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FireBreathBot 01:04 JIRA issue issue closed by richard
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
taxilian 01:04 this is what FireBreath release notes should look like: (every change was in JIRA)
taxilian 01:04 FireBreath 1.4.3 is out!
kalev 02:04 wohoo, grats on the release
giri 02:04 hi there
FireBreathBot 03:04 JIRA issue issue commented by gmurphy "Ok, just built and tested the latest code from git on IE8, Firefox 4 and Chrome 10. Memory footpr..."
FireBreathBot 05:04 JIRA issue issue created by nitro
shabi 06:04 i need to do IPC in firebreath.can someone help me in this regard?
taxilian 09:04 shabi: There is boost ipc, but therer are conflicting reports of how well that works
Otherwise it depends on your platform; Ive used sockets on localhost and named pipes myself
FireBreathBot 09:04 JIRA issue issue closed by richard "Dunno what the cpu thing could be, but Im closing this issue :)"
sabotaged|wk 10:04 yeah there are lots of ways to do IPC
nitrogenycs 10:04 taxilian: I've uploaded my patch for RemoveProperty and Construct. We can talk about it later if you want to
taxilian 10:04 yeah, I saw it; I haven't had time to look at it yet
nitrogenycs 10:04 it's ok, I don't have time right now either
taxilian 10:04 I will probably get to it today, though; I'm really anxious to get the 1.5 release started
it has some nice improvements — particularly on mac — that I want to get people using
FireBreathBot 14:04 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "I had to apply the patches manually because so much has changed since the version you based them ..."
starakaj 17:04 hi all
taxilian 17:04 morning
starakaj 17:04 os x framework question
taxilian 17:04 hmm. I'm not really the best to ask for that, but go ahead; maybe if I don't know someone else will
starakaj 17:04 well
it's more like a library question, I guess
I'm just trying to link in some frameworks
and I'm having one of those annoying problems where everything seems to be working except it isn't
taxilian 17:04 lol
starakaj 17:04 hmm, hold on one second
starakaj 18:04 wow, sorry about that
meeting out of nowhere
okay, so I'm trying to add some frameworks to my plugin
taxilian 18:04 nothing like a meeting to keep you from accidently getting something done
starakaj 18:04 cocoa.framework
so in my mac specific cmake file
I've got find_library(COCOA_FRAMEWORK Cocoa)
then the very last line is target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} debug ${COCOA_FRAMEWORK})
I run prepmac
and everything seems okay, xcode project gets built without and problems
but the xcode project doesn't seem to have cococa.framework
taxilian 18:04 it links the libraries in a different way
starakaj 18:04 I added a message(STATUS ${COCOA_FRAMEWORK})
taxilian 18:04 it doesn't show up in the "frameworks" section in xcode
starakaj 18:04 well
where should I look?
taxilian 18:04 probably in link flags
but if it works, why are you worried about it/
starakaj 18:04 nope, good point
it just didn't seem to be working
alright, cool, thanks
taxilian 18:04 yw
starakaj 18:04 okay
I'm sure this is an easy fix
I'm getting all this junk of the form 'string' does not name a type
taxilian 18:04 did you include <string> and do using namespace std?
otherwise you need to do std::string
starakaj 18:04 see, this might not be in any way a firebreath related question
but how come I don't usually need to do that?
taxilian 18:04 you must have a header file that does using namespace std
you should never, ever, ever do that
never do a "using namespace" in a header file
the bad news is that that makes it so you have to type out std:: each time
but it keeps you from having namespace conflicts
starakaj 18:04 I see
sometimes, man
sabotaged|wk 18:04 help computer
starakaj 18:04 thanks so much, I'll see how much further I can get
taxilian 18:04 good luck