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gargle 02:06 hi all
dougma 02:06 hello
gargle 02:06 do you know if there is a documentation for upgrading firebreath ?
dougma 02:06 there are changelogs
what version are you moving from?
gargle 02:06 1.5.1 to 1.5.2
il copy all the firebreath folder but i hae a lot of compilationerrors
i copy all the firebreath folder but i have a lot of compilation errors
dougma 02:06 rerun the prep script?
gargle 02:06 i have to ?
dougma 02:06 yes
gargle 02:06 ok
only the prep script ?
dougma 02:06 fbgen is to create a new project so you don't want that.
gargle 02:06 i will lost all the compilation params ?
dougma 02:06 i clean up (ie: delete) the old generated build directory too, update the firebreath source, rerun prep.
well the params you want to keep should be in your cmake files
gargle 02:06 i'm on xcode and i start the firebreath project, so i lost all ?
dougma 02:06 i don't know about xcode
gargle 02:06 ok
thank for the help
you are under windows or linux ?
dougma 02:06 windows
eventually i will get to xcode. :)
_pq_ 06:06 hello
anyone had experience debugging in macos?
my code stops at breakpoints but after that i can't do anything else
i suspect it may be symbols missing from the browser (mozilla firefox 4)
do I have to build my own version of the browser to debug plugins?
linearray 07:06 hehe, _pq_: i just tried xcode 4.2, it still has the same issues ;)
_pq_ 07:06 issues about running out of memory?
or issues about not being able to debug into browser?
linearray 07:06 memory
_pq_ 07:06 yeh i think it's the way clang handles boost
I installed xcode 3.6
linearray 07:06 hmm
but it's already happening in the indexing phase
_pq_ 07:06 yep
since indexing is done by clang
and is actually the same thing as compiling
linearray 07:06 even when I switch everything to gcc in the project settings?
_pq_ 07:06 this is a cool thing but
it can't be disabled
linearray 07:06 this is bad
_pq_ 07:06 actually the problem is that xcode tries executing multiple clang instances for indexing
linearray 07:06 oh well, maybe they fix it in time for lion
_pq_ 07:06 running out of memory
nah they wont. They will sell macs with more memory
i managed to build from command line using xcodebuild, even with clang
but as soon as i open the project with xcode he tries indexing it, and since he feels smart he tries doing more than a file at the same time
like 4-5 files
and he has just enough memory for one
so he ends up swapping like there's no tomorrow
actually if you click on build faster than he can start indexing he will compile it
linearray 07:06 :D
_pq_ 08:06 you can disable concurrency for build using command line "defaults write IDEBuildOperationMaxNumberOfConcurrentCompileTasks 1"
but can't disable concurrency for indexing
and as soon as you finish building and start debugging he thinks "well, it's a good time to start indexing" and your computer freezes
_pq_ 08:06 rebooting browser to debug
see you later
graykos 08:06 anyone?
is there anybody alive?
graykos 09:06 hey
neilg_ 09:06 We're alive
Just about
You should just ask your question, somebody will answer it when they're around. :)
FireBreathBot: tell taxilian Chromium isn't calling NPP_Shutdown
FireBreathBot 09:06 neilg_: I'll pass that on when taxilian is around.
graykos 09:06 how to pass structures from JS to FB plugin?
and back
i ll come later
neilg_ 09:06 FireBreathBot: tell taxilian But it DOES call NPP_Destroy at least!
