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AndrewMac 08:11 anyone know if you can use chrome to highlight text on a page in an extension, so I dont have to manually modify the dom
taxilian 10:11 jshanab: you technically don't have to use prepmake, you just need to pass in one or two variables into cmake and build with the firebreath root dir as your project dir. I want to refactor the cmake to make it project-centric now that a) I know how and b) multiple mimetypes are supported, but I haven't had time to do so.
jshanab 10:11 I tried most of yesturday but ended up giving up until I could talk to you. The add_firebreath_library(foo) required me to directly include common.cmake after setting manuall off of env variables the FB_ROOT and PROJECT but i got so many errors, I had to give up. It appears to me(and I am a cmake novice) that right now it depends on being in a certain directory. I also havea tough time with...
...the dual project stuff, where it creates a top level project called Firebreath and then one for the project. My cmake foo is lame
taxilian 10:11 well, there are some other variables you'd need to include
it's probably possible, but it'll take some digging
sorry :-/
jshanab 10:11 I was able to just use make for now with KDEvelop4 so I am ok, but it would fix up it's intellesense if i could do it without the prep. I have a bigger issue
The getWidow in the PluginWindowX11 returns a GdkNativeWindow which is a gpointer type. My GL library needs a "Window" type which is an X11 XID type. The new function in gdk to get it requires the display but that is not avail and I was unable to get the XID with the older call, it just hangs on the call to get it.
I am better at cmake than X11 ;-)
taxilian 10:11 heh. yeah, I can't really help you there I'm afraid
jshanab 10:11 I think the best solution would be to add to PluginWindowX11 another function called getX11window() that returns the XID
i was gonna try that after work tonight
taxilian 18:11 main computer now reinstalled
jshanab 19:11 taxilian. Success!. I got the linux plugin working, 2 down 1 to go :-)
taxilian 19:11 nice
with opengl?
jshanab 19:11 Yes, a modified glfw 3.0
taxilian 20:11 awesome
I never did manager to get an opengl plugin on linux working
just got a 512GB SSD for my imac
definitely going a bit faster than the old one
jshanab 20:11 I need to get it working on mac and then I will "submit it" You can of coursehave it at anytime.
taxilian 20:11 and it turns out (noticed when I was running the new installer) that the old drive is dying
sounds cool! =] wish I could help more; just too much to do
jshanab 20:11 This macbook air has a SSD and my desktop at work has a pair in raid. I love em
taxilian 20:11 heh. raid 0 or 1?
jshanab 20:11 taxillian. I have a git question. Can I give a person access to a subdirectory of a it tree or must I break it out into it's own repo?
taxilian 20:11 it's own repo
AFAIk there is no way to control access on a per-directory basis
jshanab 20:11 mirrored, i think
Then i will have to zip the plugin up and send to you, the glfw repo I can give you access to (just need to send me an ssh key, i am using gitolite)
taxilian 20:11 is there a reason that glfw and this plugin have to be closed source?
you could throw them up as projects on the FireBreath github account
jshanab 20:11 No it is just the project is in a subdir of the companies project! Bad repo design on my part. These are both to be open. glfw does not yet have the ability to create a window in the browser, that is what I am adding. They need a demo on the big 3 before they will consider it upstream. Id rather not "fork"
taxilian 20:11 ahh
if I were you I'd still put it in its own repo, though, just local
use a submodule
jshanab 20:11 The windows version of my video plugin using glfw as the back end is in test and is looking like the best version we have ever had. running on winxp,win7,win8 ie8,9,10 and ff
taxilian 20:11 nice
jshanab 20:11 I swear, it took 6 months plus to find one way of drawing that works on this many. If I can just get chrome to work (it crashes if I resize the browser and it is NOT related to glfw)
taxilian 20:11 I'm actually impressed you've found one that is even close =]
jshanab 20:11 You can google glfw, but you will find the stable 2.7 version. the 3.0 version that is yet to be frozen but is close, is what I like, it handles multiple windows and is more thread safe. just what the dr ordered for plugins. The phrase "..and does not lay claim to the main event loop" was a selling point
taxilian 20:11 hehe
yeah, I can see how that would be =]
still no luck on mac?
jshanab 20:11 99.999% of al opengl assumes a single window game
taxilian 20:11 I have noticed that
jshanab 20:11 Well xcode was not working. Now that I figured a lot out on linux, hopefully I can figure it out on mac
taxilian 20:11 cool
brb, I need to feed my son
jshanab 20:11 That will be tommorow nights goal