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YaTree 00:11 anybody here?
RenJuan 00:11 y
roughly 0.00000001429 percent of the planetary population is on freenode in varying states of attentiveness
kak vase nemye ochesestvo?
YaTree 01:11 nice. ok. i have a few questions.
can you help me?
RenJuan 01:11 possibly I've been working with FB for a few months, taxilian_away is the primary developer
YaTree 01:11 where are from? rus?
RenJuan 01:11 i'm in western ny, taxilian_away is in utah, other devs are in central europe i think
YaTree 01:11 ok. than sorry for my english. ;)
i have next task
when i open file (with some extension i.e. zip) with browser, plugin must unzip this file, and than open index.html (that was in *.zip file).
what i should do for realize this. how to set mime type (for "zip" file )?
RenJuan 01:11 to do like you just said, you'd have to override the browsers normally handler for that mime type
which is normally to just save, prompt for a save
as you've described the task a browser plugin seems overkill, sounds like a plain js coding would do
*normal handler
YaTree 01:11 big bosses say: we want plugin. so i need plugin. :-(
RenJuan 01:11 big bosses with big bucks and strong opinions, mmmmmm
YaTree 01:11 how to override handlers for mime types? where I can find it?
RenJuan 01:11 sounds stupid to do as a plugin, but maybe big bosses have other nefarious schemes for the plugin, sounds like somekina malware
in the worst case you'd have to do a custom build of the browser in question
wouldn't surprise me for a fundamental mime type like that
YaTree 01:11 you mean i should rebuild firefox? :\
RenJuan 01:11 apple and microsoft have system wide assignments for handling content that are also relevant
sure, FF and Chrome you can build. I've done FF customization.
it's not simple but you said big boss said
YaTree 01:11 mm...
RenJuan 01:11 is big boss a gangster, oligarch or what?
don't say it's your wife
YaTree 01:11 no :) not wife.
RenJuan 01:11 in any case the sources of both mozilla and chrome are readily available and inspectable
there are also browser development channels
(not necessarily in freenode town)
however mozilla is a huge program, millions of lines of code. A build takes longer than a kernel build.
YaTree 01:11 i not think that i need to rebuild chrome/firefox. in qtbrowserplugin i can set extension for plugin. =\
AndrewMac 03:11 how do you return a 2D vector?
AndrewMac 04:11 :(
return FB::make_variant_list(tokens);
that works fine where tokens is a std::vector<std::string>
but when its a 2D vector like std::vector<std::vector<std::string>>
then I dunno how to do it
jshanab 09:11 I have a problem with xcode. The code in the editor does not match the code in the source directory. I prep and I open the Firebreath.scode project in the projects build diorectory listed in the "Build files have been written too..." They are just wrong!
If I open the one with my project name it is correct source files but won't build because it does not have all the firebreath stuff
I have to delete the top level xcode file to get things synced again.
How can it show a previous version of a source file?
taxilian 09:11 AndrewMac: Instead of doing a two dimentional vector of vectors of strings, make it a std::vector<variant> and put std::vector<variant>s in it
jshanab: are you opening FireBreath.xcodeproj/ and not the other nested one?
jshanab 09:11 Yes
What I don't understand is where the second source file is even stored!
taxilian 09:11 I have never seen what you are describing
give me access to the project and I'll try to build it
let me find my pubkey
AndrewMac 09:11 taxilian: thanks!
taxilian 09:11 AndrewMac: incidentally, there is a typedef for std::vector<FB::variant> called FB::VariantList
jshanab 09:11 taxilian. let me zip it. remember I ahve not extracted it from our main source repo :-(
taxilian 09:11 sure
jshanab 09:11 I just cleared the problem though by erasing the file and re-preping
taxilian 09:11 but you said I needed to give you the pubkey so I could get to the gl stuff
jshanab 09:11 oh. The firebreath project I have right now has the GLFW lib in it (so I can debug it easily)
taxilian 09:11 ok
jshanab 09:11 But I am just getting back to the mac version. :-( Maybe now I can debug. Am i suppose to open the toplevel Firebreath.xcode instead of myproject.xcode?
