's it for?
taxilian 15:06 WebKit
specifically for putting a WebView inside your plugin
well, my plugin really
but I will most likely add it to the project
_neilg_ 15:06 Oh, I think we were talking about this the other day. I think that's really cool actually. Especially if THAT webkit can also load plugins. ;)
taxilian 15:06 lol
interesting question
I haven't actually tried
we could totally go infinite recursion!
rock on!
_neilg_ 16:06 PLUGINCEPTION
kylehuff 16:06 lol
taxilian 16:06 so kyle, is my logo finished yet?? ;-) (kidding, of course)
kylehuff 16:06 nope, but I get off work soon, so I should be able to work on it
taxilian 16:06 awesome =]
did you finish your "honey-do" list on Saturday?
kylehuff 16:06 if you ask me? of course! she however, might say otherwise.. just, don't ask her, I'm getting away with it so-far... =c )
taxilian 16:06 hehe
my wife is an amazingly patient woman… the FireBreath community owes her far more than they realize ;-)
kylehuff 16:06 I can imagine
my wife is either really patient and tolerant of my exploits, or she really hates being around me -- one of the two.
taxilian 16:06 lol
FireBreathBot 17:06 Commit c9ab912 on master by Richard Bateman: "Misc spacing, code format issues"
kylehuff 17:06 taxilian: ping
kylehuff 18:06 (I'm going to head home -- I'll talk to you about it when I get back on.)
kylehuff 19:06 taxilian: you around?
taxilian 19:06 yep
kylehuff 19:06 ok cool - I've got a google-doc to share with you, to what address should I share it?
taxilian 19:06 [email protected]
kylehuff 19:06 email inbound
taxilian 19:06 received
trying to open...
… google is in chinese or something
no idea why
kylehuff 19:06 lol
taxilian 19:06 that was quick
kylehuff 19:06 well, google-docs vector drawing app made it quick work, actually
taxilian 19:06 huh. didn't even realize it had one =]
does it support anything like drop shadows, etc?
kylehuff 19:06 the only thing that was weird is, there is a max font size, and the 7 needed to be bigger.
no, not to my knowledge, but I could export the layers easy enough and add that sort of thing -- but the end result would be something like a PNG, not a scalable vector graphic
taxilian 20:06 I don't neccesarily need the "live" version to be scalable
just need to be able to create new copies of different sizes
if I had the original of the old one that'd do
but I don't
kylehuff 20:06 oh
well, either way, I needed to reproduce what you had before, and I think that comes close'ish
taxilian 20:06 don't get me wrong; this is 100x better than what I had =] this is something I could maybe find a way to do the other stuff
very closeish, I think
kylehuff 20:06 so just let me know what you are looking for, with that as a baseline I could add some other affects and provide a GIMP file with all of the layers/textures that you could save various sizes from
taxilian 20:06 well, to start out with just something very similar to what I had
but I'm also open to suggestions
I wouldn't mind finding a way to make a wider version; more of a banner type logo than just the square one
but I'm not sure how to modify that well to turn it into that
kylehuff 20:06 okay, well what you had before was I think was pretty much the same, just with some beveling and shadow/light effects. that is easy enough. as for the banner, I could provide a couple of arrangements and you can see what you like
taxilian 20:06 right
that would be awesome, if you don't mind
kylehuff 20:06 I was originally misunderstand what you wanted -- I thought you were after an SVG version
taxilian 20:06 sorry; I probably didn't explain myself well
though an SVG version would also be cool =]
kylehuff 20:06 okay, I will see what I can come up with. (though, I have to leave soon, and might not get back to it tonight)
taxilian 20:06 that's more than fair
I appreciate anything you can do
Hrishikesh 23:06 hi fellas i'm new with firebreath. how can i throw an exception so that javascript code can catch it and handle it?
taxilian_away: ^
dougma 23:06 throw FB::script_error ?
Hrishikesh 23:06 dougma: is there any sample code?
i'm not too much exprienced with c++