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jshanab_ 06:11 I have not update in a few, so maybe this has been handled. In the PluginWindowX11, it includes gtk but noen of the gdk So there is no way to get the X11window handle?
The problem I am having is if I pass the window handle returned from FB:PluginWindowX11->getWindow to any X11 functions(cast to Window), they return the error code that the parameter is "not a window" I need to go from GdkNativeWindow to X11's "Window"
AluisioASG 17:11 Anyone e
Is anyone here available to give me some help?
jshanab_ 17:11 maybe. What is the question?
AluisioASG 17:11 I changed something in my plugin and now trying to get its JS API (via document.getElementById) gives me "TypeError".
jshanab_ 17:11 humm.
AluisioASG 17:11 Nevermind. It seems that it's not an error after all.
jshanab_ 17:11 ok, cause you don't get the api, per see
AluisioASG 17:11 Now I can see I do.
It's that previously, accessing the embed element in the console printed something more "expected". Now it just shows "TypeError". I had to call <element>.toString() to see it was actually a "<JSAPI-Auto Javascript Object>".
Anyway, consider it solved.