taxilian 09:11 YES
you will have all sorts of weird issues if you don't
best to use the top level on all platforms, actually
jshanab 09:11 OK, good. Right now it hard locks the browser. I don't want to give that to you!
taxilian 09:11 lol
jshanab 09:11 I do now. although on windows it seems fine. Only on Xcode has it done the impossible. (Display source from the last time I deleted the project) I still do not know where it is hideing the source, like it has some kind of internal git
taxilian 09:11 heh
well, technically xcode does integrate with git
but I don't think it does that (not normally anyway)
jshanab 09:11 It is still stepping thru comments, not even close to the being synced with the code. :-(
taxilian 09:11 hmm
well, like I said, send it over
jshanab 09:11 ok
taxilian 09:11 of course, I'm rebuilding my system still, so it might take me a bit to be able to build it
jshanab 09:11 As sson as I figure out how to zip it up on my mac....
taxilian 09:11 speaking of which, I'd better install cmake =]
select files, right click, "Compress ...."
jshanab 09:11 what? How could you not have cmake. Oh the new drive!
taxilian 09:11 yeah
jshanab 09:11 I did that, where is the outpu, or dialog or ??
taxilian 09:11 output is in the same directory
jshanab 09:11 found it
Had to move out of back into the finder, it did not update
taxilian 09:11 huh. maybe it's just your computer that is the problem =]
jshanab 09:11 what was that email?
taxilian 09:11 [email protected] works
easy to remember =]
jshanab 09:11 thanks. I tried [email protected] and it didn't trigger my computers memory so I figured it was wrong
taxilian 09:11 no, that works too
it's an alias
hmm. still waiting for it to arrive
ahh, setting up my vim again
wonder how much faster xcode will build on the SSD...
jshanab 09:11 Could the symlink trick cause a problem?
taxilian 09:11 symlinking the plugin/ dir?
jshanab 09:11 yes. somehow xcode is stepping thru differnt code than is displayed. It looks like it steps thru the comments but if I step into it goes into old code.
taxilian 09:11 I wouldn't think so, but it's possible I suppose
or you could somehow have another version of the plugin installed somewhere
you have tried deleting the build artifacts and making sure the plugin doesn't show up as there?
I have not received an email, btw
jshanab 09:11 yes, many times but I might of missed something.
taxilian 09:11 do you have CloudApp? (download from app store, free account) you could send it that way; that's what I use for sending files
jshanab 09:11 They have been working on security filters. $100 bucks says they silently blocked it
taxilian 09:11 lol
google drive works too
jshanab 10:11 ok, lets I have sent it via google file and an email invite
taxilian 10:11 =]
so many applications to redownload and install...
jshanab 10:11 oh, i know. I just set up a fresh gentoo linux box "so many applications to redownload, BUILD, and install"
taxilian 10:11 lol
yeah, gentoo is even worse
jshanab 10:11 I love it. It is not as good as it was originally, but I still prefer it. BTW when I type how does it know if I want a 32bit vs 64bit build? Is it jsut whatever teh machine is?
taxilian 10:11 on mac?
I don't honestly remember
jshanab 10:11 No, prepmake on linux
taxilian 10:11 heh. which is ironic, since I'm the one who fixed the makefile cmake output so it would support .plugins
I think it's whatever your compiler is
jshanab 10:11 the prepmac and prep2010 create a project fioel and VS and xcode let you select. prepmake doesn't even build debug unless you say it at prep time
ok. That can be done in the makefile with some compiler flags, but I've got a 32 bit box somewhere.
Did you get the google drive invite?
taxilian 10:11 I did
and downloaded the file
jshanab 10:11 ok, cool
It says there is no blocking at our end and it says it send. I expect I will get a bounce notice eventually
taxilian 10:11 heh
trying to figure out my skype login first
(getting everything done that I need for work)
this is extraordinarily annoying; trying to reset my skype password
but aparently I have two accounts with the same email address
the account I care about / use is not the one it's letting me reset
jshanab 10:11 I had most my accounts that I set up while I was at the previous employer. When changed jobs that email and my backup tied to the california IP. went away. No way to reset forgotten passwords because the rely on sending to old email. Could not change email cause you have to log in. Actually had to use the phone for some. Learned a lesson that day
taxilian 10:11 hehe
yeah, I never use business accounts for non-business stuff
jshanab 10:11 The mistake I made was using buisness account for buisness stuff that actually you want to use from your next job to, like a sourceforge account, etc. I was lazy on the email, and had absolutly zero warning of layoff, we were not allowed to touch our computer after the layoff notification and they wiped the drives. (a bit parinoid)
taxilian 10:11 hehe
I use 99% my own equipment at this job
so that isn't an issue
jshanab 10:11 Live and learn!
