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jin15 04:05 hello
can some body tell me how to connect MFC header to my firebreath project?
dougma 08:05 taxilian: it's curly but i made some progress today (in-between other stuff)
NoAntzWk 08:05 Hi to all.
I'm using version 1.5.2 (hash commit fe51122af570d4476411b9a38d27c87ac879a285). Calling prep2005 command to build default dummy plugin I get the following error: "Studio WAS unexpected at this time." It happens to someone else?
FireBreathBot 08:05 fe51122 by Richard Bateman: FIREBREATH-73: exception handling on FireEvent
dougma 08:05 !findfile prep2005
FireBreathBot 08:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 08:05 NoAntzWk: Normal dos shell?
NoAntzWk 09:05 Yes. Normal cmd command on Windows / x64. It's extrange.I found some info ( but it's not my case. I haven't double quotes entries in %PATH%. :-?
taxilian 09:05 Huh
NoAntzWk 09:05 After update..... I have another issue running cmake.
For my plugin, I receive this cmake message:
"CMake Error: Unknown Target referenced : psapi"
"CMake Error: Target: dummyplugin depends on unknown target: psapi"
Analizing my cmake I found that ${PLUGIN_INTERNAL_DEPS} has added a psapi dependency at the end of list.
And I found no further reference (my plugin cmake has not an explicit reference to psapi)... :-?
taxilian 09:05 NoAntzWk: what version of cmake are you using?
NoAntzWk 09:05 CMake v2.8.2
taxilian 09:05 hmm. psapi is a system lib; you shouldn't be getting an error that it isn't there
you could try changing Win.cmake to include psapi.lib instead of just "psapi
you could also try updating cmake to see if it figured that out on its own with the newer ver
NoAntzWk 09:05 I will try to add "target_link_libraries(${PROJNAME} psapi.lib)" instead "target_link_libraries(${PROJNAME} psapi)" in Win.cmake.Otherwise I will update cmake, to.
Thnak you, for your comments! :)
taxilian 09:05 let me know how it works
NoAntzWk 09:05 I will do!
sabotaged|wk 18:05 anyone seen this message in xcode when you try and attach
No launchable executable present at path
driving me nuts, i have no idea why it suddently started happening
taxilian 18:05 did you add the custom executable?
sabotaged|wk 18:05 not sure what you're asking
that step on the wiki
taxilian 18:05 yeah
it's fairly annoying, but still pretty important
sabotaged|wk 18:05 when do you have to do that though? i don't think i've done that for months and months.. like the first time i tried debugging a plugin on the mac
taxilian 18:05 every time you rerun prep you have to do it again
kinda stinks
sabotaged|wk 18:05 what the
taxilian 18:05 cmake overwrites the xcode project
sabotaged|wk 18:05 i've run the prep countless times without doing that
taxilian 18:05 dunno
gotta run
sabotaged|wk 18:05 and attaching worked
taxilian 18:05 bbl
sabotaged|wk 18:05 later
sabotaged|wk 18:05 added the custom executable, then it worked
prep'd again
don't see the custom executable anymore under executables
but i can attach to chrome
taxilian 22:05 sabotaged|wk: got me =]
no idea
sabotaged|wk 23:05 question about javascript object lifetime
if you hookup an event to a javascript object, but don't keep a reference to that object
will the browser garbage collect it?
assuming you don't keep a reference to that object anywhere in your plugin
taxilian 23:05 depends
but most likely yes, it will be garbage collected
if you don't hold a reference to it anywhere
sabotaged|wk 23:05 yeah, i was just wondering if hooking up an event keeps a reference to it somehow
taxilian 23:05 shouldn't