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FireBreathBot 05:04 JIRA issue issue commented by gmurphy "Erm, It was my understanding that the leak only existed in IE?, the NPAPI browsers have never bee..."
zEh- 07:04 an event that gets triggered when the position of the windowed plugin changes?
FireBreathBot 08:04 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "I see exactly the same behavior on all browsers; very very strange.
taxilian 08:04 zEh-: no, the position change will not fire an event — it doesn't affect your drawing. resizing it will fire an event
FireBreathBot 12:04 JIRA issue issue commented by gmurphy "These issues are not FireBreath related, just wanted to gripe about them :D"
JIRA issue issue commented by richard "there is a place to gripe about things on the forum too... ;-)"
zEh- 13:04 so i guess theres no visibility check either
taxilian 13:04 only events that the browser sends us
zEh- 13:04 to get a tabmodal-only messagebox i have to use JS-alert and hope it is?
and hope the browser does it tab- and not thread/processmodal*
taxilian 13:04 I'm not sure what you mean by "tabmodal"
zEh- 13:04 you have to use the messagebox.. the tab is blocked til uve done that
use=click one of its buttons
taxilian 13:04 yeah, you'd need to use window.alert
and there is no guarantee that it will be only for the tag
usually it's the hwhole browser
zEh- 13:04 ye, just tabmodal since the newest generation of browsers
what i really welcome
but i dont welcome using it for my plugin
taxilian 13:04 !findfile leakdetector
!findfile FBTestPlugin
FireBreathBot 14:04 Found 25 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 5 are:
taxilian 14:04 !findfile FBTestPlugin\.
FireBreathBot 14:04 Found 2 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 2 are:
taxilian 14:04 FIREBREATH-3
FireBreathBot 14:04 FIREBREATH-3: Summary: Significant memory leak associated with javascript-mapped plugin function calls that return objects or arrays
FIREBREATH-3: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-3: Priority: Major, Status: Open,
zEh- 14:04 the wc.hCursor = NULL; in WinMessageWindow.cpp annoys me
having to do atleast a IDC_ARROW for that now
taxilian 14:04 why is that?
zEh- 14:04 the plugin keeps the cursor that is currently active
for example an resizing cursor when u come from left/right side of the browser
taxilian 14:04 okay… why would the WinMessageWindow's cursor ever be active?
zEh- 14:04 well then
it's another place, but theres no cursor specified
i'd set it
taxilian 14:04 try it, see if it fixes the problem
but WinMessageWindow should be a message-only window
it has no gui
shouldn't ever affect anything
zEh- 14:04 well what ever causes it
it's a crossbrowser problem
a SetCursor(LoadCursorW(NULL, IDC_ARROW)); in MouseMouseEvent fixes it
bad, but easy
taxilian 14:04 interesting. I haven't ever seen that
file an issue with whatever info you have on it
I'll look at ti when I can
better yet, figure out what it is, fix it, and submit a patch =]
zEh- 14:04 maybe later
taxilian 14:04 if you don't at least create an issue, I'll forget about it
zEh- 14:04 in the name of the project i move my ass :\
taxilian 14:04 lol. 'cause it's so hard to write up a jira ticket...
zEh- 14:04 even have to create an acc!!!
The username must be all lowercase.
no thx
taxilian 14:04 ? really? huh. didn't know that. the account then works on the wiki, jira, and the forum
and since I know you'll want to help update the wiki now and again you'll want an account anyway, right? =]
zEh- 14:04 as if
fix my nick after registration
bug or better improvement?
taxilian 14:04 sounds like a bug to me
interesting; yeah, guess it doesn't allow case in usernames. wonder why
zEh- 14:04 pls tell me how to retreive the version number from my fb files
taxilian 14:04 look for a "version" file in your root
zEh- 14:04 i'd like to have a version number there+
not just a hash
taxilian 14:04 that would be awesome
when you figure out how to do that in a nice automatic way let me know =]
what is the has?
zEh- 14:04 haha
taxilian 14:04 hash?
zEh- 14:04 tree?
taxilian 14:04 no, commit
zEh- 14:04 c84d13b264b59c1e0dad3c3159207af4510ea366
taxilian 14:04 first 7 or more chars
FireBreathBot 14:04 c84d13b by Richard Bateman: FIREBREATH-4 Removed idl entirely from inclusion list
taxilian 14:04 yeah, you're pretty close to the latest
zEh- 14:04 oh god, again a new one
taxilian 14:04 ?
zEh- 14:04 i hate it, dont update it!
taxilian 14:04 wha?
zEh- 14:04 so
what version is it
taxilian 14:04 it's about a week old, master
so 1.5 dev
if you want a version that doesn't change much, you need to be on 1.4
but 1.5 is close
so I'd stay where you are
zEh- 14:04 eh?
taxilian 14:04
zEh- 14:04 i need to know what to choose as version
for jira
i dont get it
taxilian 14:04 1.5
zEh- 14:04 k
taxilian 14:04 if you're on master, you're on the latest development branch
zEh- 14:04 i donno what to write other than
Plugin doesn't change cursor but keeps the active one.
cant make a screen either, no cursor on it
taxilian 14:04 explain what that means
"keep the active one"
zEh- 14:04 :\
taxilian 14:04 so… when the mouse cursor is not a pointer when it goes over the plugin, it stays at whatever it was?
zEh- 14:04 YES
taxilian 14:04 okay, so put that
FireBreathBot 14:04 JIRA issue issue created by zeh
zEh- 14:04 god, change my nick
for the love of god
taxilian 14:04 I can't
sorry :-/
zEh- 14:04 :'<