taxilian 10:11 yeah
jshanab 10:11 I jsut completely deleted the build directory and re-preped the BUILDALL fails on the unit test script host but once I select the plugin project it builds the plugin. I can attach with Firefox but again it is stepping thru non-existant code. It shouldn't be this difficult, you have to be able to trust the debugger
taxilian 10:11 hmm
jshanab 10:11 ok, really stupid question. Since I have more than one plugin and they all have the same top-level project name, could that cause xcode to be confused? Some cache?
RenJuan 10:11 *paranoid. AKA, figuring out the reality of economic relations.
better late than never
taxilian 10:11 jshanab: I wouldn't think so, but who knows?
jshanab 10:11 I am buildiing thme into seperate directories. ie prepmac {myplugin} build/{myplugin}
When I go to delete derived data it flashes away then comes back. If I close the project it deletes and goes onto next one. Same project name with diffrerent hash on end. I am going to delete until I have just the one
taxilian 11:11 jshanab: your main reason for using opengl is performance of drawing video, right?
jshanab 11:11 Well I need the hardware scaling and color space conversion when there is more than one video on a page. I also want one way of drawing across OS's
DirectX is better supported and sometimes a bit faster on Windows, but openGL is more cross platform. Are my assumptions accurate?
oh, And....The core of this has been ported to iphone/ipad/android and opengl is the only chance of doing video!
taxilian 11:11 ahh
sounds accurate to me, yes
jshanab 11:11 Xcode is totally useless for c++ :-( I cleaned out all derived data deleted and rebuilt and boy has mac F'ed up this one. (xcode 4.5.2)
taxilian 12:11 finally ran the prep script for your project… :-P
jshanab 12:11 thanks. Had a few things to do to get ready on that new drive. Drum roll please..
Shhh, don't tell apple, I am installing kdevelop now
I had at one point a plugin that runs if I comment/uncomment the line 229/230 and use the CreateWindow instad of CreateWindowFrom. That opens the window as a popup but allowed me to confirm that xcode was ignoring all breakpoints. Nothing works right now for me.
taxilian 12:11 lol
unfortunately I think I need to go get lunch before I play with this any more
it's compiling, though
I keep getting distracted
jshanab 12:11 It builds. (except for that script test thingy) It runs, well, it locks up the browser. It even stops close to the breakpoint. 4-5 lines away. From there it gets worse.
taxilian 12:11 which browser?
jshanab 12:11 I really appreciate you having a look. I have been pulling my hair out on this one.
taxilian 12:11 guess I should install firefox...
we're on 17 already? *sigh*
jshanab 12:11 Not just for me, but for your own sanity ;-)
taxilian 12:11 I find chrome to be the easiest for debugging plugins lately
okay, sorry to leave you in suspense, but I really need food
I'll be back in an hour or so
jshanab 12:11 THey changed the numbering system. COnsider there to be a 4.0 in front of the 17. Chrome was changing build numbers rapidly and people were not paying attention to dot number changes (serious)
taxilian 12:11 yeah, I'm familiar with the paradigm
and even the reasons
but I still don't like it
jshanab 12:11 me neither. @#[email protected] Market types
RenJuan 12:11 amen
RenJuan 13:11 looks like you got pulled over for potty mouth too
taxilian 13:11 jshanab: do I just test this using the generated FBControl.h?
jshanab: it's not even showing up in my about:plugins list… this isn't a good sign
wilsonr990 13:11 good afternoon
taxilian, Could you help me?
jshanab 13:11 taxillian. I have been using the generated FBControl.html. Maybe my complete lack of progress has been running an old plugin and the newest one never loads. That is a thought.
wilsonr990 13:11 unregister the older one...