FireBreathBot 09:06 neilg_: I'll pass that on when taxilian is around.
taxilian 10:06 hi FireBreathBot
FireBreathBot 10:06 Hey taxilian!
taxilian: 15:21Z <neilg_> tell taxilian Chromium isn't calling NPP_Shutdown
taxilian: 15:50Z <neilg_> tell taxilian But it DOES call NPP_Destroy at least!
taxilian 10:06 yeah, I saw
neilg_: sounds like you need to file a bug with Chromium
because there isn't much I can do about it if it isn't calling NP_Shutdown
neilg_ 10:06 You're right (and I will) - I just wanted to let you know because I'd told you yesterday I'd be looking into it :)
taxilian 10:06 yeah; I appreciate it!
btw, when you moderate an email on the list make sure you whitelist the user (don't know if you have been or not)
that way we dont' have to keep doing it
as soon as we know they aren't a spammer they can post
neilg_ 10:06 Oh! I didn't do that - I will in future!
taxilian 10:06 since you seem to keep beating me to the punch I figured I should mention it =]
neilg_ 10:06 I'm sorry. I thought I'd try and help out a bit. ;) That's fine, I hadn't noticed that option - I'll do that in future!
taxilian 10:06 no no! I appreciate it
the faster it gets approved the less annoying having the moderation in place is
but without the moderation we get spam
and that's no good
neilg_ 11:06 I'm just teasing anyway, I totally don't mind. I'll do that in future!
taxilian 11:06 hehe. thanks, Neil
neilg_ 13:06 Damnit, I need to read those emails more closely...
taxilian 13:06 lol
you're not having a good day today…
not nearly up to your usual standard
neilg_ 13:06 Nope. I'm busy as hell today but still trying to be helpful so I've been skimming. Apparently that hasn't worked out today. :)
taxilian 13:06 hehe
I know that feeling, believe me
neilg_ 13:06 It has to be a helpful developer thing... We want to help everybody so try even when we're already overloaded. Today... it was demonstrated this may not be a worthwhile endeavor. :)
taxilian 13:06 lol
so I'm making a third kind of BrowserHost and JavascriptObject
a CocoaJavascriptObject
it will work with a WebKit plugin
or, in the case that I'm using it, it will work if you have WebKit embedded in your plugin
graykos 14:06 hey
god praise you all
taxilian 14:06 lol
graykos 14:06 hope i wrote what i meant))
i got a question
how to pass a structure as parameter from JS into plugin?
taxilian 14:06 right, so JS doesn't have structures
graykos 14:06 via FB::JSObjectPtr?
taxilian 14:06 or arrays, technically
it just has objects
so yes
graykos 14:06 o...kay
taxilian 14:06 alternately, you can let FireBreath do the conversion for you
and accept a std::map<std::string, yourtypehere>
which will cause FireBreath to pull apart the object and put the contents into a map for you
!wiki Javascript
FireBreathBot 14:06 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"Interacting with Javascript":
"file COMJavascriptObject.h":
"file NPJavascriptObject.h":
"file NPJavascriptObject.cpp":
"JSAPI Attributes":
"JSAPI Properties":
"JSAPI Methods":
graykos 14:06 magik!
taxilian 14:06 the first link there has information on what types are supported by FB::variant, which is the type that handles all of the JSAPIAuto conversions
graykos 14:06 !wiki hamburger
FireBreathBot 14:06 0 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
graykos 14:06 ((
taxilian 14:06 nobody has put a really good hamburger recipe on the wiki so far, it would seem
one of many things that is simply not yet adequately documented
graykos 14:06 =)
taxilian 14:06 incidently, you can use other stl container types as well
graykos 14:06 thx
taxilian 14:06 if it's a key, value container (dict container) it will expect the JSObject input to be a normal object
if it's a normal list, vector, set, etc it will expect the input to be a javascript array
if the parameters can't be coerced into the type you specify an exception will be thrown back into javascript
graykos 14:06 looks like the easiest i can do is to change a job -_-
taxilian 14:06 the JSAPIAuto stuff is pretty cool
graykos 14:06 yep
taxilian 14:06 wish I could take credit for it, but a guy named Georg wrote most of it
I just tweaked it later
graykos 14:06 Georg
taxilian 14:06 Georg Fritzsche
not here right now
hasnt' been around as much lately
graykos 14:06 i see
well thx a lot
taxilian 14:06 hope that works well for you
if you need more flexibility, or if the object is too large to copy like that, you can use FB::JSObjectPtr directly
!findfile JSAPI.h
graykos 14:06 like how?
