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jshanab_wcw 06:04 I am having a bit of an issue with my plugin displaying in IE. ON the attached window event i am trying to draw the window black. This works on all browsers except IE, I can't do it in css, lord knows I tried, IE seems to draw the window of an object as an opaque white no matter what you do. So I just clear to black. Thing is, it doesn't work. It is almost as if attach window is called to...
...early, a moment later I can fres play and then get video in that spot. I am on FB 1.4
nicklion 08:04 Hi all! I moved from FB1.4.3 to FB 1.5, plugin for Safari under MacOS X. And was surprised that FireEvent became synced - lead to deadlock :) events registered throuhg registerEvent (not new type-safe way) Is this my fault or FB bug?
cxo 08:04 How do I access my plugin object from the pluginAPI class?
and where am I supposed to actually implement the plugin. plugin.cpp or pluginAPI.cpp?
nicklion 08:04 cxo: pluginAPI class provides interaction with JS in you browser
plugin.cpp - actually your plugin
cxo: to access plugin from API use something like:
pluginPtr plugin(m_plugin.lock());
cxo 08:04 then pluginPtr.some_method(); should work right?
nicklion 08:04 use "->" in place of "."
cxo 08:04 hmm same error, well it says it expected an "unqualified-id before '->' token"
nicklion 08:04 you use this: pluginPtr plugin(m_plugin.lock());
copy real line here
cxo 08:04 thats exactly what i used
then pluginPtr->blah();
nicklion 08:04 then you have to use plugin->blah(); pluginPtr - is a type
cxo 08:04 ok that worked. Thanks
nicklion 08:04 nice :0
* :)
taxilian 09:04 nicklion: Get the latest from the 1.5 branch. The event bug is fixed
Cxo there is also a getPlugin method on your API class that gives you the pluginPtr
nicklion 09:04 @taxilian: you mean git? ok, thanks :)
taxilian 09:04 nicklion: you can either use git (which I recommend) or you can download the latest from that branch using github
in fact, I think I'll go ahead and put out 1.5.1 right now; it's got a few minor fixes, but it's been several days since anything new was reported, so it seems to be pretty stable
nicklion 09:04 i've used (hope it's ok): git clone firebreath
taxilian 09:04 that's fine; that branch will change in experimental ways, however
the 1.5 branch will remain stable and just get bugfixes
most people don't have issues with using the master branch, though; I just wouldn't use it if you're close to production release
nicklion 09:04 good :) thank you very much, firebreath is awesome :)
taxilian 09:04 you're welcome. if it's helpful, please contribute back in whatever way you are able =] (update docs, donate money, contribute bugfixes/new features, help other users, etc)
nicklion 09:04 ok :)
taxilian 09:04 FireBreath 1.5.1 released!
amackera 10:04 nice :D
taxilian 10:04 amackera: retweet the announcement, please ;-)
amackera: btw, not sure if you saw my response last night; google omaha is a pain in the neck to set up and build, but once you have it going it's not bad. If you use omaha on windows, I recommend google Update Engine on Mac, since it uses the same type of update server
nicklion 10:04 btw, may ask about github? what way is correct: to create brunch in FireBreath project (is it able at all?) or to fork project and then ask for merge back?
taxilian 10:04 to submit code changes?
nicklion 10:04 yes
taxilian 10:04 generally the "correct" way is to fork the project and submit a pull request
git pull request
FireBreathBot 10:04 There are no open pull requests in firebreath/FireBreath
amackera 10:04 taxilian: I've checked out Update Engine and got it to compile the sample project, but I'm not sure if it actually will autoupdate things
taxilian 10:04 you have to set it up to run periodically is all
amackera 10:04 Hmm do you know of any docs outlining how one might do that? or perhaps just a cron job or something similar?
taxilian 10:04 not offhand; Chrome uses it for updates, so you can figure out what they use
nicklion 10:04 ok, thank you again :) "crontab -e" and add something like "0 0 * * *" - to run every day at 00:00, isn't it (or i'm don't understand the question)?
taxilian 10:04 that is one option; on Mac OS cron jobs aren't quite as clean as on most flavors of *nix, but they work
nicklion 10:04 bye
amackera 10:04 Hmm
maybe I should be looking at a java applet
taxilian 10:04 that's one of the better options on mac for doing the initial install
though it does pop up the scary "do you really want to trust this applet?" dialog
amackera 10:04 yeah true
can javascript get the installed plugin's version without actually loading a plugin object?
taxilian 10:04 on firefox yes, ie no
amackera 10:04 what about chrome?
taxilian 10:04 yes
npapi yes
amackera 10:04 hmm ok swee
excluding IE, I could get the plugin's version, if it's less than the min required version load a java applet to install the newest version, yes?
taxilian 11:04 in my experience java is unreliable for installs on windows
if it worked, you could use it on IE as well; just don't replace the old dll, flag it for deletion and register the new one
x_endian 16:04 hi
can we access usb or serial with plugins?
can we access usb or serial ports with plugins?
taxilian 16:04 FireBreathBot: tell x_endian there is no reason you couldn't use USB or serial with a plugin, as long as the permissions in IE allow it (I think they do)
FireBreathBot 16:04 taxilian: I'll pass that on when x_endian is around.
amackera 17:04 that's a cool feature, this bot is handy!
taxilian 19:04 amackera: yeah, I had fun with him
he does other cool(er) tricks too
amackera 20:04 taxilian: any idea how to link a custom framework in cmake?
taxilian 20:04 I would assume the same way you link a normal framework
amackera 20:04 find_library()?
taxilian 20:04 and target_link_libraries