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certmaks 10:05 does anyone here know how I would go about changing the visual studio project "output directory" using the CMakeLists.txt file?
I have never used cmake before so its rather confusing
taxilian 11:05 certmaks: you're trying to change where the .dll gets generated?
certmaks 11:05 yes
taxilian 11:05 well, there are two approaches
you can change the output directory, or you could just copy the build result using a post-build rule
are you using the wix installer?
While the wix installer should be able to adjust to changing the output dir, I'm not 100% certain if it does or not
but basically to change the output dir you can use set_target_properties; look at the "add_windows_plugin" macro in Win.cmake for an example — in fact, this is how the default is set. You can call it again in your own projectDef.cmake file after add_windows_plugin to override it
!findfile Win.cmake