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nullvalue 10:06 hey just wanted to stop by and say firebreath freaking rocks!
i'm so glad I've found this - it has saved me probably months of work
linearray 10:06 i agree
nullvalue 10:06 keep up the great work
i've built my first plugin in under a day (well, the beginning of one) and it has worked in every browser i've tried
now the challenge may be getting it to run under Mac & *nix but should be fun
taxilian 10:06 nullvalue: thanks! can you tell me what you're doing with it? (I love hearing how people use it)
nullvalue 11:06 well im sorry but i really can't say yet.. i'm under NDA ;)
i'll say it has something to do with securing web transactions
once we're up and running (in VC phase now) firebreath will get a healthy donation
taxilian 11:06 fair enough
awesome =]
that would help; you'd be surprised how many people are willing to complain about poor documentation but unwilling to help through donations, doc updates, code patches, etc
granted, that doesn't apply to the poeple in this room, generally speaking
this is a good bunch
nullvalue 11:06 beleive me. i've been a developer long enough to know the feeling :)
btw i think your documentation is good enough.. i was up and running the same night
no errors, no bugs.. its just worked.. awesome.
btw general question with the framework
where should the bulk my code go, generally? in the plugin.cpp or pluginAPI.cpp?
seems easier to put it in with the API, but is there a reason i wouldn't want to?
linearray 11:06 are you really gonna put all your code in one source file?
I'm pretty much at the beginning and already have 10
nullvalue 11:06 LOL
thats my problem i always tend to do that
linearray 11:06 :)
nullvalue 11:06 others have criticized me about it
taxilian 11:06 nullvalue: it depends on what you're doing
some things make sense to go in the plugin, others in the api
in some cases it may not matter
nullvalue 11:06 any general rules of thumb?
taxilian 11:06 well, bear in mind that the API is a javascript object; an API can return another API
so you could have multiple APIs
if it's something that is directly responding with or interacting with the page, it may make sense to put it in the API
however, if it is something that is more closely tied to the instance of the plugin (the object tag, etc) then it makes more sense to put in the plugin class
nullvalue 11:06 ah that makes sense thx
taxilian 11:06 you could even change which API is wired up in response to some arbitrary event if you wanted to
but the plugin class is the plugin class
(granted, to change the API you'd need to wrap it in a proxy object)
in point of fact, if you wanted to you could probably set up the API to register methods on the main plugin class instead of on itself
taxilian 12:06 kylehuff: what graphics program did you use when working on the FireBreath logo?
kylehuff 12:06 taxilian: I don't remember, but more than likely it was The Gimp
taxilian 12:06 hmm. Aparently I need to learn to use the gimp a lot better, then :-P
kylehuff 12:06 did I get you the source file with the layers and whatnot?
taxilian 12:06 I created a "logo" of sorts for myself many years ago using FireWorks and I can't find the original
I honestly am not sure, actually
I think all I have is whatever is on your personal page
which so far has been enough
I'm not actually trying to change that logo; it's fine, as far as I'm concerned
I'm trying to figure out how to make a vectorized version of my personal logo :-P
not even FireBreath related
kylehuff 12:06 oh, let me look it up, I've got it somewhere -- I was only asking, because the file-extension would have told me what I used.
taxilian 12:06 ahh
my problem is I'm not good enough with the Gimp to do something in that and I don't have any other programs
kylehuff 12:06 (and also, it reminded me that I need to get that to you so you can make edits if you want)
taxilian 12:06 yeah, it'd be good to have
linearray 12:06 it was adove imageready
taxilian 12:06 huh. never used that
expensive? cheap? work on mac?
I need to make a scalable version of this:
or at any rate something similarish to that
kylehuff 12:06 linearray: what was imageready?
linearray 12:06 at least that's what 'strings firebreath-logo-r26.png" says
the FB logo
kylehuff 12:06 oh, yeah, I wouldn't trust that
taxilian 12:06 lol
kylehuff 12:06 I may have saved the PNG via adobe, (image ready outputs very clean png's) - but that doesn't mean the source file was adobe
linearray 12:06 k
kylehuff 12:06 (not saying it isn't thought -- I really don't remember.. lol)
linearray 12:06 taxilian: maybe inkscape?
taxilian 12:06 linearray: never heard of it before. I'll give it a shot
the pages are all available in Russian, which is always a good sign, right? ;-)
linearray 12:06 are you russian or learning it?
taxilian 12:06 I just speak it
I lived there for a couple of years
I was born and raised in Utah, USA
linearray 12:06 i see
taxilian 12:06 my computer is installed in Russian, though
hence the web browser being in Russian
linearray 12:06 this comes to mind:
ahh ok
taxilian 12:06 hence web pages load in Russian when available
"Don't listen to them, those people stereotyping you are idiots. The bear isn't even on a unicycle.."
kylehuff 12:06 looks like it was a combination of photoshop cs2 and Gimp -- the PSD source file is also on my wiki-fileshare
linearray 12:06 yeah I found that funny
taxilian 12:06 cool
I probably should have gotten an educational license for photoshop before I gradiated
kylehuff 12:06 (which is good, because I don't seem to have the psd file on my local filesystem anymore...)
okay, so, now that I've answered that -- what did you want to do with your personal logo?
just make it scalable?
taxilian 12:06 this is why you should always put everything you do, look at, touch, or think about in git
and/or better
but with my graphics skills and total lack of ideas, scalable would be a really good start =]
kylehuff 12:06 lol
yes, it more than likely is in git on my home-server
but I decommissioned it
so, that doesn't help me much
taxilian 12:06 lol
why decommissioned your server?
kylehuff 12:06 shutting things down to save-money and because in a few months, I'll be in basic, and then who knows from there.
