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doa 02:05 Hi. Does anyone know if I can use FB to make disk access and start external processes? I want the plugin to download a doc file. starts it with the default editor and upload the file after the user is done editing it.
sara_ 03:05 Hi
I am a begginner in plugin develpoment
I downloaded the source and built a project
now I would like to impement a directX object in the plugin window
how do I do it?
Is someone there?
dougma 05:05 doa: the plugin can do that sure.
firebreath will help you with the downloading/uploading, the rest is up to you
Guest94680 06:05 just a quick question....what skills do i need to develop a plugin using Firebreath?
javascript, C++ etc?
anybody there/
dougma 06:05 hi
js, c++
cmake can be handy
Guest94680 06:05 ok, thanks
anyother skills? i'm actually looking for people who can create a plugin using firebreath
dougma 06:05 you are a recruiter?
Guest94680 06:05 kind of
dougma 06:05 firebreath helps... but it's not easy... still many differences between browsers to consider
Guest94680 06:05 oh ok, i'm clueless here. need a plugin to work on Safari, chrome, firefox and IE
dougma 06:05 windows and mac?
Guest94680 06:05 yup
dougma 06:05 firebreath is your best ticket. :)
Guest94680 06:05 ok
taxilian 09:05 Guest94680: The most useful skill someone could have for your needs is a good understanding of how browser plugins work and really strong C++ skills. If they understand browsers and javascript really well that will help quite a bit
linearray 13:05 taxilian: i took the liberty of reordering pages
taxilian 13:05 I'm not even seeing what you changed =] if it seems more clear to you, I'm inclined to trust your instincts
linearray 13:05 awesome
taxilian 13:05 and thank you
the docs need periodic attention, and I don't really have the time (or lately the inclination) to give it to them
linearray 13:05 I dont have the knowledge yet to start writing the big missing pieces
hopefully soon :)
taxilian 13:05 well, something to keep in mind, if you're wanting to help with that
if you put in the parts you do know, I can go in and touch things up pretty easily and quickly
linearray 13:05 sounds good
taxilian 13:05 it's the structure and the basic topics that I have a hard time with
I get emails whenever anything changes, so if you change something and it's not quite accurate I'll go fix it
also always remember that something is better than nothing; so if there is an area (like logging) that has no docs for it at all, a little bit of docs (even if it just says "search the logs for log4cplus" or something) is better than no docs
linearray 13:05 I'll try to fill it in as I go
taxilian 13:05 I appreciate your efforts. far too few people actually take the time to contribute back
EL45 16:05 Hi there. I have just discovered the getPlugin() method to access the plugin, is there anything similar to access myPluginAPI?
taxilian 16:05 getRootJSAPI()
EL45 16:05 Ok great. Thank you so much.
taxilian 16:05 getPlugin is a method on your JSAPI object, though; getRootJSAPI is actually a framework method
so in other words, getPlugin was put there by fbgen, but it isn't just automatically there
EL45 16:05 ok. Can getRootJSAPI() be used to access non static members of my JSAPI object/
taxilian 16:05 getRootJSAPI() will return a FB::JSAPIPtr
you can cast that to the type of object that you have
i.e. in FBTestPlugin you could use FB::ptr_cast<FBTestPluginAPI>(getRootJSAPI()) to get the FBTestPluginAPIPtr object
EL45 17:05 Ok perfect. Once again your awesome. Thank you.
taxilian 17:05 yw
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starakaj 19:05 hi all
so you know how in the WiX installer wiki
there's a section called adding pretty pictures
and then under that it says TODO
taxilian 19:05 I had forgotten that, but sounds about right =]
starakaj 19:05 ...anybody have some wisdom on that?
taxilian 19:05 hmm. "Pretty pictures can sometimes make for a prettier installer"
hows that?
starakaj 19:05 lol
supposing I wanted to add a picture to my installer
taxilian 19:05 like, what kind of picture?
and where?
starakaj 19:05 so
going based on this
taxilian 19:05 though following the previously stated wisdom, I would say that that could make your installer prettier
starakaj 19:05 it should be possible to replace the WiX defaults with my own pictures
taxilian 19:05 seems reasonable
it may be that FireBreath needs to be tweaked in some way to make that possible
starakaj 19:05 by adding a subdirectory called Bitmaps "under my WiX source file"
taxilian 19:05 I don't know
I started looking at it one day, but never figured it out
starakaj 19:05 okay, that's sort of what I figured
I'm not above just replacing the default images in my WiX install with my own bitmaps
taxilian 19:05 you're just jealous because I finally got frustrated, cut the binding off my cmake book, and am almost done scanning it in with my document feeder scanner
starakaj 19:05 it's actually pretty sweet that I was able to hook up the UI extension with basically zero effort
actually yes, now that you mention it, I am jealous
taxilian 19:05 rather justifiably, I would say
stuartmorgan 19:05 taxilian: Are you on plugin-futures?
taxilian 19:05 nope
what is that?
might not be a bad thing to be on
was not aware of that list
stuartmorgan 19:05 taxilian: I ask because there's discussion there at the moment about adding a new cross-platform drawing model option
Seemed like something you might be interested in, and potentially have feedback on
taxilian 19:05 yeah; I can definitely give some more information on NPN_SetException
it doesn't work anywhere currently
used to work on Chrome; no longer. Used to work on Webkit; no longer. Works in ff3.x, not in ff4
at least not with IPC enabled
I just need to be careful not to be too strong in my opinions and irritate everyone =]