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FireBreathBot 02:05 JIRA issue issue created by xlink
_pq_ 03:05 where does PluginWindowMac and similar have gone?
FireBreathBot 05:05 JIRA issue issue commented by dougma "the fix for this made it into 1.5.2:
nIZO 05:05 Hi guys i created a plugin for game company i work for is developing, basically its a run from webpage plugin:) and i wanna ask you how to distribute the plugin to users, is it possible to register the dll as non admin, since the game may be installed with non admin users....
nitrogenycs 05:05 yes, you can install it under the users account
nIZO 05:05 nitrogenycs, thanks could you help me with it please?
dougma 06:05
nitrogenycs 06:05 and
I can't help you specifically, how it's done exactly will depend on the installer you chose etc
nIZO 06:05 thank you nitrogenycs ill go through these documents and see how it goes
thanks again, great project
_pq__ 07:05 i managed to compile a plugin for firefox
however it does crash (?) without notice as soon as i open the page
linearray 07:05 there's a page on debugging
_pq__ 07:05 it's properly listed in about:plugins but seems not to be loading my code at all
saw that one
is there a way to enable some logging in firefox to understand what's happening?
dougma 07:05 turn off ipc, attach the debugger, navigate to your test page
_pq_ 07:05 did so
got no info at all
dougma 07:05 so what crashes?
_pq_ 07:05 just the <div> containing plugin showed for a second then disappeared
less than a second
i don't know
dougma 07:05 nothing by the sounds of it
_pq_ 07:05 i didn't manage to stop at a breakpoint in plugin initialization
that should count as "something is not working"
dougma 07:05 sure
but it's not a crash
_pq_ 07:05 i think it's not loading my plugin at all
like there's something wrong in exported api or so
how can i have some kind of log of that?
dougma 07:05 put a breakpoint in NpapiPluginModule::NPP_New
_pq_ 07:05 i put a breakpoint in _NP_Initialize
didn't get hit
something is preventing my code to load at all
dougma 07:05 got all your dependent dlls?
_pq_ 07:05 guess so
or at least it should have
want to suggest dlopen is failing?
how can i check that?
dougma 07:05 what os you on?
_pq_ 07:05 mac os
dougma 07:05 i have no idea
haven't got to building my mac plugin yet. :)
_pq_ 08:05 if you plan to do it i suggest using xcode 3.x, xcode 4.x still has some problems with boost
like it will consume all your memory trying to index that
dougma 08:05 is xcode 4 still in beta?
linearray 08:05 no
_pq_ 08:05 fixed that
ty for hint
to environment
dougma 08:05 cool
_pq_ 08:05 it actually couldn't find a dependency - a private framework - which I added to project
typed wrong rpath directory
jshanab_wcw 09:05 OK, so i would like to build my plugin on mac. I am new to Mac, So how do I sign the dlls(oops, sorry, .so's)? is signtool avial for mac? Or is the whole msi I thing a waste anyway. :-)
amackera 09:05 I'm not sure if signing is necessary on Mac
I thought that signing was just for IE to stop complaining
As well as other Windows requirements
jshanab_wcw 09:05 How that all fits together on MAC is a little out there. My np plugin has to be signed or it is an infinite loop on install/fail/re-install. People run IE on mac I hear, Is that emulation?
linearray 09:05 IE for mac is all but dead
the native one
jshanab_wcw 09:05 1 down ...
Sorry to all you IE lovers, I have come to loath IE
amackera 09:05 hehe, i'm with you on that one my friend
jshanab_wcw 09:05 I will need to ifdef the signetool stuff for mac and then figure out how to draw my yuv data best
FireBreathBot 09:05 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "You're right; I'd forgotten. :-P"
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
taxilian 09:05 kalev: Not sure I understood your hint earlier, but are you aware of InvokeAsync on JSObject? It does an implicit ScheduleOnMainThread for you so that the js callback is asynchronous to the rest of your stuff
jshanab_wcw: if there are any IE lovers in this channel, please let them step forward so I can make them fix all the IE bugs in the future
kalev 09:05 taxilian: yep, I am aware of InvokeAsync. I was just happy to have ScheduleOnMainThread() because I needed to invoke something else (external GUI) on the main thread.
