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FireBreathBot 01:05 JIRA issue issue commented by dougma "updated the pull request to fix more problems seen when attempting to fire events on the not-in-t..."
Sara_ 07:05 hi
Sara_ 07:05 Someone?
kalev 07:05 wow, I'm all tingly inside, FB::BrowserHost::ScheduleOnMainThread() is just so amazing
another bunch of code I can get rid of when I use that
linearray 07:05 are events fired asynchronously? because it doesn't feel like it
i.e. I'm performing something in the plugin and want to print the status to the browser using events
but it doesn't show anything until it's done
kalev 08:05 linearray: am I right if I say that you are calling a plugin's function from JS, which is a blocking function e.g. returns when all the work is completed?
linearray 08:05 yes
kalev 08:05 in that case, you need to do it in a worker thread:
call the plugin's function from JS, have it start up a worker thread and return immediately.
and then you can fire events from the worker thread to signal the status.
linearray 08:05 what (classes, docs...) should I look into regarding threads?
kalev 08:05 The reason why your original approach can't work is that if your plugin's function is blocking, it's also blocking browser's thread that is also used for marshalling events.
linearray 08:05 i see
kalev 08:05 there was a boost::thread example in the FBTestPlugin, I'm hoping it's still there
linearray 08:05 ok
kalev 08:05 no problem
Nizo 14:05 Hi, i have some questions about Firebreath, does anyone here have a few spare minues:)?
linearray 14:05 the best way to get answers is to ask and wait for someone knowledgable to come back