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Venkat 01:05 I am new to firebreath and want to know the details of this. Is there any documentation available on this?
Venkat 02:05 can some one please help
naren 04:05 hi
taxilian 14:05 wow. I am no longer convinced that Macs are overpriced
because I can't find a single PC with comparable specs for less
they all fall short on at least the screen
which is the most important to me
amackera 15:05 I also haven't been able to find a PC that comes close to matching the quality of the Mac touchpad
taxilian 15:05 lenovos aren't bad lately
tony_ 22:05 hi
tony_ 23:05 I have problem with my old xcode firebreath project in mac which opens in xcode 4, i cannot see the project as a one solution as it was used to be in xcode 3.2