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Kevin__ 09:04 hello, can anybody help me with using Wix to create an installer?
taxilian 09:04 probably
are you the one who posted on the forum?
Kevin__ 09:04 nope
taxilian 09:04 ok; just wondering
whats up?
Kevin__ 09:04 i've created a basic plugin using fbgen and built it using visual studio 2010
but when i use "candle.exe pluginname.wxs" i get an error saying that the ${FBSTRING_PLUGIN_VERSION} is not a valid version
taxilian 09:04 okay, first thing is: why are you running candle.exe yourself?
it's run as part of the solution
Kevin__ 09:04 ah
taxilian 09:04 second thing is that the .wxs file in your plugin directory is a template; it is configured as part of the prep script
so if you installed wix after setting up your project you'll need to re-run the prep script for the wix stuff to be generated
Kevin__ 09:04 oh ok, i'll give it a go
is the .msi file supposed to be generated automatically?
taxilian 09:04 more or less
one of the projects (<project>_WiXInstaller) I think) creates it
Kevin__ 09:04 hmmm...i'm not finding the .msi file
taxilian 09:04 is the project there is vs2010?
Kevin__ 09:04 yeah <project>_WiXInstall
taxilian 09:04 try building it directly
the output .msi should be in the same place as the .dll
if it isn't there check the build log
Kevin__ 09:04 the build failed; it can't find np<project>.dll
taxilian 09:04 hmm. I would rebuild the whole solution
if that file isn't there there must be another error
Kevin__ 09:04 ok...rebuilding
hmmm...i still get the 1 failure
taxilian 09:04 have you changed anything in your cmake config files?
Kevin__ 09:04 nope
taxilian 09:04 hmm. try deleting the build directory entirely and rerunning prep
if that doesn't work pastebin me the build log
Kevin__ 09:04 yah, it built properly
...and the msi is there too!
thanks for clearing everything up for me :)
taxilian 09:04 Kevin__: often, if the build isn't working after you change something and it doesn't make sense, deleting the build dir and rerunning prep will fix it
for reasons nobody understands =]
cmake still has some occasional issues is all
Kevin__ 09:04 lol, i'll keep that in mind
amackera 10:04 github issues got a serious overhaul
pretty cool
taxilian 10:04 much needed, I would say
I'll have to look at it
will probably stick with JIRA for our project, but still good to see them finally address that =]
amackera 10:04 yeah
amackera 10:04 taxilian_away: Have you had any experience with the google breakpad or similar exception handler frameworks?
taxilian 11:04 amackera: I have started looking into it
the issue with that on a plugin is that it could interfere with the browser's crash handler
amackera 11:04 I was concerned about that also, but I found some old references to breakpad in the old o3d plugin
amackera 12:04 arrggg when I link the Breakpad framework my plugin doesn't load properly in the browser
amackera 12:04 Perhaps there's a way to get crash reports from mozilla?
amackera 12:04 so frustrating
cxo 14:04 How do you compile with debug symbols?
amackera 14:04 cxo: Just build with the "Debug" build configuration
both visual studio and xcode have them
cxo 14:04 i'm using cmake
how do you use a particular build configuration with cmake
amackera 14:04 cmake --build <build-dir> --config <Debug, or Release, or whatever>
cxo 14:04 That doesnt seem to be working. Invalid param
I'm running make from the build folder
amackera 14:04 are you building on windows, mac or linux?
cxo 14:04 linux