"save-money"? wth? lol
that shouldn't be hyphenated...
taxilian 12:06 ahh
hmm. perhaps we could work out a mutually beneficial arrangement here.. how would you like to overhaul my logo a bit in exchange for access to the git server on =]
kylehuff 12:06 that would be awesome, however, totally not necessary, as all of my project data *should* be either on or in BZR on launchpad. I will be glad to (attempt) to do what you want regarding your logo.
taxilian 12:06 well, this isn't something for FireBreath, so I hate to just ask you to do it =]
up to you; if you need private repo space just let me know
to start with all I really want is to more or less reproduce that logo in an "editable" and "scalable" format
kylehuff 12:06 well then, it's good thing I am offering and not being asked =c )
taxilian 12:06 hehe
I certainly won't turn you donw
I'm proud, but not stupid ;-)
kylehuff 12:06 lol
well, as long as you aren't turning me down -- I was wondering if you would be interested in taking over one of my projects (possibly, indefinitely). I am in the unfortunate position that I need to recuse myself from the project since I will be on the DoD payroll, and also, because there is a higher than usual likelihood that I won't be coming back
not looking for an answer right now -- I know you are busy, with your own stuff -- just thought I would offer it to you.
taxilian 12:06 hmm. what project, and what is the time commitment usually like?
kylehuff 12:06 the project is gpgAuth; and the time commitment at present is nearly zero -- nobody really uses currently -- the client-side extension is in use (which uses FireBreath), but only in a demonstration capacity
taxilian 12:06 hmm. I could likely keep an eye on it; probably I'd pull it into the FireBreath project and use it as a sample (the client-side extension, anyway)
kylehuff 12:06 well, I am presently working on making the plugin part completely separate, as someone wants to use it in a non-gpgauth related project (just GPG related) - which would be standalone and probably be easy pull in as an example
taxilian 12:06 cool
you'll have to tell me more about it later; my brain is pretty fried right now (maybe from the lasers they were pointing at my head thursday)
kylehuff 12:06 lol
did you interact with the friendly local swat team?
taxilian 12:06 hehe. no, just got LASIK
kylehuff 12:06 ahh
anyway, back to your logo -- when are you hoping to have this?
taxilian 12:06 oh, whenever I can :-P the main impetus for finally fixing it is for an iphone app I'm working on
not time critical
but would be nice to have sooner than later and all
kylehuff 12:06 okay, when I am done with what I am working on now, I promised my wife I would extend the garden, then, if I don't take her out shooting she will divorce me -- so I probably won't be able to start on it until monday evening
taxilian 12:06 lol. that's perfectly fair
I mowed the lawn this morning for similar reasons ;-)
kylehuff 12:06 shhh... don't say that too loud -- she might get greedy..
taxilian 12:06 lol
kylehuff 12:06 right now, I don't think she realizes that the lawn could stand to be mowed
taxilian 12:06 well, our lawn was a foot tall in places, so...
linearray 12:06 shooting guns or pictures? :)
taxilian 12:06 kylehuff: I really need to go shooting; my glocks haven't been fired in almost five years, I think. (granted, since I normally use them to carry, that's not a terrible thing from one perspective)
kylehuff 12:06 guns, although, maybe photos too - that is secondary though.
yeah, it has been about 5 months since we have fired any of the pistols
so you got us beat by quite a bit -- but yeah, my wife has been trying to get me to take her and the kids out so she can keep her skills up - it is just so damn expensive anymore.
taxilian 12:06 yeah, no kidding.
my favorite range shut down while I was in Russia, so I haven't been shooting since I got back
kylehuff 12:06 we live next to some state-land where we can shoot, so I don't have any good excuses like that. I'm just a tight-wad... =c )
taxilian 12:06 lol
that would be nice
linearray 12:06 out of curiosity: how much is shooting at the range?
taxilian 13:06 honestly, I don't remember =]
I think it was something like $5 / person and you bring your own ammo
kylehuff 13:06 I don't know -- we don't really have ranges here. the only one I know of around here is outdoors and unstaffed - you just pay like, $30/year for a key to the gate.
taxilian 13:06 I think they make most of their money by selling ammo there that is a bit more than other places
linearray 13:06 ah ok, so you mean the ammo is expensive
taxilian 13:06 yeah, ammo went *way* up over the last several years
I'll be back in a bit
kylehuff 13:06 later
yes, I was referring to the ammo
nullvalue 19:06 ok, so visual c++ question...
(i normally work in C#/.NET
.... so i've created a new class where i've put some code..
cpp and .h file right.. got my headers all set up, some functions etc
now, back in my pluginapi.cpp file i want to reference
i put
#include "myfile.h"
but get an error when trying to compile
Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'myfile.h': No such file or directory ...
even tho its in my workspace and in the headers/source files folder code
what am i doing wrong?
nm i think i figured it out..
for some reason VS placed the files in my build\projects\xxx folder
nullvalue 22:06 does anyone have a good peice of sample code to read a value from the registry?
all the sample code i've tried throw errors (like: argument of type "const char *" is incompatible with parameter of type "LPCWSTR")
just need to read a string value..thx