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jshanab_wcw 06:05 good morning
cxo 08:05 On Windows, I can't see stdout from my plugin. How do i get it turned on?
jshanab_wcw 08:05 I do not think you can, but I found all to std out ends up in the log for FF if you turn it on or the debug window of Visual Studio. Also, FB has a logger you can use
cxo 08:05 How do you turn on the FF log?
When i google, i keep getting things about the javascript log
jshanab_wcw 08:05 It is an environment variable. ...let me google
sorry, cannot find :-(
cxo 09:05 Really annoying. I do an fopen to a logfile, and it gives me a null handle
Is this some kind of security thing on windows?
taxilian 11:05 cxo: it depends on where you're trying to open the logfile
neilg_ 12:05 cxo: My guess is you're using Internet Explorer
taxilian 12:05 or he could be trying to write somewhere he doesn't have permissions; like the firefox dir
neilg_ 12:05 If you used Firefox (well, it worked in 3, haven't tried 4) or Chrome then you'd find stdout wasn't being eaten
Though you'd need to be using something like Sysinternals' dbgview in order to see it
In regards to the file, what taxilian says is absolutely correct!
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