jshanab 13:11 While mine shows up in about:plugins, there is no indication as to when...
wilsonr990 13:11 are you loading the plug-in using "regsvr32 plugin.dll"?
jshanab 13:11 wilsonr990. How do I do that on Mac? I am using a symlink to the built destination like in the video
wilsonr990 13:11 hum I actually I was thinking about windows
I've not intalled firebreath on mac, so I cannot help. :(
It doesnt seem taxilian is here. And I need him too
taxilian 13:11 I'm here, just a bit busy
jshanab: at least on Chrome about:plugins it'll tell you the full path to the plugin bundle
wilsonr990 whats up? you know, there are others here who know quite a bit about firebreath as well
wilsonr990 13:11 taxilian, I am trying to link a dinamic library to my plugin in windows, but it is not working.
taxilian 13:11 you don't have to always ask me specifically
wilsonr990 13:11 I'm using target_link_libraries to link my .lib file but I cannot access aany function into the library
I know, but there's nobody else :(
taxilian 13:11 there are like 15 people in this room
it's always worth the chance that someone will know the answer
be a little more specific
"cannot access any function in the library". what do you mean?
your computer explodes when you try? you can't figure out how to spell them?
wilsonr990 13:11 lol
jshanab 13:11 I have about 10 dll's in my plugin in windows
wilsonr990 13:11 my files are sample.dll and sample.lib
taxilian 13:11 see? he's practically an expert
wilsonr990 13:11 I'm trying to join then into my plugin in order to use a function called startbutton found into this dinamic library
jshanab 13:11 They must be copied to the install directory before teh package step, they must be signed. and must be loadable during the creation of the installer
taxilian 13:11 wilsonr990: I figured out that part. what is occuring that differs from what you expect?
jshanab 13:11 They must all be built with the same heap (all debug or relaeas and all /Mt or kablewy
taxilian 13:11 and if you say "it doesn't work", I'll kick you from the channel
jshanab 13:11 Have you tried the depends program on the np{myproject}.dll to see if it loads without error
wilsonr990 13:11 when i link the library using the procedure explained in the tutorial (function target_link_libraries into the projectDef.cmake file), there is an error telling that my function definition cannot be found
jshanab 13:11 That sounds like the Dll was not built with the proper export declarations. This is a self written dll? Can you write a simple command line program and succesfully load your dll?
wilsonr990 13:11 set (LIBRARY_PATH C:\Users\wguevara\Documents\Rene\INV7-FIREBREATHWindows\SHEKURE\SHEKURE\Release)target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} Debug "${LIBRARY_PATH}/sample.lib")
taxilian 13:11 my guess is it isn't finding your library
rather than giving it a full absolute path to your library, try using find_library
to make sure cmake sees it
and then you can throw an error in the prep script if it doesn't
also, are you building in debug mode?
jshanab 13:11 A hint. I use cmake's MESSAGE() function a lot to make sure my cmake variables are being expanded.
wilsonr990 13:11 I'm including this two lines into the projectDef.cmake file, are those the correct lines?
taxilian 13:11 you could try removing "debug" form there
wilsonr990 13:11 set (LIBRARY_PATH C:\Users\wguevara\Documents\Rene\INV7-FIREBREATHWindows\SHEKURE\SHEKURE\Release)
taxilian 13:11 as jshanab says, message is a useful trick
wilsonr990 13:11 target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} Debug "${LIBRARY_PATH}/sample.lib")
taxilian 13:11 maybe. it depends on whether or not the path is coming through correctly. use message to print hte LIBRARY_PATH
jshanab 14:11 Is LIBRARY_PATH from the environment? did you USE $ENV to get it (OH that one got me one day)
wilsonr990 14:11 I did that and the path is correct
taxilian 14:11 jshanab: he just showed where he defines it...
wilsonr990 check the vs project settings to make sure it's there
maybe even play with the settings and see if you can fix it manually using vs
if you can, that'll tell you better what was wrong
jshanab 14:11 No spaces, if so use quotes ! ??? perhaps
wilsonr990 14:11 it's just that i've never worked with dll's
taxilian 14:11 dlls are not really any different than any other lib the way you're using it
at least at compile time
wilsonr990 14:11 !