FireBreathBot 14:06 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
taxilian 14:06 if you look at JSAPI.h you'll see what the interface is
for that matter there are docs on the wiki
graykos 14:06 ok
taxilian 14:06 !wiki JSAPI
FireBreathBot 14:06 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"JSAPI Properties":
"JSAPI Methods":
"class FB JSAPI ~JSAPI":
"JSAPI Attributes":
"file JSAPI_IDispatchEx.h":
"class FB JSAPI":
"Supported JSAPI types":
taxilian 14:06 getMemberNames will tell you the keys in the object
then GetProperty
!wiki getMemberNames
FireBreathBot 14:06 6 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB ActiveX IDispatchAPI getMemberNames":
"class FB JSAPISimple getMemberNames":
"class FB JSAPIAuto getMemberNames":
"class FB Npapi NPObjectAPI getMemberNames":
"class FB JSAPI getMemberNames":
"class FB JSAPIProxy getMemberNames":
neilg_ 14:06 taxilian: That sounds pretty cool actually. That'll be a pretty big plugin though!
But an interesting one to play with! :)
taxilian 14:06 actually not as much as you might think
because WebKit is already installed on all supported Macs
so it only works on Mac, but it doesn't require anything special to package with it
neilg_ 14:06 Huh... That's a very good point too!
taxilian 14:06 given that I already have the same thing working with IE on windows (which is already installed) I can deal with this working only on Mac
neilg_ 14:06 Sure. That actually sounds pretty cool. I love embedding WebKit - we have our game launcher working that way
It would have amused me to use our plugin in the embedded WebKit to launch our game... but we didn't do it that way
taxilian 14:06 proxying all of the needed events is turning out to be tricky
neilg_ 14:06 Would have been cool from a technical layer though!
taxilian 14:06 I can't get the drag event or the scrollWheel events working so far
neilg_ 14:06 Absolutely. That's why, when I did it, I used Qt. I had to get it done quickly...
And used QWebKit
But you've hooked up the other events?
That's still quite an achievement!
taxilian 14:06 not keyboard
just mouse
down, up, and hover
haven't tried to tackle keyboard yet
neilg_ 14:06 It's not that hard once you're getting events. In theory you should be able to take the code from FireBreath and use that with very few changes
taxilian 14:06 the problem is that I have to actually create the events
I'm putting the browser inside the plugin, not vice versa
so I have to construct valid cocoa events from the FireBreath events
neilg_ 14:06 Oh... that's a very good point. I've not tried doing that before, I have no idea how easy/difficult that is
Ha, Chromium calls NP_Shutdown. But only when you quit the browser...
taxilian 14:06 does it call NP_Initialize multiple times, then?
neilg_ 14:06 Yup
It... must do
Actually, I should rephrase that - I'm pretty sure it does
I'm sure I've had those breakpoints hit several times today. But that's the first time it hit my breakpoint in NP_Shutdown
taxilian 14:06 hmm
perhaps the solution is to ignore duplicate NP_Initialize calls
neilg_ 14:06 Right; which seems like a fairly sensible approach in any case
taxilian 15:06 yeah
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 heyo
taxilian 15:06 oyeh
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 ah richard
hello there
taxilian 15:06 you know, I've been thinking about it, and I'm really not sure I'd want to eat off of a spoon if it was fuzzy
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 heh, its a common reaction
taxilian 15:06 to each their own, I suppose
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 so taxilian , i was just getting back out of my work vortex hole of no time
and i read on google groups, in may, you were discussing the opengl abstraction
any progress there so far?
taxilian 15:06 none from me
I don't need it right now
so I haven't even thought about it in awhile
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 woops, i misread. it was march
taxilian 15:06 yeah, it's been awhile
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 Ok, cool. is firebreath on github now?
or wait
nvm, i didnt clone it i had downloaded a zip
taxilian 15:06 has it really been that long since you were in here? =]
it's been on GitHub since, like, November, I think
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 heh i think i was here just as 1.4 was rolling out?
