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FireBreathBot 11:05 JIRA issue issue created by dougma
dougma 11:05 yes.. not sure what to do here...
many options:
1. IE doesn't need to delayInvoke the onload (besides in this test I don't even have an onload function)
2. make setReady happen later?
3. catch the exception, but where?
taxilian 12:05 hmm. I'll have to try that; I've never seen the 250ms delay not be enough
I see
so the correct fix is twofold: 1. handle the exception (most likely in Invoke on IDispatchAPI)
2. Yell at the person who is *despite my repeated advice* trying to create the plugin outside of the DOM
it doesn't work right
nobody seems to be able to make it work right
so the only bug here is the crash; if you create it outside of the DOM, I will not attempt to make it work right; I'll just try to keep it from crashing
dougma 12:05 agreed. :)
ie: the bug is the crash.
taxilian 12:05 I'll have to look at it Monday
yard work to do today
oh joy
dougma 12:05 laters!
kalev 12:05 I love new Firebreath, FB 1.3 -> 1.5 resulted in:
24 files changed, 78 insertions(+), 667 deletions(-)