do you know where can I find a simple example about including a dll into a command line app?
but thoses dll are the ones that are failling lol
taxilian 14:11 heh. his problem has nothing to do with the DLL
i'ts the lib isn't linking
doggone it. cmake 2.8.10 breaks something I'm using
jshanab 14:11 Uh? Could it be that he is somehow building a .lib which is a static lib and not the "export lib" Windows uses .lib for both. Everything staticly links, one has the code the other has stubs for it
taxilian 14:11 either way it's the lib
either it's not the right lib or the lib isn't linking
jshanab 14:11 I am using cmake 2.8.9 on th mac
taxilian 14:11 okay, so I just built our plugin and it's working
let me try using similar cmake flags on yours
taxilian 14:11 jshanab: I'm definitely not able to load your plugin
even when I build it with the 10.7 sdk
like I am my other plugin
jshanab 14:11 ok. I will work at this end to get back to a working plugin. It looks like firefox is linking to an old plugin despite a new symlink. It must have an internal database?
taxilian 14:11 or there is another place where the plugin is installed
maybe /Library/Internet Plugins
I'm trying a few more things
jshanab 14:11 ok
oh, the user's vs the system
remove the symlink and it still thinks it is there
taxilian 14:11 definitely worth looking into
jshanab 14:11 OMG. I am so embarrased
taxilian 14:11 heh. you found it?
jshanab 15:11 Finally after fixing the link AND removing all derived data and snapshot cache, the debugger matches up and I can step thru code.
taxilian 15:11 huh. it is detecting, though?
'cause your plugin still won't install for me
jshanab 15:11 The other code did not even exist on the machine anymore. cwazy
Well now I can figure out what is the problem.
taxilian 15:11 good!
jshanab 15:11 I guess #ifdef APPLE is not correct
taxilian 15:11 #if FB_MAC
or maybe #if FB_MACOSX
I forget
grep for it
jshanab 15:11 The gcc one is not working.
OK, now here is where the work begins. No window in PluginWindowMac
taxilian 15:11 which drawing model?
jshanab 15:11 Very good question. I did not realize I was not hitting the ifdef at all. I had it working once so I need to dig in.
taxilian 15:11 which models do you have enabled?
are you targeting CoreAnimation?
jshanab 15:11 I have forgotten, that is in projectdef.cmake correct?
taxilian 15:11 PluginConfig
jshanab 15:11 Which one can give me the window or drawable that the browser has allocated for me? I assume I will call getWindowRef
taxilian 15:11 the browser doesn't allocate a window
or a drawable
you can get a CGContextRef
or you can get a CALayer
jshanab 15:11 In both windows and Linux there is a window.. Oh my what is a CGContextRef or CALayer, the library usually deals with a NSwindow
I need to redo some research.
looks like I selected CARBON,COCOA and COREGRAPHICS
taxilian 15:11 there is no NSWindow
and you can't get one
jshanab 15:11 LOL, "There is no spoon"
taxilian 15:11 so Carbon isn't even available in anything current; how far back do you need to support?
jshanab 15:11 Only new stuf and cocoa is the one with an nswindow internally I think
taxilian 15:11 that is correct
but cocoa in this case doesn't create a NSWindow for the plugin
or at least if it does it isn't in the process we're in
so you can't get to it
even by hackery
jshanab 15:11 What do I get?
taxilian 15:11 you get CGContextRef for CoreGraphics; AFAIK there is no way to do OpenGL directly to a CGContextRef
jshanab 15:11 A ref to an offscreen device context?
taxilian 15:11 but you could do it offscreen and then blit
with CoreAnimation you get a CALayer
and you can then create a CAOpenGLLayer and put it in that CALayer
and thus use opengl
basically you're still in both places drawing offscreen
jshanab 15:11 GLFW uses cocoa to give me an opengl context
taxilian 15:11 yeah, that won't work in a plugin
sorry :-/
you could maybe update it to work with a CALayer
that or offscreen are your best options
CALayer is going to perform the best
jshanab 15:11 I do not understand enouigh to know why not.
rcompton78 15:11 I am currently using the wix installer that comes with firebreath to install. 99 times out of 100 the installer works and registers the plugin with windows. The browsers recognize the plugin. But 1 our of 100 the installer seems to work (everything is in the install dir, the keys 'seem' correct) but chrome for sure does not recognize the plugin...ideas? thoughts?