hmm no
that was the last one i used, and that was on that day i grabbed as it was realesed
so, yea its been a while :P
taxilian 15:06 that's been a bit, then, but we were definitely on github already =]
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 cool, so how's it been going?
iv been busy with some really awesome stuff with that game engine of mine
thats why i havent needed to do plugins yet
taxilian 15:06 going well; FireBreath's userbase is still growing
lots of things getting done
just not OpenGL =]
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 hehe, well hopefully i can contribute somewhat there
taxilian 15:06 that would be cool
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 i resigned end of may, i really just dont have time with work around
so im taking a couple months to myself
taxilian 15:06 wow. what are your plans going forward?
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 finish my games and release the engine properly
also going to canada for a while
looking to move there later this year
taxilian 15:06 why Canada?
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 its better than here, easier to get into from here, and ihave lots of friends there
and lots of work opportunity
south africa is great, but iv never been anywhere else
neilg_ 15:06 Looking to go to Montreal then?
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 toronto actually
taxilian 15:06 where are you based currently?
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 South africa
neilg_ 15:06 I'm assuming you want to work in games - most of them are in Montreal with a few locations in Toronto - which would have been my second guess ;)
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 far more than a few in Toronto :)
theres only like 3 in SA
neilg_ 15:06 At least once a month I have companies wanting me to move to Canada
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 lol, for games?
thats cool
neilg_ 15:06 Yep
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 i have a lot of companies in US asking me to come
neilg_ 15:06 Who then? In Toronto you have EA, Ubisoft and, um...?
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 but immigration is an ass
neilg_ 15:06 Oh, immigration is easy so long as it's the company applying for you
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 theres many
neilg_ 15:06 That's most certainly not up to date :(
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 i dont enjoy working for big studios , ill likely be with the smaller ones
neilg_ 15:06 As soon as I saw Disney... I knew that. ;)
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 heh yea
well, its got most of the ones i have spoken with
neilg_ 15:06 Silicon Knights though? That'd be cool
I'd advise Toronto over Montreal anyway. You don't feel terrible for not speaking in French there! lol
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 haha, yea.
Just for immigration, i'll likely work full time at a studio at first
one of the smaller ones
and then work on my contracts as usual
immigration prefers i have a job over there :)
neilg_ 15:06 Looks like most of those are iPhone devs too
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 heh, yea... i ahve a lot of experience with that land
neilg_ 15:06 Yep, they definitely do
I hear Canadian immigration is much easier than US immigration. This is a plus because US immigration is... interesting.
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 yea my point exactly, i took some tests and got really good marks for CA
i have 2 direct family on my wifes side, so that gave me bonus points
neilg_ 15:06 Yup, for sure. If you're going to work in games then Canada is very open to you
Hell, I know many people who've upped sticks and moved to Canada
Not all of them love it - but most do!
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 yea, i know i will :P
lots of cool friends there
neilg_ 15:06 I like Toronto. Not spent much time there but it was a cool city
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 im hoping to be there in july
over the PegJam in winnipeg
but my passport is taking its time
neilg_ 15:06 Spent most of my time in and around Niagara when I was in that area!
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 neilg_, where do you work now then?
i think i asked last time i was around but forgot
neilg_ 15:06 Just north of Boston
A small games startup called Muzzy Lane Software
FuzzYspo0N 15:06 looks cool
yea pretty cool is where i resigned from, neilg_
we have worked on bunches of cool stuff
but i need a break, lol
neilg_ 16:06 That's cool
I can't say I blame you, it's a tough industry
Very busy... pretty much all the time. Especially at smaller places!
taxilian 16:06 there is a reason I've avoided the gaming industry =]
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 heh, well its more that they are getting bigger, and i dont want that
cos thats more smaller cogs in a machine
and i like to work on different stuff
i cross a lot of tech and boundaries, lots of experience with diff platforms so i dont like being on one game on one platofmr for ages
its just not rewarding
especially if its someone elses bad game design ideas
or publishers angry birds clones
no thanks.
but around here, its needed to survive
neilg_ 16:06 Yup... I know how that is! I can't imagine there's many (bigger) studios in SA either
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 we're the biggest
others are 2 or 3 people
not really making any money yet
that kinda thing
neilg_ 16:06 The iPhone is tempting, I'm friends with people who've made money and can survive from iPhone sales. But there's a difference between surviving and doing well!
