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neilg_ 07:05 Morning all!
jshanab_wcw 08:05 morning
taxilian 08:05 morning
ljoxa 08:05 hi
taxilian 08:05 morning
ljoxa 08:05 people do you now how to get url with firebreath and save it in a txt file
taxilian 08:05 what do you mean? what url? download the url or just get the url?
ljoxa 08:05 when you write url in browser
jshanab_wcw 08:05 Place it in a cookie for later use ?
taxilian 08:05 ljoxa: I'm sorry, I still really don't understand what you're trying to do
ljoxa 08:05 i need create a plugin which read the url adress which user is writing in browser , then i need to save this inserted url in txt file
taxilian 08:05 a plugin can only affect the page that it is inserted into
if I understand you correctly, you want something to save the URL of every page visited
you would need an extension for that, not a plugin
ljoxa 08:05 something to save the URL of every page visited
taxilian 08:05 yeah, you definitely can't do that with a plugin.
ljoxa 08:05 in text file
taxilian 08:05 !findfile IDispatchAPI.cpp
FireBreathBot 08:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 08:05 NoAntzWk: responded to your forum post
saggurthi 09:05 where i can see the firebreath logs
taxilian 09:05 saggurthi: which logs?
wait… he ask the question and 10 minutes later he's gone?
I can't literally sit at my keyboard all day… =]
neilg_ 09:05 taxilian: Why not? What kind of customer support do you offer huh? ;)
I think I've fixed some more issues with FB (on Windows this time), just testing now to be sure
taxilian 09:05 hehe
neilg_ 09:05 Doesn't look like it was handling plugins resizing properly
taxilian 09:05 for free? yep
neilg_ 09:05 Oh, and I fixed some of the documentation on the site earlier
Mostly because of my OCD. =)
taxilian 09:05 yeah, I saw =]
neilg_ 09:05 Are.. you related to Sauron? ;)
taxilian 09:05 lol
no, I just set it up to email me anytime anything changes
neilg_ 09:05 You know, that's not nearly as impressive!
taxilian 09:05 oh, umm.. I mean… I sensed the changes
neilg_ 09:05 That's better! =)
amackera 12:05 it's election day here in canada
taxilian 12:05 ooooohhh
neilg_ 14:05 Hmm. I need to add a define that affects both my plugin(s) but also all the FB targets. But only for Windows. Not 100% sure how to do that. Maybe in Win.cmake?
Basically I need to make sure that everything is compiled with _SECURE_SCL=0
neilg_ 14:05 builldconfig.cmake it is then!
Damned STL with MSVC...
amackera 14:05 taxilian: Is there a way to get chrome to register a new plugin without restarting?
on windows
taxilian 15:05 amackera:
register it
and call navigator.plugins.refresh(false) to detect it
amackera 15:05 the registration should be done in the wix installer, yes?
i probably just need to refresh then :)
taxilian 15:05 yes
look at the example javascript detection script
it does all of that
amackera 15:05 bonus, thanks