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krasnovu 04:05 hi! somebody used plugin in ie on win7 64 ? register plugin through regsrv32 passed, but under ie not seen. under firefox all is well
jshanab_wcw 06:05 I have started to run into a bit of an issue with the detach window event. the event gets sent after the new window is created on a window refresh. This causes a flash on the screen and shuts down my player, since I was using window detach event as the location to shut things down. So the event is from a different , previous, instance. What is the best way to fix it?
rodchyn 07:05 Hi all, I have one question about FireBreath
How I can show notification in browser
like remember password in chrome
or like run ActiveX in IE
jj_ 07:05 hello
i need somebody say , who do show external window in NPAPI plugin
taxilian 08:05 jshanab_wcw: which browser(s)?
tomek__ 08:05 Hello, we have recently updated from Firebreath 1.4.1 to 1.5.1 and after updating our plugin we have noticed that when we use PluginThreadAsyncCall in Firefox it only works for the first 2-3 seconds, sic!
taxilian 08:05 wait… you are calling PluginThreadAsyncCall directly?
tomek__ 08:05 to be exact we are calling InvalidateWindow()
strangly it works OK in Chrome
taxilian 08:05 what platform?
tomek__ 08:05 this is on Mac OS X
taxilian 08:05 (these are things I always need to know)
tomek__ 08:05 we haven't tried in Safari yet
taxilian 08:05 hmm. that is really very odd.
jshanab_wcw 08:05 taxilian. I found the issue, it was a tight loop reconnecting to the video source because I miss typed the password. :-). it seems good now.
tomek__ 08:05 we have written a test plugin, which on startup starts new thread and calls InvalidateWindow() in aloop with slight delay between
taxilian 08:05 so when you say PluginThreadAsyncCall you really mean that cross thread calls aren't working
tomek__ 08:05 yes
taxilian 08:05 hmm. that is, indeed, very strange; I'm doing something similar on another plugin and it works fine
tomek__ 08:05 strangely it works the first couple of times and then it stops
taxilian 08:05 jshanab_wcw: glad you got it figured out
tomek__: when you say you do it in a loop… on a secondary thread, then?
tomek__ 08:05 by saying "works" I mean that the function is called in the main thread
well we start a secondary thread which has an infinite loop
taxilian 08:05 can you pastebin me the code for the relevant file in your test plugin?
what drawing model are you using?
tomek__ 08:05 CG if I remember correctly
however the same thing is even without drawing
taxilian 08:05 what version of firefox?
tomek__ 08:05 I mean when we call arbitrary function on the main thread
Firefox 3.x
the same with Firefox 4.0.1
rougly the same code (even test code) works just fine with Firebreath 1.4.1
taxilian 08:05 can you send me the test plugin?
tomek__ 08:05 what is really bizarre is that it works for certain time (approx 2-3 seconds) and not number of calls
so if the daly is 1 second then we only get 3 calls
if the delay is 100ms we get approx 15 calls
I'll arrange the source code
taxilian 08:05 another test: build FBTestPlugin and enable FireBug and start up the test page in examples/FBTestPlugin/test.html
it has a thread that logs out a message every second
see if that works
tomek__ 08:05 taxilian, how can I send you the example?
taxilian 08:05 best way is probably to submit a jira ticket and attach it
tomek__ 08:05 OK :-)
taxilian 08:05 I'll probably have to look at it a bit later today; I have a call in about an hour and I need to do some preparation
tomek__ 09:05 I'll submit a jira ticket, thanks for the hint with FBTestPlugin
taxilian 09:05 np. hope we get it figured out soon; I haven't ever seen that issue and I'm using 2 different plugins on mac, so it's gotta be something
stuartmorgan: is there a ticket open for the "only one ICA plugin per page" issue on Chrome? Someone on the google group is complaining about it
stuartmorgan 09:05
taxilian 09:05 thanks
ok, gotta go get ready for the day. bbl
stuartmorgan 09:05 Sigh.
taxilian_away: please don't instruct people to "whine about it" or "make noise"
spamming our bugs with useless comments results in bugs getting locked, not in higher priorities
taxilian 09:05 stuartmorgan: sorry, I didn't really mean it in that sense; meant it more of a "I am also experiencing this issue" type of a way
not a "Why hasn't anyone fixed this? get to work you morons" sort of way
stuartmorgan 09:05 taxilian: "me too" comments don't add useful information; that's what the star is for
taxilian 09:05 stuartmorgan: fair enough
stuartmorgan 09:05 (except in the case where we can't figure out if a bug is reproducible)
amackera 13:05 taxilian: when throwing an FB::script_error() from my JSAPI methods, does that exception get thrown in javascript?
taxilian 13:05 yes and no
yes it gets thrown… no, currently browsers don't seem to support that correctly anymore
nor do they seem to care (issues have been filed)
amackera 13:05 lame :(
taxilian 13:05 yep
amackera 13:05 apart from returning a string from my JSAPI methods, is there a way to let JS know why the method failed?
taxilian 13:05 well, you could create your own error handling mechanism, I suppose, and have it call another function
amackera 13:05 ah yeah, good call
taxilian 13:05 naturally. all my calls are good. ;-)
(honest. all of them)
amackera 13:05 hehe
amackera 15:05 taxilian: have you ever seen any weird errors in mac os system files when trying to use log4cplus?
specifically stat.h
taxilian 15:05 hmm. I don't think so, no
amackera 15:05 ah i think I figured out my problem
taxilian 15:05 glad I could help