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jshanab_ 09:11 good morning. I am trying to use Kdevelop4 on linux and it directly uses cmake. It works for all other cmake projects, but a default plugin has issues. Ther is no configuration stuff so I am not sure how to use it (Preping for kdevelop3 is not the same as kdevelop4's direct useage of cmake???)
jshanab_ 09:11 ah ha. forgot the git submodule update
taxilian 09:11 lol
that would definitely do it
jshanab_ 10:11 it still does not work. For it to integrate into kdevelop, i need the items in the prep script to show up in the configure gui of cmake. I can always fall back to makefiles I guess
I am working on linux because I could not get xcode to debug worth a darn. Had to throw in the towel. When I step it goes elsewhere and executes different code.
taxilian 10:11 :-/ I'd have to look at it. wouldn't surprise me if you had something else wrong, though, like using the wrong binary
jshanab_ 10:11 No. The prep script does a few things and without that just pointing cmake to the top level CMakeList.txt file just isn't enough for it to work. The variables are not set to start with
taxilian 10:11 I meant on mac
the way we use cmake doesn't work well with the cmake guis; it could probably be made to work, but there has never been a real reason
jshanab_ 10:11 On mac, it should not be that hard. I spent a whole day, even starting from a fresh git clone and it was still wrong. When I went online I found a lot of people had the same problem if it was c++
If I could let you takeover my desktop on the mac notebook (I wonder if joinme works on mac) Maybe you would see something I missed.
The test plugin builds. It just doesn't work so I wanted to step thru it and that is where I got stuck. I did update to 4.5.2. I deleted derived data, I removed and recreated the build directory, I disabled optimizations and turned of lazy symbol loading. I am out of ideas except switch to eclipse, but the wiki says that prepeclipse does not work on mac
ok, stupid linux question. I have a .so library to include with my plugin. The camke for the lib creates a and two symlinks in i guess so the app links to just Would I rename the lib or just package all three "files"
taxilian 10:11 the symlinks are standard practice
you should package all three
makes it so you can link against a specific version or the "current" version
AndrewMac 10:11 taxilian: any chance you mind giving me an extension tip?
jshanab_ 10:11 OK, just like normal. I was not sure if a plugin changes anything.
taxilian 10:11 AndrewMac: I don't know anything of note about extensions
I do plugins
you can ask, but I probably can't help
AndrewMac 10:11 ah but you have a lot more insight into this
kylehuff 10:11 what kind of extension AndrewMac?
taxilian 10:11 kyle might be able to help better than I
AndrewMac 10:11 I'm looking to follow a users 'threads', so for example if the user goes to google, clicks on a page and opens another page from that in a new tab, I'd like to be have something that goes google->page1->page2, and the same for if the user who was on page 2 suddenly went to another site, I could then be able to identify that as a 'new' thread
taxilian 10:11 heh. yeah, I don't know anything about that
AndrewMac 10:11 taxilian: I have some plugin questions too if you'd like :P
so for each page I do a bunch of processing on the page, which sometimes takes time, however if the user opens a new page and im not finished processing the previous one its gonna have to wait, as though I have a single thread to it, and i don't think thats in the jscript extension side, but I could be wrong
taxilian 10:11 okay; you *must not ever* block the main thread
so if they shut down the plugin unexpectedly you need to be able to stop your second thread
AndrewMac 10:11 if you just link me to an example ill read, i know its a pain dealing with loads of questions
well that too, even after the I close the large page where the processing takes ages that thread never gets killed, it just finishes processing and ies
taxilian 10:11 AndrewMac is the best I can do
and I gotta run now
AndrewMac 10:11 thanks, ill play with it a bit later its 19h30 here and I wanna leave the office
kylehuff: if you have any tips for me i'll check them later :)
thanks guys
kylehuff 10:11 AndrewMac: you have not said what kind of extension. the capabilities of an extension depends on the target browser.
AndrewMac 10:11 kylehuff: for now anyone, ive just picked chrome as it was the easiest to get started
the extension follows how the user navigates and helps them extract information from pages, I just need figure out how to follow the user for now
since i use the tab object to see when new tabs are created or updated but i cant tell how to see when it comes from a page that was in the same tab or if the user just typed in a new url
kylehuff 10:11 your options in chrome are more extensive, but other browser extension technologies tend to suck a bit in comparison. Firefox would be the second easiest to chrome, but opera, safari and IE will be cumbersome, if at all possible.
anyway, do you need to just track the navigation changes for a given tab, or also the page content?
AndrewMac 10:11 just the navigation changes
page content i can get and process now with a plugin
arg, ive gotta run, sorry dude, please link me or type still and ill read it when i get back if you dont mind
kylehuff 11:11 AndrewMac: probably the easiest way to track that would be with a simple content script which just catches all click events on link elements. on each click log the href of the link and continue the event. if the user types an address in, the event wouldn't be fired.
that would probably be the most "compatible" method of doing it, as you could do probably use the same method in just about all of the major browsers
taxilian 11:11 I sold my soul to apple and now own an ipad mini
jshanab_ 11:11 taxilian, I am having trouble debugging on linux to. it just closes the browser and the debugger window. Is it possible that the browser is not debug even though the plugin is and so it has a symbol error before it can get to the plugin code?
taxilian 11:11 well, I've never actually had much luck debugging in linux, to be honest
I was hoping you would
jshanab_ 11:11 Congradulations. Your conversion to the dark side is almost complete (darth vader voice)
C++ code has been fine and kdevelop is really nice. something about the plugin gets me
taxilian 11:11 hehe
did you turn off ipc?
my wife will be worried that I spent so much money and thrilled that she gets the ipad2 now
jshanab_ 11:11 yes. And the simple case where it creates a window instead of inheriting it does run
taxilian 12:11 hmm
I don't know :-/
jshanab_ 12:11 I could build firefox, but...yuck
jshanab_ 16:11 When I prep2010 the way I know I get a debug version is that I chose in visual studio the debug build. How is that handled on a prepmake??
I know linux does not have as much a distinction but I am wondering if that is why it completely ignores my breakpoints
OMG at time of prep you chose and it defaults to release?
Raf_ 20:11 I am looking to develop browser extention for Friefox & chrome.
I did the samething for IE using .net framework but wont work for FF
How can I use FireBreath for this?
Is there any working code that I can have a look?