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gargle 07:05 hi
neilg_ 08:05 Hey
taxilian 09:05 'morning, ya'll'ns
jshanab_wcw_ 10:05 morning
gargle 10:05 Hi
someone here?
neilg_ 10:05 Sure
What's up?
gargle 10:05 hey :)
I'm looking for freelance who know firebreath and win/mac, with free time for a nice project :)
do you know someone here ?
like this
taxilian 10:05 lol. those are in short supply; most everyone around here is usually pretty swamped. What are you looking to do?
gargle 10:05 I like to port a plugin created from scratch under windows to firebreath. then create it for mac
the core is pretty independant, but it need to "speak" with javacript in string/value/table
taxilian 10:05 how complex of a plugin?
gargle 10:05 capture the mic voice, modify it (according to params send by javascript) and play it with a lag of max 30 ms
taxilian 10:05 huh. that's a new one =]
gargle 10:05 the problem is around the com part between firefox and soft core
taxilian 10:05 well, if you have an existing plugin it's probably not all that hard to port it to FireBreath; I have so much work right now that my rates to take another project would be what most people would consider ridiculously high
I don't know if anyone else here would have time or not
gargle 10:05 i'm looking for someone which can help me to release it quickly
taxilian 10:05 gargle: the COM part? meaning the interface to the sound card and such? or what?
gargle 10:05 COM mean comunication part
taxilian 10:05 okay… what specifically are you concerned about? just the javascript interface?
gargle 10:05 i search to convert fb:variant to what I need .... (BSTR, WCHAR ...)
it's the major problem
for windows
taxilian 10:05 !wiki variant
FireBreathBot 10:05 8 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB variant variant (2)":
"class FB variant variant (3)":
"class FB variant ~variant":
"class FB variant variant":
"file variant_conversions.h":
"file variant_list.h":
"file variant_map.h":
"class FB variant":
taxilian 10:05 the last link there is probably what you want
it's really not hard; you convert it to a std::wstring and that can be easily converted to a BSTR
have you actually tried creating a FireBreath plugin? I think it likely that it's far, far easier than you think
gargle 10:05 oups, don't look the good thing, i think ...
thanks a lot
but if someone would like to help me (Mac & Win version). My boss want it ASAP and he send me some money for a freelance
sabotaged|wk 11:05 are FB::script_error exceptions bad?
taxilian 11:05 what do you mean?
sabotaged|wk 11:05 i call FireEvent near plugin shutdown i guess, and i'm getting a FB::script_error("Shutting down") in syncCallHelper
taxilian 11:05 that means that it couldn't fire the event because things were shutting down; hmm. we should wrap that with a try … catch in FireEvent
if it's just an event it probably isn't a bit deal, we just need a try … catch to keep it from being unhandled
sabotaged|wk 11:05 and to verify: is it okay to call FireEvent from any thread?
taxilian 11:05 yes
are you on 1.5 now?
sabotaged|wk 11:05 yeah, not quite head of 1.5 branch though
i'm wondering if this exception means i haven't shut my worker thread down in time?
taxilian 11:05 let me look; hang on
!findfile FBControl.h
FireBreathBot 11:05 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
taxilian 11:05 sabotaged|wk: no, it shuts down BrowserHost before it shuts down the plugin; once BrowserHost shutdown is called you can no longer do cross-thread calls, including events
so there should be a try .. catch in FireEvent so it can just silently fail
sabotaged|wk 11:05 ok
yeah, i just checked and it seems like i'm cleaning up my worker threads in response to my plugin object destructing
taxilian 11:05 in 1.5 there is a shutdown() method where you can clean those up
which would probably be a better palce
mainly because shared_ptrs and weak_ptrs to the plugin object are still valid
but I don't think it'll change anything
this is really a FireBreath bug, I would say
sabotaged|wk 11:05 ok
rcohn 11:05 Hi - thanks for the advice on 1.5.1 fixing Windows build header dependencies. That worked fine, and I no longer have to go in after generating the build project and add those dependencies.
I do have another question.
taxilian 11:05 excelent. that is why we keep updating things =]
rcohn 11:05 I tried renaming my generated plugin in PluginConfig.cmake to: set(FBSTRING_PluginFileName "fb${PLUGIN_NAME}.dll")
taxilian 11:05 all windows NPAPI plugins *must* start iwth "np"
rcohn 11:05 After rebuilding, and re-registering my plugin, I discovered it would no longer load. I suspect that the registry may not have been getting properly cleaned up after unregistering under the old name (using np${PLUGIN_NAME}.dll)
taxilian 11:05 firefox won't even load it if it doesn't
rcohn 11:05 OK. I just saw your post about starting with "np". That answers that. Thanks again.
taxilian 11:05 glad I could help =]
FireBreathBot 11:05 JIRA issue issue created by jzablot
sabotaged|wk 14:05 anyone know how to get cmake to add a resource to the xcode project? like an image that i want to put in the plugin bundle
taxilian 14:05 !findfile Mac.cmake
FireBreathBot 14:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 14:05 sabotaged|wk:
sabotaged|wk 14:05 yeah so it looks like add_executable
ok thanks
taxilian 14:05 no no no
wrong line
add_executable creates the plugin target which later is patched into a bundle
you want "set_source_files_properties"
sabotaged|wk 14:05 really
seems like you call add_executable though with sources Info.plist, etc
taxilian 14:05 of course I do
and with all the other plugin sources
that's the plugin project
and you'll need to add whatever files are involved to the project sources
just like any .cpp or .h or .mm file
however, what makes them get put into the bundle is setting the MACOSX_PACKAGE_LOCATION
sabotaged|wk 14:05 ok
FireBreathBot 15:05 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard
taxilian 15:05 sabotaged|wk: if you could, that'd be a really good thing to through up on the wiki somewhere after you have it figured out
sabotaged|wk 15:05 ok
FireBreathBot 15:05 Commit fe51122 on firebreath-1.5 by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-73: exception handling on FireEvent"
Commit fe51122 on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-73: exception handling on FireEvent"
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Please try that and let me know if it fixes your issue."
taxilian 16:05 dougma: you 'round?
dougma 19:05 back
taxilian: will revise my fb-68 pull req