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Mital 00:04 taxilian_away: hey
dan2: hey
dan2 00:04 what's up
Mital 01:04 dan2: hi I am trying to implement the timer functionality.. wanted to discuss something about it.
dan2 01:04 ok
what time zone are you in?
Mital 01:04 I am in GMT +5:30
I am trying to use asio::deadline_timer ... so I need one thread constantly running right... should I create a separate thread and keep that running all the time irrespective of having any timers ??
I mean I don't need to .. I can keep the counters of running timers and if they are zero .. i can delete the thread.. I am sure you have the context of the problem right ?
dan2 01:04 send me an email to [email protected]
I'm going to bed man
Mital 01:04 ok
Mital 02:04 taxilian_away: hey I have pushed timer implementation using boost::asio::deadline_timer ... it needs some polishing but its almost ready... let me know if u have any suggessions [email protected]
jshanab_wcw 08:04 I can no longer debug my plugin with Visual studio. I am wondering if it is because i updated FireFox recently, it is a message I have not seen before: plugin has performed an illegal operation you should restart firefox. Problem is this seems to break the attach to process that I do to find the bug. Anyone seen this?
nitrogenycs 08:04 hm
I usually start firefox, attach the debugger, then load the page with the plugin
this way you should be able to catch any exceptions
jshanab_wcw 08:04 Right, I have been doing exactly that for weeks. Suddenly I get this new error and if i can get Visual studio to stop, it is deep inside FF or the NT stuff. No debug info all frames show as "may not be correct" and an attemp to flag "just my code" flags nothing.
ah ha!. I found a way to make VS catch it, add "break on C++exception" :-)
nitrogenycs 08:04 ahhh, I have this always turned on. I guess you are using not the pure Visual C++ studio, but the one which supports C# etc?
jshanab_wcw 08:04 The professional version the company bought for me. Never saw that option in the 2008 I had. Anyway, I am trying to gracefully shut down my connection to a server and put my code in the onWindowDetached. i guess this is too late.
nitrogenycs 08:04 ahh ok
jshanab_wcw 08:04 To be honest, although I have used 2005,2008,2010 for the last 6 years, is till have 10x experiance with gcc an make vs VS :-)
nitrogenycs 08:04 :) visual studio is pretty cool, probably best MS software
jshanab_wcw 08:04 Best tools for sure. But i find lot of issues with the compiler it is built on, GCC is much better compiler. What would be awsome is if you could use VS with GCC instead of the MS compiler.
And some tools are just to slow to be reasonably usable. :-( to bad
nitrogenycs 08:04 Hmm, their c++ compiler used to be worse than gcc in 2003 and 2005
but 2008 and 2010 are at least just as good imo
you can use other compilers with visual studio
e.g. I use to generate visual studio projects. These projects can then run whatever compilers and tools you want
jshanab_wcw 08:04 GCC has gotten better too in that same timespan :-) If I change compilers, do I still get the same debugging capabilities?
nitrogenycs 08:04 I don't think so
the visual studio compiler produces these .pdb files which it uses to aid debugging and which provide symbols etc
jshanab_wcw 08:04 And i cannot tell you how many time configuration management has nailed people, wasting hours.
That is the acheliis heal, and it is because of the compiler. a debug version does not have symbols, there is no strip. they have a hard time keeping these external files synced, they have tried 3 or 4 external formats. 3 times a day or so I have to just shut down VS and restart then force a rebuld so I can debug again. They should be embarrased about that problem
nitrogenycs 08:04 hmm, the main problem I used to have was a messed up build in one of a hundred times or so
this lead to really strange errors which cost me hours of debugging and which went just away after I cleaned all files by hand
plus the config stuff as you say
with scons I get totally reliable builds
I can also just write my debug/release config into a file and it applies for all libraries I have
but I still have the great debugger etc
and ide
jshanab_wcw 08:04 Yup that happens about once a week. There is an art form to projects. I will look at the scons site. MS tends to put all build products in the directory you would check into source control, Fing up Source control. 1) define a build directory outside source, use relative paths and macros. They default to choices that mess things up, almost comical for such a great product.
So. when onDetachWindow is called, I was trying to shut down the server sending data by sending it a http command. While the server has a timeout and will eventually remove the resources, I wanted to send it a command to stop. This http request uses windows WinHttp and the guy before me took the response code and converted it into an exception I was not catching. I guess the connection...
...was severed by the browser by that time. Is there a better place I can put a "bye" http request for when the user hits reload or closes the page?
nitrogenycs 08:04 hm
do you want to catch it in the plugin or on the browser page?
is there something like window.onClose in js?
jshanab_wcw 08:04 I will catch the exception and handle that gracefully, because it WILL happen, but before I do that I want to see if I can get it sending the request to the video server
nitrogenycs 08:04 hmm, usually I would just close the connection. the server should notice this
getting a tcp fin or something
jshanab_wcw 08:04 Yeah, a bit of a strange beast our server. I inherited it and have worked on it quite a bit. A redisign is planned. Originally a very long web page with multipart-mime type returning stills once/per second. Now that we are dealing with 30fps and larger frame resolutions, I have added some out of band flow control to the embedded mongoose server.
It gets errors on trying to send bytes, but it was indistinguishable from when I just blocked recieving for a bit because my buffer is full, when i just exited on the first error, it was to fragile. So I retry, timeout, countdown a sentinal and then giveup and close the sender.
It needs a re-write. period. but what we have gets released tomorrow! so I am here at the "church of debugging" on a sunday morning
jshanab_wcw 10:04 'morning taxilian
nitrogenycs 11:04 hmm, good luck :)
I'll send you my prayers xd
zEh- 11:04 u guys rnt lazy typers
jshanab_wcw 11:04 I guess if i was I would be switching away from C++
zEh- 11:04 there's no replacement
wanna do c# and mono or what?