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mastropinguino 04:05 hi
there's anyone?
amackera 09:05 Hey, anybody have any recommendations for code signing certificates?
It looks like Globalsign is the cheapest... I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not
nitrogenycs 09:05 amackera: these are the cheapest I found:
we had a discussion here once where we agreed they are probably the cheapest
can't see why they should be worse than the others
amackera 09:05 nitrogenycs: thanks!
linearray 10:05 is fbgen in 1.5.1 supposed to be broken?
amackera 10:05 linearray: uh oh
windows, mac or linux?
linearray 10:05 mac
problem seems to be
amackera 10:05 what's broken?
linearray 10:05 processes templates
and it thinks CMakeLists.txt is a template :)
which does not like
ValueError: Unable to read file with name fbgen/src/CMakeLists.txt
amackera 10:05 hmm
let me check it out
linearray 10:05 hm
that error is raised after if not os.path.isfile(filename):
amackera 10:05 it actually seems to work just fine for me
linearray 10:05 ok!
i have to call ./ in the firebreath dir
not from outside
amackera 10:05 ahh yes that makes sense
Maybe we should make a ticket to make fbgen work from outside the FB dir
linearray 10:05 I thought it would create the projects dir outside then
amackera 10:05 you should be able to move your projects dir outside after fbgen has run
and then specify the projects folder when invoking your script
taxilian 11:05 I actually plan to replace fbgen in the not too distant future, so I won't be fixing it
but someone else can if they want
amackera 12:05 taxilian: What are you thinking of replacing it with?
taxilian 12:05 a web-based version
more powerful, much more powerful if you're willing to donate =]
taxilian 12:05 there are a number of reasons; most of them selfish on my part. It will still be free for at least the functionality the current version has, though
you'll be able to just download a zip file with the code in it
linearray 12:05 and what are the advanced features?
taxilian 13:05 being able to create multiple plugins (in the same project), automatically generate platform specific subclasses, specify which system events you want, define the full JSAPI interface, ...
add features like inter-plugin instance communication, linked instances, etc
just little things to make it easier to get started and understand how things work
customized sample code, essentially
linearray 13:05 :D
taxilian 13:05 I'll also be putting in more video tutorials and documentation that will be available to people who donate (and I'm flexible on what "donate" means); I'm mainly trying to provide a little incentive and business justification for donating to the project
and I'll be honest; part of why I want to do it is that I can then see how many people are generating projects and have a better idea of how many people are using FireBreath
stuartmorgan 13:05 taxilian: you aren't worried about discouraging commercial use?
taxilian 13:05 I'm not anticipating that it would discourage commercial use
stuartmorgan 13:05 If step one is entering some of the details of an unannounced product into a web UI on someone else's server, I'd be surprised if it didn't
taxilian 13:05 there is nothing that forces you to build out the API on the server
it's completely optional
if you want to, it will help you do it so you see what the available types are and how to build the APIs in code
but if you don't want to then just leave the API as the default and do it after you download it
stuartmorgan 13:05 Ah, I guess I'm thinking of something else; I thought fbgen was what took the basic plugin info (like the name) and actually created the project.
linearray 13:05 hm :)
taxilian 13:05 oh, no
that's the prep script
fbgen is what generates the skeleton code that you start with
I would certainly not try to put that online =]
linearray 13:05 is there really good docs (like a book) on plugin development?
i understood the interacting with JS and parameter passing, but I have no idea how drawing works (which may have to do with my lack of experience in programming with guis)
stuartmorgan 14:05 There are no especially good docs that I know of
MDN is probably the best
But everything it says about the Mac is wrong at this point because it's never been updated
For the Mac you pretty much have to just read the drawing and event specs
(and then read about the Mac technology(ies) underlying the model(s) you decide to use)