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FireBreathBot 00:05 JIRA issue issue created by dougma
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rcohn 11:05 Hello again - can you tell which of the 6 generated GUIDs can be used by a javascript app to access plugin properties (for ActiveX). I'm building a CAB installer and filling out the INF.
I think the GUID I need is CLSID_FBComJavascriptObject. Is this correct? Thanks.
taxilian 11:05 no, not that one
CLSID_FBControl, I think
from PluginConfig.cmake
rcohn 11:05 OK. Thanks very much! I'll use that one.
starakaj 12:05 hey all
so sorry if this question was already answered yesterday but I couldn't find it in the logs
taxilian 12:05 the link you found looks as good as anything I can think of
starakaj 12:05 k
taxilian 12:05 yw
jwgroup 12:05 Hi
I'm really new to FireBreath and I was wondering if someone could help me get started?
I've already checked the getting started videos, but I'm still a bit lost
taxilian 12:05 jwgroup: we won't do it for you, but we'll help you when you get stuck
ask specific questions
jwgroup 12:05 ok, umm
After I have downloaded Firebreath and the boost
how do I install it/ set it up so I can do stuff?
I'm really not sure how else to word it....
taxilian 12:05 did you see the video tutorials?
jwgroup 12:05 yes
I'm not quite sure what was happening in the first one
with the git clone command
taxilian 12:05 what platform are you on?
jwgroup 12:05 Windows
taxilian 12:05 git clone was just checking out the latest version of FireBreath from source control
jwgroup 12:05 oh
taxilian 12:05 so that's just getting the source
jwgroup 12:05 umm , question, I tried typing in the same command
taxilian 12:05 once it has the source, the rest (fbgen, prep command, etc) is the same no matter how you got the firebreath framework
which command? git clone?
jwgroup 12:05 but i keep gettin a message that says git is not a command
yes that first line in the video
git clone git://http
taxilian 12:05 probably because you dont' have git installed
or it's not in your path
but if you got FireBreath another way then it doesn't matter
jwgroup 12:05 oh ok
do I still run everything through the command prompt window?
taxilian 12:05 yes
jwgroup 12:05 also, once I have the FireBreath downloaded, where do I put the firebreath boost and the python folders?
taxilian 12:05 python you install seperately
it's not part of it
jwgroup 12:05 oooh
taxilian 12:05 firebreath will probably install boost for you without issues, so just extract firebreath and run the script to create a project template
you only need python to run
which creates you a blank project
you don't even *need*, it's just a lot easier to start that way
jwgroup 12:05 o okay
so after I install Python, I just go into the directory of Firebreath and run ?
taxilian 12:05 you'll probably need to run it "python"
make sure python is added to your path
jwgroup 12:05 sorry, how do i do that?
I'm not very accustommed to using the command prompt
taxilian 12:05
jwgroup 12:05 oooo
Sorry about all the noob questions
I'm just trying to deploy a C++ program for the web, and was told that Firebreath was the easiest way to do it
taxilian 12:05 I don't mind questions; I do expect that you'll do your own homework, though =] I am only obnoxious about questions that you could have found the answer to yourself instead of asking me
jwgroup 12:05 fair enough
sabotaged|wk 12:05 ugh this wiki just busted my entry
taxilian 12:05 which wiki what?
sabotaged|wk 12:05 the one firebreath uses
added some cmake code in a code block and it messed it up
taxilian 12:05 looking, hang on
sabotaged|wk 12:05 unknown macro
taxilian 12:05 you didn't put {code} {code} around it
sabotaged|wk 12:05 really
taxilian 12:05 edit it in Wiki Markup, not in Rich Text
you'll find it's less confusing
sabotaged|wk 12:05 oh ok
taxilian 12:05 less likely to throw you off
sabotaged|wk 12:05 yeah i remember i found that one time before
ok ill fix it
taxilian 12:05 thanks for updating the docs, btw
I really wish more people would do that
sabotaged|wk 12:05 glad to help
taxilian 13:05 jwgroup: making some progress now?
didn't mean to say you couldn't ask any questions =]
jwgroup 13:05 haha, im actually going back and reinstalling the necessary components
like DDK
taxilian 13:05 you're using the express edition?
jwgroup 13:05 you mean for VS? yeah
VS 2010 express
taxilian 13:05 ahh
yeah, you'll need DDK, then =]
jwgroup 13:05 hahah yeah
From what I've read on the getting started pages, I need to download Firebreath, Cmake 2.8, Boost, DDK, and Python 2.7? is there something else I'm missing?
taxilian 13:05 assuming you have vs2010 express already installed, I don't think so
sabotaged|wk: is there a reason you erased everything from the Mac Plugins page?