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 yea, heh
i mean, some of the money my friends are making on flash games is staggering
they only need to really make 2 games a year, 1 month games
the whole independent thing is pretty active and getting bigger
its a good time to drop out and get some of that action for a while
neilg_ 16:06 It's definitely possible - but I think they may be the outliers. That's my programmer cynicism showing through. :)
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 no i agree
but i do think that, as an intellectual, its possible to make money from doing your own thing
even as games (more likely in that space)
i worked for myself a coiple years, and then worked at the studio for 3 for fun , so now im just going back to my default state P
they even let me work at home, and i only work 3 days a week
just because i work better there etc
and btw, im only 24
lots to experience and learn
neilg_ 16:06 Absolutely there is. And you'll never stop learning! Not when it comes to coding.
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 yea, iv been priveledged to work on some great projects
so i wanna apply that to my stupidity just when i left high school
neilg_ 16:06 Right, I have to head out home before I get shouted at - going out this evening!
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 sweet
back to code for me
neilg_ 16:06 Catch you all later!
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 taxilian, ill hang around more, get reaquinted with the code the next few days and see what i can come up with
taxilian 16:06 sounds good to me =]
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 taxilian, plugin has no UI ? thats new to me
taxilian 16:06 new option that disables all drawing/window code if true
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 ah, ok so i want false :P
taxilian 16:06 my guess would be that is what you want
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 hmm taxilian , i get a message about the projects not being supported by vs 2008
is that bad?
taxilian 16:06 huh?
what projects?
where is the message from?
FireBreath certainly works on vs2008
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 VS, i followed build order on site to get my project, used fbgen, then opened /build/projects/myplugin/myplugin.sln
taxilian 16:06 well, a couple of things
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 annd then , CMakePredefinedTargets, Firebreath Core, Firebreath Generated
and Libraries
taxilian 16:06 first, dont' open myplugin.sln; open /build/FireBreath.sln
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 hmm ok
taxilian 16:06 second, did you start with a clean build dir? and did you run prep2008.cmd?
FuzzYspo0N 16:06
or build/projects/OurCoolNewPlugin/ to get just the plugin we created. Build it and you should be good to go!
^^ this is why i went into build :)
but yes, i ran all the steps
taxilian 16:06 sometimes it works, sometimes seems not to
try the other, see if it changes anything
is this vs express or full?
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 express
but its saying the projects are version incompatible
ie : 2010 vs maybe
taxilian 16:06 ooh…. I think I know why
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 its building, btw, but im assuming its missing some stuff
========== Build: 8 succeeded, 0 failed, 1 up-to-date, 1 skipped ==========
thats my build/projects/myplugin folder
taxilian 16:06 in CMakeLists.txt comment on set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY USE_FOLDERS On)
and file an issue on
'cause I keep forgetting to fix that
needs to be there for full vs, not for express
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 cool
isnt there a way to ask in fbgen?
or, something like that
taxilian 16:06 I can do it in cmake
there is a variable that tells you if it's vs express
I just don't remember what it is off the top of my head
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 ah, k cool i figured there was
this one
set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY USE_FOLDERS On) //this is for vs pro
Like that should do it?
woops, my // wont be there
taxilian 16:06 yeah, that sounds right
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 hmm i could just fork i guess
but ill just file on jira
taxilian 16:06 git format-patch works well as well
you could attach the patch to the jira ticket
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 i didnt clone this one :P ill clone quick
taxilian 16:06 pull requests and git format-patch are the two easiest ways for me for someone to submit a pull request
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 yea, thats what i figured
FuzzYspo0N 16:06 hmm interesting
i still get the same errors, about solution folders not being supported in this version of VS
taxilian 16:06 you reran prep, I assume?
