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NoAntzWk 01:04 Hi Taxilian!
taxilian 01:04 hey
NoAntzWk 01:04 One question, I'm updating to last FB 1.4.2 and I see that boost::spirit (and qi) has been removed or partially removed. I'm using them into my plugin. I have to re-introduce spirit and make some hacks to compile. I think that the simplification of boost library usage in FB should be able to choose per plugin. I supouse that is not as easy as it sounds.
taxilian 01:04 the reason that I removed spirit is simply because it's huge
and most people don't use it
however, if you just save your old src/3rdParty/boost/boost/spirit directory and put it back after updating it'll work just fine
NoAntzWk 01:04 Yes, I supouse....
Ok, thanks.... I re-introduce spirit.
taxilian 01:04 I just didn't want to make everyone download all the extra code
it literally doubled the size of the download :-/
NoAntzWk 01:04 Ok, ok...
taxilian 01:04 sorry
NoAntzWk 01:04 Great job choosing Jira! :)
taxilian 01:04 =] I've been meaning to set it up for awhile
but haven't had time
still don't, but I did it anyway
neilg_ 07:04 taxilian: Sorry, I went home. I need to copy files from a different location into my plugin bundle depending on the build configuration. So the debug plugin uses debug dynamic libraries inside the plugin
taxilian 10:04 neilg_: you know about ${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR}?
neilg_ 10:04 I do but it doesn't work with POST_BUILD
At least, I couldn't get it to work. That's probably a much better statement to make. ;)
taxilian 10:04 what did you use?
i.e. what is the command?
neilg_ 10:04 I've lost it now but it was something like: if(${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR} STREQUAL "Debug")
taxilian 10:04 no, you can't do that
but you can use ${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR} as part of a path
neilg_ 10:04 That doesn't really help me though because I need to copy a library from somewhere else depending on whether I'm debug or release
But "Debug" and "Release" aren't part of their paths
taxilian 10:04 well that was silly ;-)
you still have some options
you could pass ${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR} into a cmake script as a variable and use cmake -P to run a small cmake script
it has the advantage of being cross platform without needing to install python to make it work
neilg_ 10:04 Hmm. That's not a bad idea!
Hacky though - but not a bad idea. Certainly easier to develop with than running a script on the build server.
So, just to be sure, ${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR} is actually "Debug" and "Release" (or whatever the build config is)... right?
taxilian 10:04 well, by the time it hits your cmake script it will be, yes =]
it's actually something like ($Configuration) or some such, depending on which ide you're on… but that variable is replaced by visual studio or xcode or whatnot
on linux it'll be a bit different, just FYI
neilg_ 10:04 Sure. Okay, that sounds perfect to me
Well, Linux always complicates matters ;)
FireBreathBot 10:04 Commit 91f930a on master by Eric Herrmann: "Only retain CALayer for Safari"
Commit 76bd0db on master by Eric Herrmann: "remove CALayer from root CALayer earlier"
Commit 989b041 on master by Eric Herrmann: "Fixed memory leak of _asyncCallData"
taxilian 10:04 neilg_: you may want to pull those fixes I just pushed from Eric; there are some memory leak fixes for mac drawing
neilg_ 10:04 Yes! I'll do that
I need to push my input fixes out to you too
taxilian 10:04 yeah
you mean the ones you were definitely going to send me last week?
or the ones you told someone you'd push yesterday?
(pot calling the kettle black here)
neilg_ 10:04 Yeah, those. Bully. ;)
taxilian 10:04 as the FireBreath project manager, isn't that part of my job description? ;-) Project Manager == bully?
neilg_ 10:04 It's a nicer way to be called one, that's true. :)
Is there a document on the wiki describing the steps to submit a patch?
taxilian 10:04 not really; that would probably be a good thing, though
you're welcome to make one =]
and I can talk you through it
not really all that hard
neilg_ 10:04 In that case.. Do you...? Yes. That would be perfect. I know you've told me before but I can't remember. I really should though...
taxilian 10:04 how do you want to do it? pull request, or format-patch?
neilg_ 10:04 I have two changes to commit (and three files)
taxilian 10:04 are you working on a local git clone?
neilg_ 10:04 The patch is probably easier - I really need to set up an account on github
It's a local git clone, yep
taxilian 10:04 yes, yes you do =]
okay, have you committed any of your local changes yet?
neilg_ 10:04 Nope, I need to git add them
taxilian 10:04 ok; first, git stash
then git pull to get the latest
then git stash pop
then make sure there were no conflicts (most likely won't be)
neilg_ 10:04 I just wasn't sure whether to submit multiple changelists/patches. One change fixes the to work better
taxilian 10:04 that should be a seperate commit, then
neilg_ 10:04 Then the other change is the event stuff
taxilian 11:04 and ideally there should be a JIRA issue created for each, btw
that makes it a *lot* easier for me to write the changelog
ok. so the first thing is to make sure you're up to date with the latest from the main repo
then commit the two changes one at a time; if you could make a JIRA issue for each and reference the jira ticket in the commit message that would be a big help
neilg_ 11:04 Right, then we're done there (I've just pulled and popped... lol)
taxilian 11:04 heh
neilg_ 11:04 Right, I'll create the issues now
taxilian 11:04 cool, thanks
neilg_ 11:04 Hmm. Web browser is a required field? Well, I'm selecting other but...