taxilian 09:05 =] yeah, ScheduleOnMainThread and CallOnMainThread are definitely two of my better ideas
kalev 09:05 it didn't have any hidden meaning, I was just happy :)
taxilian 09:05 I'm rather proud of them =]
I was actually unsure about what you were telling someone else about starting another thread (something about events being async)
I get up in the morning and sometimes there are 2 pages of logs to read :-P
FireBreathBot 10:05 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard
_pq_ 10:05 is there any wrapper in Firebreath to use NPN_ScheduleTimer?
amackera 10:05 _pq_: yes there is, or at least there used to be...
let me see if i can find it in the source documentation
_pq_ 10:05 taxilian: i love IE, it's a perfect tool to download firefox
amackera 10:05 _pq_: the function (only exists on mac, btw) should be FB::PluginWindowMac::scheduleTimer
scheduleTimer and unscheduleTimer
taxilian 11:05 _pq_: lol =]
_pq_: there is one, but it doesn't seem to work reliably
NPN_ScheduleTimer, that is
what are you trying to do?
_pq_ 11:05 just update interface
since cocoa event model did remove null events
i need something like a timer
taxilian 11:05 I would just use a standard NSTimer, if it were me
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taxilian 11:05 !findfile
FireBreathBot 11:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 11:05 PluginWindowMac has a NSTimer in it:
you can use that as an example
_pq_ 11:05 ok so scheduletimer then catching TimerEvent should work
taxilian 11:05 should; we were trying to use it to do async cross-thread calls and it would randomly crash
but it's up to you how you want to do it
_pq_ 11:05 i'm not using firebreath threading functionality so hope i won't get any crash
taxilian 11:05 the crash had nothing to do with threads
but give it a try, let me know if it works
_pq_ 11:05 leaving now
bye, ty for support, will let you know if it works
(hope so)
FireBreathBot 11:05 Commit 44d5f58 on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-88: fixed _tmp files affecting project"
Commit 2c4d688 on firebreath-1.5 by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-88: fixed _tmp files affecting project"
taxilian 12:05 g7c406f4
FireBreathBot 12:05 Commit 7f9d3e2 on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-88: fixed build error in unit tests on windows"
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "There is definitely a bug here, but I'm not sure where you found that archive; that is most certa..."
FireBreathBot 13:05 Commit 0767407 on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-88: inlined ComVariantUtil functions that weren't..."
FireBreathBot 18:05 JIRA issue issue created by richard
Commit aaf2d38 on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-89 Allow custom winproc in WinMessageWindow"
linearray 19:05 so
taxilian 19:05 a needle pulling thread?
oh, that's "sew"
linearray 20:05 indeed
so you said something about InvokeAsync on JSObject
taxilian 20:05 it wokrs a lot like Invoke
but there is no return value, and it's async
linearray 20:05 i read that sentence and the class description 20 times
wtf does invoke do?
taxilian 20:05 It invokes a function
linearray 20:05 :)
taxilian 20:05 so if the JSObject is an object, you give it a function name and it will try to invoke the function on that object
if the JSObject is a function object, you give it "" and it invokes that function
linearray 20:05 hehe
question is: what does this have to do with the event handling I asked about?
taxilian 20:05 not 100% certain; I'm not sure I understand what your problem was :-P
it may not have anything to do with it at all
linearray 20:05 :D
actually it was that I ran a fun in my plugin from JS and wanted to provide feedback
first, I tried to do that with events
problem was that ALL events I fired were handled at the end of the function
which made perfect sense the way kalev explained it
so I switched to htmlLog()
taxilian 20:05 right; if you have anything that's blocking at all you need to run your function on another thread
or use callbacks and use Invoke instead of InvokeAsync (which is effectively what the events do)
linearray 20:05 hm
so I should Invoke JS funs while computing
how does that help?
taxilian 20:05 if you do that it will invoke it immediately