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 i did it first, from a clean check out
ill try comment the line entirely
maybe that flag was wrong
ok ,commenting it works no errors
so must be the flag is wrong
taxilian 17:06 :-/
that's too bad
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 ill see if theres some better info in the docs
yea, hmm. that flag is always 0 on my pc. Might be that I have 2010 pro and others installed
taxilian 17:06 could be
why use 2008 express if you have 2010 pro?
FuzzYspo0N 17:06
seems to mention it here
taxilian 17:06 ahh
sounds like it doesn't really work as one would expect
there is another way
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 yea?
taxilian 17:06 sorry, was looking at some things
look at cmake/Win.cmake
FuzzYspo0N 17:06
see this?
taxilian 17:06 yeah
I know
this isn't really a quick or clean way, though
so we're good
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 oh so its the same heh :P
taxilian 17:06 no, this won't work
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 in win.cmake?
or the above
taxilian 17:06 in win.cmake
the problem is that we don't know which generator we're using
so I can detect if they ended up having to use the DDK
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 yea, maybe ...
taxilian 17:06 but it would fail in your case
because you have a real VS installed
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 no mine uses ddk
taxilian 17:06 and it would find ATL there
oh… yes it does know which we're using
so you could look at it and figure out if it's using the "real" path or the "ddk" path
and use that to decide
also potentially look at whether or not ATL_LIBRARY has anything in it
if it does, I *think* it's using the DDK and is express
because atlthunk.lib doesn't seem to be needed at least on 2008 and 2010
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 ill print out and see
yea, mines using DDK and is populated with the lin
but yea , i have no way to test that cos its always using ddk
taxilian 17:06 well, mine in at least 2010 does not populate that line
and I'm about 90% sure 2008 as well
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 cool, ill see if i can set that 'late' there
taxilian 17:06 you should be able to move the set until after the includes
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 if(NOT ATL_LIBRARY)
seem about right to you there, taxilian
taxilian 17:06 sounds reasonable
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 taxilian, if this seems in the right place ill pull request
line 133
wtf is with the tabs here github
taxilian 17:06 don't use tabs
use 4 spaces
pretty much the world over that's the only way to get source control tools to treat your code reasonably
I don't actually want it in Win.cmake
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 lol, yea fixed it now.
taxilian 17:06 put it in CMakeLists.txt, but after the include(common.cmake)
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 ah ok
it seemed specific to windows i guess
taxilian 17:06 well, it probably is currently, but may not always be
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 kk
ok i sent the pull request
but its lame it has a bunch of stuff i cant exclude >.>
taxilian 17:06 git pull requests
FireBreathBot 17:06 4 open pull requests:
FuzzYspo0N: Fixes to Express editions using Folders, making Visual studi...
dougma: add 64bit build support for windows
dougma: FIREBREATH-77: ActiveX: focus+capture on mousedown
dougma: FIREBREATH-68 set this for ax & npapi callbacks
taxilian 17:06 well, you could rebase your fork if you wanted
and get rid of the extra commits
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 yea, im new to 'fixing silly mistakes' on git heh
taxilian 17:06 could you add a jira ticket for that too? I can't do it right now — I need to leave soon — but I'll hopefully pull it in tomorrow
FuzzYspo0N 17:06 sure
taxilian 17:06 thanks
taxilian 18:06 bbl
FireBreathBot 18:06 JIRA issue issue created by fuzzyspoon
FuzzYspo0N 19:06 taxilian_away,
FuzzYspo0N 20:06 where does FBLOG end up
taxilian 21:06 fuzzyspo0n: you have to enable logging for it to end up anywhere
do a search of for log4cplus
nobody has taken the time to document it on the wiki yet
oh, he's not here anymore
FireBreathBot, tell fuzzyspo0n you have to enable logging for it to end up anywhere; do a search of for log4cplus. nobody has taken the time to document it on the wiki yet