FireBreathBot 11:04 JIRA issue issue created by neilg
taxilian 11:04 yeah, I need to improve that field
maybe I'll just add an "All" or "N/A"
FireBreathBot 11:04 JIRA issue issue assigned by richard
JIRA issue issue created by neilg
neilg_ 11:04 Okay, done
taxilian 11:04 cool; so you just do two commits locally, one with each issue in it (i.e. "FIREBREATH-25 fixed to work with spaces", etc
FireBreathBot 11:04 FIREBREATH-25: Summary: The build scripts wouldn't work correctly with spaces in directory names
FIREBREATH-25: Assigned To: neilg
FIREBREATH-25: Priority: Major, Status: Open,
taxilian 11:04 then do git format-patch HEAD~2 (which means make patch files for the last two commits)
it will generate 2 .patch files
attach each one to the appropriate jira issue
and I'll pull them in as soon as I have time
I gotta run for now; be back in a bit
FireBreathBot 11:04 JIRA issue issue updated by neilg "This patch should hopefully address this issue!"
JIRA issue issue updated by neilg "This patch should solve this. Hopefully this works correctly for other people too!"
neilg_ 11:04 Done!
taxilian 11:04 so I see =]
neilg_: for future reference, the JIRA issue should be mentioned in your commit message, preferably at the beginning
FireBreathBot 11:04 Commit 76e573f on master by neilg: "FIREBREATH-25 A small fix to which should make it ..."
Commit 065ad8e on master by neilg: "FIREBREATH-26 Input events were being ignored by PluginEvent..."
neilg_ 11:04 Oh, damnit, I meant to do that
I'd even copied both URLs!
taxilian 11:04 lol. you don't need the whole URL, just the jira ticket name
given that JIRA will automatically link the commit to the ticket
FireBreathBot 11:04 JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Well done, Neil"
neilg_ 11:04 lol
FireBreathBot 11:04 Commit c45536b on firebreath-1.4 by neilg: "FIREBREATH-25 A small fix to which should make it ..."
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
JIRA issue issue resolved by richard "Thanks; it has been applied to both 1.4 and 1.5"
JIRA issue issue closed by richard
taxilian 11:04 if you look at those issues you can click the "source" tab and see your commits
neilg_ 11:04
There we go. :)
taxilian 11:04 Thank you, Neil; we could use more people like you around here. I think you're the first person in weeks to take and actually implement a documentation improvement suggestion that I've made
if not in months
sabotaged|wk 12:04 yeah thanks, i needed that fixed
will try it sometime this week
taxilian 12:04 Neilg_: I think I'm going to rename it to "submitting a patch", since it could be a new feature or an improvement, not just a bugfix
neilg_ 12:04 That's absolutely true
taxilian 12:04 but this is what I keep telling people; once something is there, I can clean it up and improve it easily
it's a lot harder for me to create all the pages from scratch
neilg_ 12:04 That's certainly a better topic name!
neilg_ 12:04 taxilian: Right, back onto the build scripts instead of fixing bugs. :) Remember earlier you suggested launching another .cmake file and passing ${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR} as a parameter... How do I get parameters from a CMake script?
I only know how to do that using set()
taxilian 12:04 -DSOME_VAR=${CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR} should do it
then ${SOME_VAR}
neilg_ 12:04 Okay, so I was on the right track then. Cool!
taxilian 12:04
neilg_ 12:04 Awesome. Looks good!
neilg_ 13:04 Damnit, I don't think this is going to work
So I have it running my CMake script using cmake -p
taxilian 13:04 okay...
neilg_ 13:04 But I can't copy files in that script because it tells me "add_custom_command is not scriptable"
taxilian 13:04 right
of course it isn't
use file(COPY
add_custom_command is something that adds it to a project
you aren't creating a project
neilg_ 13:04 file(COPY)?
