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glock45 00:11 hi taxilian_away, just want to inform you I fixed my issue. It looks like on Chrome 22+ ( Mac version ), NPAPI plugin has to negotiate CoreGraphics + Cocoa models.
AndrewMac 04:11 ugh, i accidentally re-ran the prep2008 script, i didnt think it did anything, but now my dll gives me Assertion `px != 0' failed when calling anything, anyone know why?
AndrewMac 04:11 ugh, i think i see what i did there
have two register methods with the same name
JuanDaugherty 05:11 if you've colored within the set lines, running the prep script should at most pickup the intended updates in cmake files
and (given the same presumption) should always be safe
it's a good idea to save of the pripr bld tree though and let it always create it new
*save off
AndrewMac 05:11 thanks
so i have my dll doing things on a page load, however if it takes a really long time, it wont load on any of the other pages after that
any tips as to how i can get around this?
AndrewMac 05:11 additionally id need to cancel the call when the page is closed
JuanDaugherty 06:11 close the page? did you mean close the tab? if you're cancelling something then you have to programming for that, a cancel button on a progress dialog is a typical relatively easy way
*have to have
*typically used
AndrewMac 07:11 JuanDaugherty: my main issue is it doesnt thread to my dll
moshe 07:11 Hi - Does anybody know of companies / contractors providing browser plugin development services?
JuanDaugherty 07:11 I'm doing maintenance on a commercial plugin
not my first browser job, but I'm not limiting myself to same
so send me a msg ([email protected]) if interested
AndrewMac 07:11 I want to be able to follow links with context, is there a way i can fire an event when a user clicks on a link in chrome?
(I realise this isnt the correct channel, but i suspect someone will know)
reichi 07:11 you could register a global event listener for a.onclick
i guess
and than do whatever you want (e.g. prevent the default handler from runnign)
with protoypejs it would be something like:
function(event, element){});
but all ajax libs can do hat
like jQuery, mootools, et cetera
AndrewMac 09:11 I was hoping there would be just a way to keep track of what the user is doing, i can get the tab info in chrome and see tabids urls and so on, even if a link is opened in a new tab
but when a user loads a page in the current tab (like clicking on a link), i cant seem to find how to get that its been linked rather than the user just typing in a new url
spoze i could just do document.referrer in my context scripts
Someone 10:11 hi
Guest59303 10:11 I'm here to ask how should I save my plub-in in my server in order to the browsers suggest people to install it if it is not found??
Can somebody help me!?
taxilian 10:11 I'm sorry I don't understand
the best way to handle cases where the plugin isn't installed is to detect it with javascript
Guest59303 10:11 I've created a plug-in using firebreath
taxilian 10:11 and if the script detects that it isn't installed then provide a link to download an installer
Guest59303 10:11 yes that's true... but what should I do if the plug-in is not detected?
star_ 10:11 give link to user to download plugin
with installer
Guest59303 10:11 nice... now.. How should I do that installer?
do you have a code example?
taxilian 10:11 why don't you try searching the website for "installer"
you might be surprised what answers you can find with a quick search
Guest59303 10:11 hum.. I've found domething.. Thanks
r1ka 10:11 guys
how to make a screenshot with firebreath? :)
jshanab 10:11 morning
taxilian 10:11 r1ka: figure out how to do it wiht system APIs
and do it that way
r1ka 10:11 only way is a getting HWND and more.. ?
taxilian 10:11 there is no way that the browser APIs give us, if that's what you're asking
r1ka 10:11 :( thanks
jshanab 10:11 How much of the screen does he want? Could it be that if he just wants the browser pages contents that the browser can provide it (each browser different)
taxilian 10:11 i have heard that there is an API for chrome that is available to extensions that will give you a screenshot of the browser
jshanab 10:11 taxilian. Are you using xcode at all on FB plugins?
taxilian 11:11 at all? that's all I use
jshanab 11:11 oh. What version are you using, i am having a terrible time with 4.3.3 and debugging my plugin
taxilian 11:11 I've used that version
it's a bit tricky, but it can be done
jshanab 11:11 Is 4.5.2 better or worse I am *cough* updateing now
taxilian 11:11 the main trick is to connect to it
it's added a minor complexity
r1ka 11:11 yes i need browser page content from safari for windows, it's slightly hard to getting windows handler, making screenshot, sending page down event, there is no easy way? :(
taxilian 11:11 make sure you update to the latest xcode
r1ka: you realize that Apple doesn't even support Safari on windows anymore?
my advice? quit now
if you want to figure out firefox or chrome or ie, or even all of them, go ahead
but don't waste your time with safari on windows
r1ka 11:11 many our users still using windows safari version :(
jshanab 11:11 4.5.2 is latest. I had to set debugger to gdb, lldb crashed on start, then gdb kept loosing it's place and skipping breakpoints and not executing code in my plugin. (Lazy loading and optimizations off)
taxilian 11:11 tell them to stop
jshanab: I use lldb generally
r1ka 11:11 hmm
i have 5.1.7 installed on my windows 7 laptop oO
jshanab 11:11 Ok, Hopefully LLDB will work after update. (man is that a slow download. Not really 2.5Mb/s just 1.6GB)
taxilian 11:11 heh. well, I gotta run
jshanab 11:11 Have a nice turkey day
taxilian 11:11 r1ka: my understanding is that apple doesn't plan to release any new versions of safari on windows
but I could be wrong
you too
JuanDaugherty 11:11 safari for windows! speak of the debbil
he daid
reichi 11:11 well
usually you're pretty safe testing chrome
there's not a lot of differences between chrome and safari
from my experience
JuanDaugherty 11:11 actually they just quietly dropped it and you have to hunt to get the older one but it is still available in their space
as for taking a screen shot of the browsers client area, not a simple as you might think
the main complication being other plugins, for a regular tab the browser was handing more straight forward but there's still coverage
and practically short of some product, better just done manually
jshanab 11:11 Xcode appears completly useless for debugging c++. Can I prep for eclipse and use that on mac?
I saw that says prepeclipse dose not work properly on mac. Is that still valid?
taxilian 12:11 jshanab: pretty sure, yeah