I should also say i have tried the refresh of plugins in the browser, browser restart and even a machine reboot but to no avail
taxilian 15:11 hmm. have you tried installing any other plugins on those computers?
to see if they work?
which browsers have you tried?
jshanab: because to use cocoa OpenGL (at least the normal kind) you use an NSWindow and a NSView, correct?
rcompton78 15:11 I have not installed installing myself but the client machines have other plugins installed.
I have tried chrome and firefox.
taxilian 15:11 rcompton78: try having them go to
see if they can install that plugin
that one is mine
if it works, then the problem is your installer somehow
if it doesn't, the problem is the computer or browsers
rcompton78 15:11 ok will do. the odd thing is that most of the clients with issue magically have it recognized after a few days...I was assuming it was a browser problem...but would like to knw for sure
I will try yours
taxilian 15:11 my guess is it's a browser problem, but that's how I'd start troubleshooting
rcompton78 15:11 thanks will give it a go...
jshanab 16:11 Is there a way to trigger the download of a file from the plugin so it uses the browsers download file utility, dialogs., etc
Also is there a good save file dialog that is in the framework instead of each Operating System.
taxilian 16:11 jshanab: there is a way to download a file, more or less
jshanab 16:11 is that the browserStream?
taxilian 16:11 no
there is a navigate method somewhere
I thought
probably on FB::DOM::Window
but if it is, it's not been documented
because it's not showing up on the site
jshanab 16:11 Ah good
my irc client did not give the proper smiley face LOL
That was suppose to be shock
taxilian 16:11 huh
I really thought there was a navigate method
maybe it's on browserhost
yeah, amazing what you can find with the site's built-in search
more specifically (or less, I suppose)
RenJuan 17:11 I notice that the example AX projects do show up in the IE add-ons list but a project regularly gened doesn't
although the examples are marked "not verified"
don't know if I've made clear, but here in freenode town I use both my western and chinese names
taxilian 17:11 I'm not sure I follow what you mean
on the IE add-ons thing
none of them will show up until after you load them
once you load them, then they show up
(by load I mean use in a web page)
RenJuan 17:11 not true
the FB AX and the other 3 part thing show up in add-ons even if nothing relative to the plugin loaded
i do get invocation of the fbgened plugin and it might show in the add ons list after loading
but the examples show all the time
taxilian 17:11 would you mind clarifying what you are talking about with the FB AX and 3 part thing, not to mention the examples?
RenJuan 17:11 i.e. apparently from the registry of their controls
their both from examples
taxilian 17:11 I really have no idea what you're talking about
you mean FBTestPlugin?
RenJuan 17:11 FireBreath ActiveX wrapper example is what I mean by FB AX
taxilian 17:11 ahh. it's not really an official example
but I don't know why it would show up and others don't
RenJuan 17:11 and yes the other is the test plugin, simple math is one of the three
on "FB AX" i'm using the version you last updated
taxilian 17:11 ahh
I haven't touched that in quite awhile
RenJuan 17:11 both that the (3 part) example show up in add-ons by virtue of registration
but a regular generated plugin doesn't. btw
taxilian 17:11 interesting
I have no idea why
RenJuan 17:11 is 1.6, i.e the roughly June release any more "stable" than the head of master?
(whose last commit wast the 29th of last mo)
taxilian 17:11 hmm. possibly, but not as far as I know
RenJuan 17:11 good
that was my presumption
there's a lot of stuff I wish I contribute back to the project, but it's paid work for hire
taxilian 17:11 just ask that you do what you can =]
RenJuan 17:11 there's some kind of deep principle of interference of interests in browser stuff that is exemplified in setting the default browser in windows
basically you can set IE to be the default browser or not
but after you set not, it's up to the other browser manufacturer to set theirs as default
if there were no interference in plain as you would expect function
there'd be an option in Windows to set something other than IE as the default browser
*in plain function
miscorrection, attribute floated, didn't see it at end there :)
taxilian 17:11 heh. gotta run
good luck