I have restored it…
bbl, lunch
sabotaged|wk 13:05 i moved it to child page
thought it would make more sense
taxilian 14:05 I'm okay with that idea as long as you put something else in place of it to indicate the new organization =]
sabotaged|wk 15:05 fair enough
starakaj 15:05 hey so..... wix question
taxilian 15:05 heh. I'll try
starakaj 15:05 first of all
once upon a time I was able to build my installer just fine
then I tried to add some files to the installer
I couldn't make that work because I couldn't find the files relative to SourceDir
fine, whatever, I'll get to that later, I said
so I commented out all the file inclusion garbage and tried to build again
but now I'm getting an error saying some component installs to user profile and must be installed via a registry key, not a file path
taxilian 15:05 do you see the KeyPath="Yes" on one of the elements?
each component has to have something with a KeyPath="Yes" on it; when you're installing to a user profile, that has to be a registry key, it can't be on a file
starakaj 15:05 yeah, a couple
I think something more sinister than that must be bungled
taxilian 15:05 pastebin the file
starakaj 15:05 exactly two components have KeyPath="Yes"
taxilian 15:05 that's part of your problem, then
starakaj 15:05 and both...well, I'll show you
don't make fun of me
taxilian 15:05 no promises is one of the faster ones
or there is always a github gist
starakaj 15:05 unfortunately no
1 sec
oh cool
turns out pastebin=sweet
taxilian 15:05 even better if you turn on syntax highlighting:
hmm. what is the exact error message it gives you?
starakaj 15:05 ooooo pretty
ugh, 1 sec
taxilian 15:05 send me your np????.wxs file
starakaj 15:05 sure
1 sec
ugh, it's going to be a little while
I'll get back to you
sabotaged|wk 16:05 (invalidating?) core animation is supposed to work on 10.5 in chrome, right?
dont think the window attached event is firing on my plugin in 10.5 for chrome, though it works for ff4 and safari
taxilian 16:05 sabotaged|wk: ICA works on 10.5 in Chrome, I believe, though there are a couple of oddities to it
nothing that you should hit with just one plugin per page
that I can think of
sabotaged|wk 16:05 hmm
whats the output of firebreath logging? or do i have to make my own target for it
taxilian 16:05 by default if you enable it (you have to turn on log4cplus) it just goes to the console
you need to set your own target, etc if you want it to go to a file
sabotaged|wk 16:05 how do i turn on log4cplus
taxilian 16:05 add_firebreath_library(log4cplus) in your PluginConfig.cmake
sabotaged|wk 16:05 ok
taxilian 16:05 sorry, I tried to make it easier, but I couldn't think of a good way ;-)
sabotaged|wk 16:05 works for me
taxilian 16:05 that's another one that someone should document someday
how to use the logging stuff
taxilian 17:05 !findfile JSAPI.h
taxilian_ 17:05 !findfile JSAPI.h
starakaj 17:05 quick but dumb question
is there an easy/recommended way to differentiate between plugin events?
taxilian 17:05 what do you mean?
starakaj 17:05 like to say if plugin event is a keyboard event do X and if its a mouse event do Y?
taxilian 17:05 in C++?
starakaj 17:05 ya
dynamic cast?
taxilian 17:05 well, I usually handle the events with different functions...
but you can dynamic cast it, yes
that's what EVENTCASE does behind the scenes
starakaj 17:05 yeah.... in this extremely specific case I think it's cleaner to dynamic cast
a'ight, cool, thanks
taxilian 17:05 !findfile PluginEvent.h
FireBreathBot 17:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 17:05 you can use validType and get, both template functions on a pluginevent
!find validType
FireBreathBot 17:05 Found 2 possible matches. Displaying 2
/^ bool validType()$/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvent.h:
/^ bool validType()$/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEventSource.h:
taxilian 17:05 !find get
FireBreathBot 17:05 Found 292 possible matches. Displaying 5
/^ T* get()$/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginEvent.h:
/^ static fxn_ptr_table* get()$/ (f) found in src/ScriptingCore/variant.h:
/^Value::get( UInt index, $/ (f) found in src/libs/jsoncpp/src/json_value.cpp:
/^Value::get( const CppTL::ConstString &key,$/ (f) found in src/libs/jsoncpp/src/json_value.cpp:
/^Value::get( const char *key, $/ (f) found in src/libs/jsoncpp/src/json_value.cpp:
taxilian 17:05 they just do a dynamic cast, though; they are convenience methods