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grifo 06:04 hi there
I'm back to work...
anyone there?
taxilian 07:04 grifo: generally it's better to just ask a question; when someone gets back we''ll answer as we can
grifo 07:04 it was just a way to sau hello...
taxilian 07:04 ahh
hello =]
neilg_ 15:04 Hey
Well, I've found an input bug with Safari on the mac. Seems like it doesn't like drag events with the right mouse button!
If you hold down the right mouse button then you don't get any mouse movement events.
Very odd.
taxilian 15:04 someone else was mentioning that, actually
on the forum
let me know when you figure it out =]
neilg_ 15:04 Hmm, wonder if it's sending NPCocoaEventMouseDragged instead?
Chrome/Chromium doesn't so everything works properly there
That's my suspicion for right now :)
taxilian 15:04 let me know when you figure it out =]
(which means I haven't a clue)
and, as you know, I'm not big on helping people out anyway
neilg_ 15:04 Hmm, no, we check for that. Damn. :)
Well, I'm on it!
I'll let you know when I figure something out :)
taxilian 15:04 =]
neilg_ 15:04 Wait, what? You're awesome at helping people out!
taxilian 15:04 ;-)
3 finals left and I'm done with school...
neilg_ 15:04 That's fantastic news - good luck!
You may need that with a new baby ;)
taxilian 15:04 this first one, given how badly I've done in my python class, I have to get at least 65% on the final to get an A in the class
heh. eyah
neilg_ 15:04 Well, I definitely wish you the best of luck getting that in your final!
So, looks like Safari is bugged. I'm logging all the NPAPI events that come in - but you get none from the mouse until you release the right mouse button
taxilian 15:04 hmm
neilg_ 15:04 I mean, I can hit the left mouse button and that comes in - but there are no other events from the mouse until I release the mouse button
taxilian 15:04 unfortunately there probably isn't anything we can do about it.. unless we can somehow fake the mouse events?
neilg_ 15:04 I don't know how we could even do that. On the mac we completely rely on the browser telling us about the events. Looks like Safari doesn't want to do that!
taxilian 16:04 neilg_: do we get mousemove events while the right mouse button is down?
neilg_ 16:04 Nope
No mouse move events, no drag events - no events at all from the mouse (unless I click another mouse button)
taxilian 16:04 hmm. well, it might be possible to tie into the OS somehow to get extra events, or add a timer or something
dunno if that's worthwhile or not
neilg_ 16:04 The trouble is that it works correctly in Chrome and Chromium so we'd be working around a Safari bug
But it's very frustrating for sure!
taxilian 17:04 yeah
gotta love plugins
amackera 18:04 Has anybody tried using autoupdaters with plugins, that we know of?
I'm thinking something like Omaha on windows maybe, and Sparkle on Mac