taxilian 13:04 I need to teach FireBreathBot to search the cmake docs, I think :-P
neilg_ 13:04 There are CMake docs?! My biggest problem with CMake is the lack of decent documentation ;)
taxilian 13:04 hmm. that doesn't seem to be it
dude, I keep linking you to them
it's a single huge page :-P
takes awhile to get the hang of it, but pretty much everything is there
oh, yeah, there it is
at the bottom of the docs for the "file" command
where I linked yo
alternately you could use
if you wanted to do the copy with cmake -e
neilg_ 13:04 Hey, if Google can't find it then... ;)
I think you're right though, file(COPY ...) seems like the right thing
Plus I can pass a set which is nice
taxilian 13:04 now that I've solved all of your problems, I should send you my 3000 line assembly program and make you help me… :-P ;-)
neilg_ 13:04 ...why are you writing in assembly? For class?
taxilian 13:04 heh
I'm writing a compiler
there is something wrong with my output
I may have found it, though
neilg_ 13:04 Oh, I should add you to a mailing list I help run - which is about writing compilers
Though, admittedly, I'm very quiet on it... I haven't tried writing a compiler in years!
taxilian 13:04 lol. nah, I don't ever plan to do it again :-P
hopefully I'm really really close to being done
neilg_ 13:04 And THAT is why ;)
taxilian 13:04 =]
however, as soon as I fix this, I can turn it in.. and then the heaviest of my 4 classes is over with
neilg_ 13:04 That'll be awesome! Good luck!
neilg_ 13:04 Obviously! Grr.
So, if you do cmake -P you MUST put your defines (-D) before the -P
Glad that's documented
taxilian 13:04 lol
!findfile NPJavascriptObject
FireBreathBot 13:04 Found 3 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 3 are:
neilg_ 15:04 sabotaged|wk - You'll want to update to 1.5 latest for some good fixes to handling input in Cocoa
sabotaged|wk 15:04 gotcha
taxilian 16:04 woohoo!! senior project / compiler finished.
maybe now I can fix some of the issues in JIRA
FireBreathBot 17:04 JIRA issue issue created by kryssi
kryssi 17:04 I just created issue FIREBREATH-27, I found it today and included a simple fix
FireBreathBot 17:04 FIREBREATH-27: Summary: FB::SimpleStreamHelper::AsyncGet ignores cache parameter
FIREBREATH-27: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-27: Priority: Major, Status: Open,
kryssi 17:04 funny :)
taxilian 17:04 kryssi: thanks; I'll look at it when I can
kryssi 17:04 np. I'm glad I can help
see you later, going to sleep soon (I'm on GMT)
mital 22:04 taxilian: hey
taxilian 22:04 mital: hey, how're things?
did you see the notes dan2 added on FIREBREATH-1?
FireBreathBot 22:04 FIREBREATH-1: Summary: Cross-platform timer abstraction.
FIREBREATH-1: Assigned To: [email protected]
FIREBREATH-1: Priority: Minor, Status: Open,
mital 22:04 hey I saw dan2's comments .. I will try to fix all these stuffs.
taxilian 22:04 awesome
I'm kinda excited =]
mital 22:04 yeah main point is we don't need to code it thrice
taxilian 22:04 yep
mital 22:04 boost is a really awesome set of libraries :)
dan2 22:04 what's up
taxilian 22:04 hey dan; we were just talking about your suggestions on the timer abstraction
Mital's going to implement your suggestions
mital 22:04 when I pushed the first commit I was in a hurry so could not test it thoroughly ...
also last weekend there was cricket world cup :) I am a big fan !!!!
taxilian 22:04 no worries; the important thing is that progress is being made. nothing wrong with a first draft =]
dan2 22:04 :)
taxilian: you finish your project yet?
taxilian 22:04 dan2: yep, turned it in today
got an A
never have to look at it again
dan2 22:04 woohoo!!!!!!
so you're done now?
taxilian 22:04 3 more classes, but they aren't nearly as bad
python is even fun
but then that class has an amazing instructor
dan2 22:04 python is fun
that was the first language I learned to program in
the most important rule of python is managing your formatting
taxilian 22:04 I've used it before, but this is a professor who is really making us learn a lot of in-depth stuff
dan2 22:04 use a good text editor like emacs or vim, and not both
taxilian 22:04 metaclasses, properties, etc
dan2 22:04 metaclass?
taxilian 22:04 look it up; you can do some pretty friggin weird stuff with a metaclass. You can do some really bad things too, but if used properly it can be really nice
dan2 22:04 same thing as a regular python class
taxilian 22:04 no
hmm; actually, if you're talking about the old-style python classes I'm not sure
I know there is a "new style" and "old style", but I don't know how the old-style ones work
dan2 22:04 it's been a while
changed quite a bit since the last time I usedi t
taxilian 23:04 g'night all
mital: just update the jira ticket as you make progress, I'll see it and respond as appropriate